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Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson says he could learn how to use an ATM

Nebraska Democrat Senator Ben Nelson

And here you thought members of Congress were special, spoiled and somehow disconnected from everyday Americans who work for a living!

But we now know that's not true, at least for Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson.

The Nebraska senator claims he's up to the challenge of buying gas and groceries for himself with a credit card as well as anyone. Nelson told Joe Morton of the Omaha World-Herald, "I swipe to get my own gas, buy groceries. I know about holograms."


Hologram is Nelson for bar codes, those collections of little black lines on virtually every single product sold in America that tell genies inside magical little scanning machines how much to charge the purchaser in American currency.

Nelson, who's paid $174,000 in American currency per year as a federal legislator, also boasted:

I go and get my own seating assignment on an airplane. I mean, I'm not without some skills. I just haven't had the need to use an ATM.


Morton had asked Nelson his opinion on a legislative amendment to cap the ATM fees that banks can charge account holders from other institutions. "I've never used an ATM," Nelson explained. "So I don't know what the fees are."

However, the United States senator assured the reporter that he could learn how to use an ATM if he had to.

Good to know. 

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press

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I wonder if all the Republic party senators know how to use an ATM. I wonder if Ben Nelson weren't a member of the Democratic party but instead a member of the Republic party, would this post even have been written?

Clay Landon, this has nothing to do with partisan affiliations, you numbskull!

"...if Ben Nelson weren't a member of the Democratic party ... would this post even have been written?"

You do realize that we are talking about the LA Times, right?

Edmund and Tim,

Yeah, I was talking about Andrew's petulant use of "democrat" instead of "democratic". And my skull? Not so numb. Thanks for responding.

(AM responds: You need a capital letter D on both words.)


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