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Good thing Obama says he disregards polls; He wouldn't like these

Democrat president Barack Obama on his limo Car Cell

While you were searching for Easter eggs (you missed one behind the books, bottom shelf), we were searching for recent items for the Monday morning poll basket.

President Obama recently appeared to endorse offshore oil drilling in certain areas, though any oil and gas production is years away. This poll found an overwhelming majority of Americans agree on the need for offshore drilling and a clear majority support it off the entire U.S. coastline. They would include California and New England, strongly Democratic areas that Obama still excludes.

Now that Obama has signed his beloved healthcare legislation and despite his continued stumping for the measure, CBS News finds a) the stumping has been ineffective, b) most Americans don't like the bill (53%), c) many expect the quality of care to decrease while costs continue to increase and d) few see anything in it for them. Other than that, it's a huge public relations success.

As another result of the passage and preceding rancorous healthcare debate, Rasmussen Reports finds that 53% of Americans now say they trust Republicans more with this traditionally Democratic issue, while 37% still trust that party.

As yet another result, Obama's overall approval rating has now hit the lowest point since he....

...took office -- 44% -- which is down five points since before he signed the healthcare bill and down 24 points since his poll high last April. 

On healthcare alone, the president's disapproval rating is 55% and approval just above one-in-three (34%).

MAD magazine Cover regarding Democrat president Barack Obama

The RealClearPolitics average has Obama's approval at 47.5% and disapproval at 46.1.

A USA Today/Gallup Poll finds 44% of Americans believe healthcare will worsen as a result of Obama's healthcare bill vs. 34% who think it will help; 55% believe Obama's bill will worsen healthcare costs, 29% help; 61% believe Obama's bill will worsen the federal deficit, 23% improve; and 46% believe Obama's bill will worsen the economy while 35% think it will help.

The good news for Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is that Americans' opinion of her hasn't changed much recently; the bad news is they still don't like her much.

Gallup finds that at the beginning of her House control in 2007, the first female speaker's approval was two times as favorable as unpopular, 44%-22%.

Today, her favorable rating has slipped to 36% while her unfavorable rating has shot to 54%.

Today, Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid's favorable rating is 29%, unfavorable 45%.

All the fighting over healthcare the last year while so many Americans said their top concern was the economy has now resulted in Democrats losing their large edge on the economy. Last summer, CNN/Opinion Research found, 52% of Americans knew Democrats would handle the economy better than Republicans (39%).

Today it's flipped to 48-45 in the GOP's favor.

On handling terrorism, the gap is even wider: Republicans 50%, Democrats 40%.

As for non-politics, now that we have the very first game of the Major League Baseball season out of the way (Red Sox 9, Yankees 7), a plurality of Americans has already decided that the New York team will win another World Series. So why even bother with Obama's first pitch in Washington today or the rest of the season?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Pete Souza / White House

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Obama/Reid/Pelosi, the three stooges of Washington will never have the support of the American people. Their ideology of socialism is egregious to the common reasoning of the American people. Congress being led by Reid and Pelosi has turned into a Chicago thuggery avoiding the US Constitution and Congressional proceedures as though they are irrelevant today. It all smells of corruption and these guys are the bad apples in the barrel. November will be remembered and the democratic party will turn into ashes. Out of the ashes will arise the true party, the Democratic Socialist Party.

whoa... the Times reporting truth instead of fanboy cheerleading for Obama.

Perhaps the turnaround really is here.

If "journalists" and news organizations like the LA Times had done their job, we wouldn't be here. YOU misled America. Remember that.

(AM responds: Obviously, you're new over here and a hearty welcome to you!)

Seat belt, Mr. President!!!!


Andrew Malcolm is an exception to the herd mindset among the MSN. He retains an admirable skepticism for both sides, and doesn't hush up stories that other mainstream press outlets do.

The bad news -- he's mostly online, and readers of the paper don't see much of what makes him good.

This is an increasing pattern among the MSM. Fair on the blogs, biased in print. I don't get it, but there it is.

Obama's not wearing his seatbelt? I guess for the nanny-staters, it's do as I say, not do as I do.

This is also what we can expect from ObamaCare: lots of rules and regulations for the little people that the bureaucrats and Democratic political elite won't have to follow.

Disgusting, as usual.

Leaving aside politics for a moment, why can't the President throw out the actual first pitch, or at least throw it on opening day? It is very counterintuitive to throw out the 'first pitch' on the second day of play. But what do we expect from MLB, who gave us a tie for an All-Star game outcome?

Correction the average poll of polls show Obama at 47.9 approve/46.0 disapprove. I like how you purposely skew the numbers slightly to help your argument in misleading your readers. But I'm not that guillable. All this socialism talk is straight BULL-lonie. I have no problem with legitamate disagreements with the Obama administration as I have some of my own. But all this socialism, facism, universal health care, obamacare writedown crap is complete B.S. This has nothing to do with so called "obamacare" it has all to do with a sustained attack from the extreme right wing on the President in which they throw around a bunch of lies and inciderary language to fire up a bunch of people who are unable to read between the lines and dicpher between B.S. and truth. Or they ahve other reasons to hate the President, which I won't go into because I don't want to pull the race card. The tea party is almost 90% white, most of which are older and so called "conservative." Doesn't that tell you something? When did old white men become mainstream thinking in American society? That's what the problem is, America is a society in which old white men are losing dominance due to rise of minorities and women which was caused by affirmative action and other measures to promote social equality. These folks who scream "I want my country back!" are just hinting at that they want thier country to be dominated and ran by old white men again, and that minorities, women and other underrepresented groups should be marginalized again. Sad, just truly sad.

A vote for any Democrat in November is a vote to continue the massive corrupt spending and debt, as well as, the Arrogance and Contempt that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have shown the American people. A vote for any Democrat in November is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. If the nation doesn't provide balance to our Government in Novemeber we may not recover in our lifetimes!!!

The current rift-raft of politicians in Washington are banking on the American people going back to sleep. Guess what? That won't be happening anytime soon. We wanted true healthcare reform, what we got was a nightmare and it's too expensive. The days of big government solutions are nearing and end. Our cities, our states, our nation, and our people are living WAY BEYOND our means. We must scale back and learn to live within our means, or our nation will fall. Socialism isn't the answer. Expanding entitlements isn't the answer. Following the constitution and limitintg government's reach over the people is our only salvation. Young and old alike will all have to tighten their belts if we are to weather the storm. Which is why Government must be scaled back. Government will never tighten their belts until the "people" revolt. Pay attention on April 15th and see how many American's take to the streets in protest over the country's direction.

To Ben: Most all the ism's that Obama is being accused of all have one recurring theme in their core beliefs: That of increasing government power and decreasing individual liberty and responsibility. What part of Obama's demonstrated agenda does NOT increase the role and power of government over that of the individual? You, with your Oblinders on may not see it, but those of us that wish to live free rather than as a vassal of the state detect the stench of one or more of those isms in just about everything he is trying to do.

He disregard polls
He disregard his spending
He disregard the economy
He disregard the safety of the US
This president should be impeached, or he must go in 2012. We are under attack from within. Obama Pelosi Reid.

It almost seems they are intentionally trying to harm America

"So why even bother with Obama's first pitch ..."

A very good question. The man must have the world's worst handlers. Overseas he bows and scrapes like a cabana attendant, then he comes home and throws like a girl*. A few minutes of preparation in either case would have saved him years of YouTube embarrassment.

*And that's an insult to the many girls I know who have far better arms..

Ben, in your comment that "doesn't pull the racecard," you:

--identify the composition of the Tea Party as 90% white, old, and "conservative";
--characterize America as a society in which old, white men are "losing dominance" due to "rising minorities and women"; and
--claim that old, white people using the slogan "I want my country back" really mean that they want minorities and women put back in their marginalized places before affirmative action came along and ruined everything.

Ben, if that's you "not playing the racecard," I would love to see what actually "playing the racecard" entails. I'm sure it's dazzling. Should we all stand back a couple of feet?

He ignores his own polls because he has no intention of running for any office again. Remember you read this hear first: This regime has no intention of leaving the office or allowing the American people to participate again in a fair national election especially this fall. We are in the middle of a Marxist,Communist overthrow of the Constitutional Government of the U.S. and Marxist can not co-exist in a open and free society. Obama is nothing more then a Chavez-Want-To-Be and in his mind Polls have nothing to do with his staying in power.
What Obama and his Marxist thugs forget is that his opposition has more money and more guns and if he thinks the U.S. Military, FBI, U.S. Marshalls and local law enforcement is going to support his overthrow he does not know the American people.

Okay, so a few here and there on the Left are beginning to stir from their self-induced comas. Obama is a thug, pass it on.

It's funny that the american People still don't know what they want, in a way it seem that if the President does something good than the republican want to find faut, if he does somthing bad, they still find some negative thing about him. Well I would rather have him as president than the clown we had before, what's his name, and don't forget who gave the banker a break, and even helped them out while the american people are loosing job and homes.


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