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Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson worries loading too many people onto Guam could capsize the island

First, before you watch this short but remarkable video, a little background on Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson.

He's from Georgia's Fourth District. A Washington, D.C. native, he's the fellow who took office in 2007 after knocking off former five-term Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney.

A former county judge, the 55-year-old is an attorney, a standard liberal Democrat, receiving 100 ratings from the ADA and ACLU.

In this House Armed Services Committee hearing last Friday (no, it wasn't April Fool's Day), Johnson was questioning Admiral Robert Willard, head of the U.S. Pacific fleet, about the stationing of 5,000 additional U.S. Marines and their families on the western Pacific island of Guam, a 212-square-mile American territory that is 30 miles long and from four to 12 miles wide. 

President Obama will visit there this summer.

Of course, since Johnson is one of 535 members of the United States Congress, everything he says is important. But pay particular attention to the congressman's comments starting at the 1:16 mark and the pregnant pause after his stated concern and hand gestures.

Followed by the admiral's admirably measured military response.

Also, remember you are paying Congressman Johnson's salary this year -- $174,000.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Ummm, I think some prescription painkillers might be involved in this . . .

Wow. What a moron! I guess there were also plenty of morons who ELECTED him too.

I'm revising my previous comment, he's not only a moron, I think he's high.

Obama fired Gerald Walpin and questioned his mental capablities, yet this brain dead elected official is OBVIOUSLY INCAPABLE of thinking clearly and performing his duties in congress.

No surprise here. Obama needs equally ignornant people surrounding him.

And the idiot goes on to reflexively mutter some complete non-sequitur about...." warming...errr...climate change..."

We are in the very best of hands, America.

Congressman Johnson makes Dan Quayle look like a Pulitzer nominee. He should invest a large part of his salary in geography, environmental science and public speaking lessons.
You have to hand it to Admiral Willard. You can tell he has years of experience suffering fools calmly. He'd be a terrific straight man in a comedy - oh wait! He WAS a terrific straight man in a comedy!
I can't finish this cuz a really big ship is coming into the inner harbor and according to Congressman Johnson, it will make a really big wave that will roll north to drown us all -

and this is an example of the leadership we're going to have running our health care???

To quote John Mayer, "Why, why, Georgia, why?!"

WTF! Is this guy serious? Scarily, he is 100x's better than that idiot McKinney.

I watched this and couldn't help but think that the Admiral
Has far more discipline than I could have mustered under the circumstances. I know that I could not have resisted the urge to dope slap this fool back to reality! Oh, is that
violent speech?

Maybe there are zero comments here because we are all just speechless!

Thats AWSOME can you believe Rainman was elected to congress. Makes you feel all secure about our leadership. He's probably the smartest of all the congressmen!!!!!!!

This guy is an attorney and was a judge? He talked like he had a third grade education. Is he on medication? The island could tip over? Does Guam float? I did not know that.
It must have been all anyone could do not to break out in hysterical laughter.

If this had been a white Republican from Georgia, the media would be having a field day with this.

This poor man needs to be led away by the hand to a comfortable chair where he can watch tv and quit taxing his brain. Unfreakingbelievable! How did the Admiral keep from laughing out loud? Or the people behind him? Or the entire chamber?

Does this idiot think that Guam is just free-floating out there? How can an island capsize? Sounds like a Gilligan's Island rerun. Makes me mad that this doofus takes $174,000 of our tax money each year (probably much more by the time you figure his expense account and benefits).


All i have to say is wow......

This is the funniest durn thing I've heard all week. Is this guy a walking fool or what?

I'm from GA. Usually our politicians are insane white rednecks. I'm not from this guy's district, but I'd still like to apologize to everyone about this.

Well, I'd like to apologize for the white rednecks, too.

What a sorry state this is.

We don't have to claim him as a Georgian since he's a D.C. native... but he is better than Cynthia McCrazy.

This is a perfect example of the intelligence of the folks who support and, in spite of massive public opposition, vote to impose government-run health care.

They assume, or they have been taught by their liberal educators to believe, islands float!

Vote all Democrats out in November 2010!

What a moron....!

This Congressman is an idiot! Is he kidding?

What the heck?


Guam will capsize......

Man mande global warming.....

The new health care bill will save billions......

*laughing and laughing and laughing*

Wow - this guy best stay out of New York City - talk about a "Top Heavy" Island, that sucker could flip over any time. With all those people, building and cars I would have assumed it would have just plain sunk by now. Of course, I still can't figure out how they run those trains and subways under water like they do . . . but that is what makes America great!

**** sigh **** Lord help us.

But I guess that's about what we should expect from the elected representative of any district that would elect a belligerent nutcase like Cynthia McKinney.

Alright, I will admit that I'm a conservative and think this moron is an epic idiot. With that said, I'm willing to give this idiot the benefit of the doubt and accept the fact he can't be this utterly stupid and say he was using this as a metaphor. For example, he probably was trying to say that additonal 25K personal will sink the indegiouness population...

Alright, i can't say that with a straight face. This moron should be tarred and feathered...

The 3 D's.
Is he drunk, drugged or just plain dumb??
He should be drummed out of office!!!!!!!!
For $174,000 a year we should at least get someone with brains..........


I am sorry to say that Mr. Johnson is my representative. Unfortunately the 4th District of Georgia is one of the largest Democratic districts in the country. There is no way to get rid of Johnson, except to replace him with another Democrat. He is facing a Primary challenge this year and I hope that his opponent brings this up during the campaign. This clip clearly shows that Mr. Johnson does not have the aptitude for this job. It is also clearly evident that he has never been to Guam and yet he feels comfortable commenting on the population density and the environment of the island.

This is a rediculous. I will not claim to be the smartest guy out their. Who voted for this guy. Is he on drugs, should he be tested and treated accordingly. I know they always say there are no stupid quetions, but come on.

It appears that Congressman Johnson is either suffering from horrible dementia, or, as apparent with his hand motions, is high on drugs, whether legal or illegal. You would think that Congress has rules against the use of drugs while in session . . .

Wow! Is this guy for real? Not only does he seem to have a difficult time with such terms as "width", or "widest part", or "narrow", he seems to think an island is something more like a boat, floating aimlessly around in the ocean, rather than a land mass that begins at the ocean floor . Does he also think the Hawaiian Islands are just a bunch of palm tree covered barges, tied together with vines and bobbing around in the pacific, weighed down by treasure chests filled with gold doubloons? Someone needs to explain to this man that islands are the tops of oceanic mountains. Then, someone needs to explain to ME how an idiot like that gets elected to office and paid a yearly salary of $174,000?
I love how the Dems want to chastise Sarah Palin as a dummy, yet they have boneheads like Joe Biden and Hank Thompson making stupid statements on a daily basis.

Hold on I'm going to be sick...... ok...You have got to be kidding me. Frankly I'm speechless, but I must say that this is perhaps - for lack of a more descriptive or colorful term - the dumbest politician I have ever bared witness to my own eyes. Accordingly, I would like the names and contact information of everyone who voted for this pathetic excuse for a representative of this great country. We can do better America. We can certainly do better. This upsets me.

What can you really say?

Wow. Just... wow.

And this is the same party that knows global warming is a fact, and just passed health care.

Thank god there isn't any science related to either of those issues....

Can anyone be this dumb? Or, is it just another April Fool's joke?

When you say something this unbelievably stupid, "I'm afraid the island might capsize" shouldn't you be immediately removed from office?

I'm being serious here.

This guy must be high out of his mind. There are 120,000 people on the island and this guy is afraid adding 5,000 more might literally sink the island!

This is so insane on so many levels.

He used to be a Judge? This guy is a few bricks short of a load. Man, how do you keep a straight face if you're the admiral. And I thought we had retarded politicians in Canada... hahaha

This is the reason we need to clean house in Washington DC. Some of these fellows don't have the smarts to be a representitive's of the American People. Maybe its the water.... This guy thinks Guam is the Titanic. I wonder why the Japs wanted it in WWII if it could tip over and sink? I'll bet this guy believes beacuse of the cold winter and false data we are into global warming....If we could only get them to believe in something real - like the failing economy or lost jobs....mmmm?

Frighteningly awkward.

Obviously, our "education system" is failing miserably! How insane to think that any land mass will "tip over" because of people on it! YIKES!!!

Definitely Obama adviser and/or cabinet material.

Guam might capsize? Maybe we should bail them out ;^)
BTW...Has anybody learned to love Obamacare yet?

This guy is a f@#%in' idiot. What rock did he crawl out from under. Now I am really scared.

If you are under 13 years of age you may read this message board, but you may not participate. You will probably make us sound stupid.

The sad thing is how many people are going to watch this video and now be worried about islands tipping over.

So glad you are covering this story! I posted it earlier and have been laughing ever since.

We're paying this, this, ignoramous $174k for what, breathing? Is he that stupid or was he imbiding a little too much liberal joy joice?

Got to say the Admiral should receive a award for managing to not burst out laughing at his incredibly stupid comment.

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