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Obama's Organizing for America campaign now hiring more campaigners to, well, campaign

Obama Organizing for America sign

With the national unemployment rate elevated and stalled at 9.7%, much higher in some places, and grumbling growing about the unstimulating stimulus spending bill with the $787-billion price tag, Organizing for America is doing its part:

It's hiring people.

The hangover organization of the perpetual Obama presidential campaign is now a well-organized wing of the Democratic National Committee. And it would like to organize even more than it already has organized during the campaigner-in-chief's first 15-plus months of campaigning for 2012.

If you thought all those "grass-roots" watch parties, support groups, e-mail and telephone campaigns were amply abundant in the effort to convince his own majority congressional Democrats to vote for the White House Democrat's healthcare bill, you ain't seen nothing yet.

The president spent another two days this week out of the Oval Office campaigning in person in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri. Also eating a cheeseburger.

Meanwhile, there's financial reform to push and immigration reform maybe and climate change and next year, new taxes. And, who knows, perhaps even a 2012 presidential re-bid, do you think?

And most important right now, of course, there are the midterm elections on Nov. 2, which at the moment look a little gloomy for incumbent Democrats who went along on healthcare at the urging of the president, who isn't facing any voters this year. So maybe a few gajillion more e-mails will change the political tide.

Here's the OFA pitch: "Email campaigners are responsible for planning, writing, and executing grassroots campaigns to advance the President's agenda for change. Campaigns will primarily be driven through email and web tools and use fundraising, citizen advocacy, and local organizing to achieve our goals."

Here's what they want: "Excellent writing and editing skills with strong attention to detail...strong organizing and campaigning instincts; you can craft messages that move people to act and you know what actions will achieve the right impact at the right time...familiarity with HTML and/or online organizing platforms...ready to work hard; this isn’t a 9-5 sort of job."

Also you must be "passionate about engaging millions of Americans in advancing President Obama's agenda and changing the country."

The bad news: There is no mention of actual pay, as in money to live on. Also, although it's supposedly all online work, you must be willing to relocate to Washington because, well, that's the place whose harsh political tone Obama promised to change.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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I thought Obama was suppose to be post-racial? He's dividing us more by race than any president before him has done. I am Latino and I will never jump on the Obama bandwagon!

Well where did everyone think that 786 billion dollars Obama stole from our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren was going to go but down to his lackeys and worshippers?

Doesn't everyone just feel so special knowing that your children are paying for the adoration of the Marxist messiah?

I'm sure acorn is somewhere in this mix. They registered every skid row homeless person they could haul to the polls, plus dead people, kids, their pets, fellons and who knows what else. By now, everyone should know the kind of lying fraud Obama is. This nonpresidential man should be impeached now. Why leave this hater of Americans in office?

I think Barack Hussein Obama wants only african americans, latinos, women and the young to vote for him and his administration. Didn't he say that in a campaign commercial? All others, if your vote was not for Obama, and you don't agree with his policies, he doesn't care about you, he doesn't work for you.

I am curious. Has there ever been a President with his own independent private political organization before? I get their emails and they act like a private DNC.

If anyone else has ever had one, what was it called? (I’m talking US presidents here, not brownshirts etc.)

Seeing as how President Obama is speaking at UofM's commencement, are there going to be any rallies to show support for the health care reform bill?

I don't know how I ended up on this email bullship but delete me from your log; I have never disrespected anyone in my entire life as mush as I do obama; he may a U.S. citizen but is not an Amercian.

Delete by email address. I question obama even being a US citizen but even if he is, he isn't an American!

I thought Obama was suppose to be post-racial too.

Organizing for more change? How much more negative change can we handle? No more! Our children must understand the implications of working and/or volunteering for Organizing for America. Do I hear communism, socialism anyone?


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