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What Sarah Palin told Republicans -- full video

As described here this morning, former Republican Gov. Sarah Palin addressed the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans this afternoon. Here are her remarks as brought to you by the eagle-eyed folks at C-SPAN.

Rolling out a heavy dose of springtime sarcasm, Palin mocked President Obama's recent nuclear policy announcements with "all that vast nuclear expertise he acquired as a community organizer, a part-time senator, and a full-time candidate for president."

And as you'll see in the C-SPAN video below, the crowd, many of whom had waited in line hours to hear the GOP star, gave her a standing O for her new trademark line, now a bumper sticker: "Don't reatreat. Reload!"

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Video courtesy of C-SPAN.

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Palin is right. For America to get back on track, we need to cut spending get the economy going (jobs). We need to replace most everyone up for re-election with conservatives and we must drill baby drill.

Bla bla bla

Mr. Malcolm's cheerleading for Sarah Palin was embarrassing weeks ago and yet he's still at it. Every poll I've read shows that the American people believe overwhelmingly that this former half-term governor shouldn't be allowed within the same zip code of the oval office. The only people who believe otherwise are willfully misinterpreting the data (*ahem* Andrew Malcolm *ahem*) and the folks who still think Obama is a Muslim.

As for Obama being a "part-time senator" (whatever part-time in this context is supposed to mean), would it be rude to interject that at least he finished his term without providing a rambling and all-but-inscrutable farewell speech? Would it be rude to suggest that the principles of the community organizers she so blithely dismisses were responsible for long lasting and welcome additions to the American fabric (civil rights, anyone)? Or that those same principles are being utilized by the tea-partiers who worship her? Would it be rude to suggest that "Don't retreat. Reload!" is rhetoric that is at least reckless and at most dangerous in light of the attempted acts of violence against this country's house speaker (among others)?

That said, if the Republican Party would like to put Sarah Palin front and center, please let this Democratic voter know what he can do to help. I mean this sincerely when I say there is no one I would rather see as the Republican nominee for President in 2012 than Sarah Palin.

It is of no importance what Sarah tells Republicans. It is only important that they continue buying into it. Hopefuly they will be gullible enough to choose her as their 2012 presidential candidate.

An entire generation now knows that the democrats can't be trusted.

I think that Palin running in 2012 would make a re-election for Obama more likely But the idea still makes me nervous. She has charisma, she's likable, she's pretty, she's personable... that takes her far. Even if she can't really pronounce "nuclear."

What I think Will help assure defeat for the Republicans in 2012 is the "Party of No" thing. '

What's wrong with being the Party of No? Even John Tantillo (a marketing guru but Very conservative) says that the GOP needs a positive brand vision.


After listening to her talk to her own people, I'm convinced that Palin is a truly stupid person without a clue. She's a disciplined Dummy, which is not exactly a crime. Do you take you take your clues from dummies?

She's a secessionist that doesn't really believe in the USA.

Sarah Palin is the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan. I am old enough to remember how stupid EVERYONE thought Reagan was....until he won by a landslide.

This woman really is a complete JERK!

I can't believe the GOP supports her! Surely
there are far better candidates to consider.
The only positive side to this is that it
will make it easier for Obama's re-election.

Run, Sarah, run! Run all the way to defeat!

I don't get it! Why do Libs believe Conservatives who offer old fashion common sense are "Dummies". Why do they say Gov. Palin is a "Jerk"?
What evidence do they offer? When a Lib can not make a point, they start name calling.
President Obama has had very little experience, never made a paycheck in the real world, and could not make a payroll if not for a government to pay it. He has lives off of other peoples taxes and want to take more from those who work for a living and give it to someone who will vote for him.

As to the Libs here, make a point and quite name calling.


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