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Dennis Quaid on playing THE John Edwards

Democrats John Edwards Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on cnn

Some of you may remember a politician named John Edwards. He was a Democratic trial lawyer and then senator who was for being vice president before he was for being president and becoming neither.

Edwards actually defeated Hillary Clinton in his party's 2008 Iowa caucuses before fading and quitting and being exposed as a philanderer with a campaign videographer named Rielle Hunter while his wife Elizabeth was suffering from cancer and also helping to produce at least two bestselling books.

And today the diligent bimbo-trackers at the National Enquirer did not win a Pulitzer Prize for their Edwards expose. (Nor for poetry either.) BTW, the Enquirer reports Hunter will appear on Oprah Winfrey's show next month, presumably not to offer tips on weight-loss or how to pick-up pols.

Anyway, actor Dennis Quaid was in Washington today to talk about his campaign to combat medical errors and his upcoming HBO role as Bill Clinton. That brief C-SPAN video is right here.

Additionally, Quaid spoke at the National Press Club and was asked about playing a certain Democrat trial lawyer who was for being vice president before he was for being president and becoming neither.

Here's Quaid's humorous response, as also provided by those notorious celebrity-mongers over at C-SPAN:

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Video courtesy of C-SPAN.  Photo: CNN.

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