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Finally, Democrats blame George W. Bush for Gulf oil spill--Chris Dodd video as the blather spreads

Hey, it's worked before. If you watch no other video today, you gotta watch this one.

Don Imus on the Fox Business Network Tuesday interviewing jolly old Democrat Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, who was forced into retirement by the certainty of defeat this November.

Democrat president Barack Obama with his ubiquitous cellphone

Like pretty much everyone else on the planet except the makers of oil dispersant, Dodd is 110% very safely opposed to the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He's also appalled.

As is the Obama White House.

Actually what the White House is appalled over is that the fingers of blame are starting to turn toward the Obama White House, the Oval Office to be exact.

Not that the White House has the technology either to address an oil spill of this magnitude and oceanic depth.

The Obama administration can't do anything about it, except lay on the PR. But the president wants to spend Memorial Day weekend in Chicago.

And how would that look enjoying Hyde Park and maybe yet more golf or a Sox game while one of the nation's worst environmental disasters gushes unabated down south?

So to assuage that anticipated criticism, the White House has quickly laid on a Friday presidential trip back down to Louisiana, his second. He didn't see a drop of oil during the first one. But it looks good on TV. (See Related Items links below the video.)

Chris Dodd has been in the U.S. Senate now for five six-year terms and might have been looking into drilling safety precautions instead of special mortgage deals. So he too is eager to spread blame elsewhere.

You'll never guess which recent Republican president Dodd tries to finger for last month's underwater blowout.

You'll get a good chuckle out of Imus' incredulous response starting around the 1:20 mark.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Video courtesy of Fox Business Network    Photo: Associated Press

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Well at least Chris Dodd had enough sense to retire, but just barely. One less moron in DC! So many morons, so little time to turn them out to pasture.

Bush and Cheney turned the regulation of oil drilling into a free-for-all that had the regulators doing drugs and having sex with the regulated. Eight years of do as you please and when the excesses finally result in a disaster it is Obama and the Democrats who are to blame. It took a ruling from the Supreme Court to keep Cheney's deals with big oil secret. Why on Earth is the LATimes trying to spin the baloney that Democrats are to blame for what BP and Halliburton set in motion during the Bush/Cheney years? You are not informing your readers, you are misinforming your readers and you understand that perfectly well. Why?

BP knowingly circumvented safety protocols and procedures. BP knowingly endangered the lives of rig workers. BP knowingly endangered the Gulf of mexico and it's flora and wildlife. BP knowingly endangered the livelihoods of an entire group of Americans in the region. BP with willful and criminal negligence knowingly installed a defective, miswired, improperly maintained, hydraulic fluid leaking, blowout protector with a defective battery in 1 of 2 control modules. BP knowingly and with willful and criminal negligence removed mud from the wellhead before proper cementing procedures had been accomplished. . BP with willful and criminal negligence overlooked pieces of blowout protector gasket that rose in the drill piping to the rig and were reported. BP willfully and with criminal negligence caused the "incineration" .....of 11 oil rig workers. BP with willful and criminal negligence caused the deep sea wellhead blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. A wellhead blowout that is ongoing and causing an environmental catastrophe.

This is Big Oil pure and simple. Why are we letting the criminals control the crime scene? Put James Camron in charge and get BP, Ken Salazar, and Obama out of the man's way. F**k the politics and blame plug the hole! Sink one of those battle ships we're using to fight the taliban on top of the hole.

Good riddance. I hope Chris Dodd go straight to jail. What a corrupt politician!

michael tarkowski, thanks for sharing some of your Kool-Aid.

Obama is a loser of the highest magnitude. He's not even going to honor the tomb of the unknown soldier on Memorial Day.

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
Has any President ever not visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day?? This is just wrong.

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
May 24, 2010
President Obama, Vice President Biden to Participate in Memorial Day Ceremonies
First family to spend weekend in Chicago
WASHINGTON—On Thursday, May 27, President Barack Obama and his family will travel to Chicago, where they will spend the weekend. On Monday, the President will participate in a Memorial Day ceremony at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois.
Also on Monday, the Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden will host a breakfast for Gold Star Families at the White House. Afterwards, the Vice President and Dr. Biden will participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.
More details, including press credentialing information will be released in the coming days.


you're a damn fool. Obama wanted to expand off-shore oil drilling in March. Get a clue, moron

What an idiot!

I can't believe you DEMS still blame Bush for everything. Did you know that Obama actually gave this same platform an award for safety last year? Also, if Bush deregulated everything then why are we not drilling on LAND or in shallow water???? It's these intellectually dishonest statements from DEMS that hurt this great nation. (I'm sure the libs don't even call this a great nation.. especially with all the appologizing the president is doing around the world)

Michael Tarkowski is a moron. Nuff said. Reverand Jim Jones would have loved to have you at his party.

michael tarkowski ,
Obama isn't being blamed for the spill but rather for his horribly slow and ineffective "response" the the worst ecological disaster in our country's history. Clearly his administration lacks any sort of leadership and responsibility. You blaming Mr. Bush for an oil rig blowing up 18 months after he left office is simply asinine and shows how foaming-at-the-mouth unstable you extremists on the left are. No, this spill demonstrates how incompetent the current president is, regardless of whether you liked Mr. Bush or not. See you at the polls in November.

How about we just plug the leak with the money that Wall Street gave Dodd and Obama?

Let’s just play the previous administration "blame-game" a bit more. Deepwater Horizion was approved for construction in 1998 (Clinton). Began construction in 2000 (Clinton). So the Dems approved the construction plans, safety plans, etc. So using the same excuse Dodd uses for Obama, Bush inherited this rig just like Obama. Have a great vacation Obama while there is work to be done for the people who are losing their livelihood in the Gulf.

Bush is just a common citizen who is retired.....what power does he have to be responsible for this. I thought Odumbo was president???

I am not a Democrat and certainly no admirer of the Obama administration, but how on earth is this oil spill Obama's fault? It's absolutely ridiculous to suggest that. It's not Bush's fault either, he's not even in power! The thoughtless inefficiency, and cumbersome nature found in our government bureaucracy is the reason for this disaster. The agency that is responsible for monitoring this oil rig needs to be held accountable for this catastrophe!!! BP and the companies amalgamated in the oil rig's operations should pay the cost of damages, but ultimately the blame lies in the govt. agency responsible for safety.

George Bush is responsible for everything. My friend's dog died recently -- Bush's fault! There was a fire downtown -- Bush's fault!! The Yankees dropped 2 out of 3 to the Mets -- Bush's fault!!! Chris Dodd is an idiot -- Bush's fault!!!!

Unbelievable ignorance on Dodd's part.

Blame bush for factors leading up to the mishap, but there can be no question that Obama's response is Obama's responsibility.

Is it Bush's fault that to date there has been no response from the Army Corps of Engineers to Louisiana's emergency request to dredge and build new berms to protect the coastline?

God but you liberals are idiots. Chris Dodd along with Barney the purple dragon Frank gutted the housing market and you cared not and now the Doddering fool tries to blame Bush for this issue? Your little Nero fiddles while America burns and I have to admit even I am amazed at how inept you nitwits are performing. I was no fan of Bush and you clowns have made him look like an interstellar success.
Peace out OBOTS.

Dodd's a crook.

Countrywide knows it and the record shows it.

You geniuses that want to blame Bush might want to listen to the audio again --- Dodd admits that this rig was built 10 or 20 years ago.

Also, why did BP drill in deep water? Because the nut cases in the environmental movement (and their $$$ to DemocRat candidates) has created a constituency (DemocRat congressmen) that have legislated to move the drilling wwwaaaaayyyyy offshore. The idea is that if there was a "disaster" like this that it would be so far out that it would not reach the shore before being captured (they also thought that if they moved it to deep water nobody would go after it -- which is the real end game).

So, we have the disaster and because it is so difficult to work in 5,000 feet of water, we now have the unintended consequences you always get with liberalism.

Another fail for the nut cases.

Give me a break.. what a joke, you can't keep blaming Bush for everything.

I have a sign on the wall of my office which reads:

"I am a very responsible person.

It doesn't matter what turns to (poop),
In the end, I'll be responsible."

I got the sign from George, who probably had no idea just how true it would end up being. I wonder if he's responsible for Barney Frank's early onset dementia?

What and igmo. , big pair of empty incompetent shoes!

Michael, if these things were so terrible, why didn't the Obama admin spend time on fixing the oil industry regulations instead of forcing me by law to buy health insurance (a huge handout for big insurance that you would think the republican's had written.)

If I were the Prez, instead of flying to Cali to get money for Boxer, I would be down at the gulf reassuring people. Next, I would tell BP it has 10 days to 'plug the damn hole' or they are going to lose every single off shore contract or other drilling contract in this country or any other country where we have military. Bush did suck, that's a fact! But Obama still has all the wars, all the patriot act & new forced health insurance. I cannot stand this man! FAILURE!

Finally! responsible, no nonsense journalisim. I thought reporting of this kind was gone forever. The LA Times is back and now doing the public a favor, reporting the news as is, and allowing credit for the public to format an opinion! Bush been out of office for a year and a half what's he got to do with anything! This is Obama's responsibility, not O's fault, but his responsibility. Bush was not god and could not have done more than he did with Katrina. The public thinks all a president has to do is wave a magic hand and all is well, no, not and never. I cannot stand Obama but this is HIS responsibility not Bush's.

I want to know the whereabouts of Dick Chaney when the drilling rig exploded. I think he blew it up.:)

So, under Dodd's theory of the case, any Democrat that utlimately blamed Bush for not preventing 9/11 should have blamed Bill Clinton. After all, Obama had double the amount of time in office (versus what Bush had to ensure 9/11 did not occur) to ensure that such a disaster as this oil release
did not occur. I wonder when Bush will receive apologies?

Democraps' blaming Bush for anything/everything, has become a tired old joke, as much of a hackneyed chestnut as accusing anyone who strongly disagrees with Obama's Marxist/redistributive policies of being racist, another favorite trick of these over-aged emotional adolescents.

Congress is seriously infested with morons and idiots. I fervently pray that Congress gets mucked out after the November elections. Hopefully a new, ETHICAL Congress will repeal all the bad legislation these neo-Communists have passed.

Yea, Right! This is all Obammies Fault!!!! GW Bush has nothing to do with this!


Please go Sign FREE Petition 2 Stop Kagan's Nomination

The world's only surviving brain donor wrote: "Why on Earth is the LATimes trying to spin the baloney that Democrats are to blame for what BP and Halliburton set in motion during the Bush/Cheney years?

Seriously? Halliburton is to blame? This administration's incompetence appears limitless. All inspections performed after Obama's swearing-in are the responsibility of the current administration. Obama owns this. He is ultimately responsible. Comes with the job.

Are you actually chiding the LAT for being soft on Bush? You are truly deranged. The LAT has never been a supporter of the Bush administration. Far from it.

Now run along. Adults have things to discuss.

Personally I hope these idiots keep up the "Everything is Bush's Fault" right in to the November elections. Believe me, the people in the middle of america, or as they are better known, the PEOPLE WHO VOTE, are sick & tired of these government wonks making excuses & blaming every/anyone else for their failings. Mr. Dodd, you NitWit, congress has been run by Democrats for 3 1/2 years now & Obama has been in office for 18 months. When you say that for 8 years regulation was lax you are including a year and a half when YOU WERE IN CHARGE you complete dolt. You just implicated yourself & your party genius.

This is nothing about blaming Republicans or Democrats.
This is clearing about getting something done and that hasn't been done by BP or the President.
Katrina a nature caused disaster was on Bushs clock and this man made disaster is clearly on Obamas clock.
Stop trying to turn the political clock back.


I'm calling you out. Prove a single allegation you have made.

I didn't think so.

What every happened to accountable leadership. Truman had it right when he said "The Buck Stops Here". Think about it, if a CEO of a corp was blaming his companies lackluster performance on his predecessor 18 months after he took over, he'd be gone! Get with it, suck it up and be a forward looking leader!! Good grief!

Bad things happen. People die. Life goes on. Lets just all blame the obvious person....God.

I thought it was CONGRESS who had oversight over the Interior Dept. like they have over every other Dept. that gets Congressional funding?????

If you think A PRESIDENT of either party can look into the nitty gritty of every Government Dept. and have any certainty that all government employee's are doing their job I got some mountain property in Florida I want to sell you!

And they want to oversee our HEALTHCARE????

Hey libidiots, your boy Barry GAVE THIS RIG a safety award. Get over your BDS libs.

A clown is as a clown does.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to the center ring. Introducing the Obbbaaammmaaa circus for your amusement. Featuring Dodd the dude, Pelosi the mmmosty, and Harry PP Reid-all-about-it, among others. You will be amazed, confounded, and forced to conform to governing insanity -- all for the small price of trillions of dollars of waste, porn-surfing, and oil spills.

This administration takes responsibility for absolutely nothing. It's disgusting. They point fingers while accusing others of doing exactly the same. Impeach this idiot of a "president"

As per Dr. J. Goebbels' advice, shift the focus to the guy who is keeping the gov't stable. No question Bush laziness and twisted ideas about gov't was root cause. A**hole Republicans (oops, sorry, that was redundant) need to stop being such dishonest cowards and admit to their complicity.

Ridiculous. When is this Administration going to take respopnsibility for anything? Blame Bush--f they saw something wrong, why didn't they correct it? Democrats are such losers. And the Republicans are not strong enough. What a sad lot.

The Obama administration gave this rig a "clean bill of health" when it was inspected. they were even given a safety award if i'm not mistaken. The Bush administration gave this oil rig citations for infractions. Funny that Dodd didn't mention those little things.

God these Mental midgets are astounding. I swear if I did not know better I would be looking for the Candid Camera . Obama is the most pathetic, sniveling dirtbag ever to shadow the steps of the WH.

Dodd should be doing interviews from cell block "C" for what he and Bawney Fwank have done.

I'm sure all you hypocrite liberals walk to the welfare office every month.

this LOSER twirp Dodd cries "i've yet to hear what anybody could do about it" but where is the same thinking ie- Bush/Katrina? WHAT was Bush supposed to do? put on a cape and turn back the hurricane with his superpowers??? friggin idiocy!

Everyone that comments seems to know everything. You are all losers

Yea yea yea. When you can blame everything on Bush, you don't have to do anything yourself. This is why all of these incompetent people should be voted out of office in Nov. Instead of finding a solution, they look for sombody to blame.

The liberals playbook: blame Bush for everything while the country goes down the tubes.

WHEN will people wake up to this imbecile President and his administration?

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