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Joe Biden update: He wants a healthcare favor, please

Democrat vice president Joe Biden doing something behind the back of president Barack Obama

We just got our own personal effing e-mail from Joe "You Know, I Was a Senator Too Once" Biden. He needs a favor.

Somehow we suspect a few million other persons received this special missive distributed by Organizing for America, the vast non-campaign arm of the Obama administration's never-ending 2008 campaign.

According to Joe (we call him that because he calls us by our first name so we must be friends), "Two weeks after it was signed into law, health insurance reform is still the talk of the town."

He's got that right. In fact, it's the talk of the country.

According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, 54% of the nation's likely voters like the Obama-Biden-Pelosi-Reid healthcare legislation so much that they'd actually like to have it repealed. Eight-out-of-10 Republicans feel that way and 57% of independents.

(UPDATE: Monday, 1:44 p.m. A new survey finds the number favoring repeal of Obama's healthcare bill has jumped to 58%, including 50% who Strongly Favor repeal.)

Fifty-two percent think the intensely-fought-over Democratic law is bad for the....; 58% of seniors, a bloc that votes as if it was civic duty. Fifty-four percent think the Obama bill will actually increase the costs of medical care, 51% think the Obama measure will actually reduce the quality of healthcare; 56% oppose the Obama bill's cuts in Medicare spending and 57% are convinced that Obama's plan will increase the Obama federal deficit.

All those numbers have been pretty steady since Obama signed the Obama bill with his left hand and 21 pens.

Democrat president Barack Obama's left hand Signing legislation

Anyway, because Joe says the Obama healthcare legislation is so popular, he'd like to bombard the nation's newspapers with letters to the editor to make it look that way.

The Great Train Rider would like these letters to point out the proclaimed benefits of Obama's healthcare bill from a handy set of Obama healthcare legislation claims provided via video.

"One letter from one constituent is worth a hundred paid advertisements," Joe says in boldface type like this. Also cheaper for the administration's non-campaign campaign arm.

And it gives the appearance of grassroots support. Rather like having friends pack the ballot box for Homecoming Queen and citing the win as proof of your beauty.

Also, would someone please whisper to the VP that both houses of the thoroughly Democrat-controlled Congress have already approved the Obama healthcare bill? "Believe me," Joe adds sincerely, "senators and their staff read the letters page -- because they know just how influential it can be. Your letter could make a tremendous difference."

No kidding. Don't we all read the letters to the editor page first thing every morning to get our thought instructions for the day, probably even before flossing? We're all dying to know what people we never heard of were told to say about things we don't care about so others we don't know will think Joe's effing correct about folks back home loving his boss's healthcare bill.

Seriously, what could be more compelling reading on a fresh spring Monday than orchestrated letters ginned up by an orchestrated e-mail campaign trying to convince its own worried supporters they did the right thing, never mind those stupid national polls showing real voters think otherwise?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Joshua Roberts / Bloomberg News (file); Associated Press.

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Washington idiots know that Americans all have internet and can research and formulate our own opinions.

They must think we can read, but not be able to think.

Malcolm, We get that you're not a Democrat and didn't vote for Obama and that's OK but what's with your snarky attitude? Joe Biden "The Great Train Rider"? with the clear implication that he's a Robber? Obama signs new law with his "left hand" - is that the hand of the devil Malcolm? Worst of all, your position is - letters to the editor are bad. What's wrong with encouraging letters to the editor? Malcolm, you must hate the internet which makes it so easy for readers to express their opinions and a daily reminder that your opinion is not the only one that matters. By the way I have noticed that you manage to not print civil, well reasoned comments that are critical of your poison pen editorials.

A mother once exclaimed,as an army platoon was parading that her son was the only one walking in step.Joe aint no soldier but he sure is a mother effing

This photo was taken in Chicago where Biden had just steped on cat dropings.
Joe always puts his foot in his mouth or some other stupid place,in his never
ending bid to appear as the 'fou du roi'.

Joe is sort of not retreating and reloading here.Plagiarism and foul language
are his hobbys.

How many of these emails will be from Ellie Light? Or whatever the nom de jour is for the White House propaganda machine now...

This was a riot... Very well done Andrew!

(AM responds: Thank you, Liz. Now I have a plan just between us for you to write the same letter to several thousand editors all over the world and.....:--)) )

Sorry Andrew, I'm still pro healthcare reform. Snark won't change my mind.

(AM responds: Who's trying to change your mind? Enjoy it while it lasts.)


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