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What's gender when you're D.C. Democrats trying to defeat a California Republican named Dana?

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is doing everything it can to defeat certain targeted Republicans around the country. All part of the perpetual PR combat between parties.

One of those targeted Republicans is Dana Rohrabacher, a former speechwriter for President Reagan and an 11-term Republican who represents California's 46th Congressional District, basically built around Long Beach-Huntington Beach and nearby areas.

Need any proof of Washington's basic cluelessness these days? The D.C.-based Democratic committee apparently needs help figuring out exactly who or what it is really after.

Today it put out a news release headlined:

Not an April Fools’ Day Joke: Representative Dana Rohrabacher Caught Trying to Take Credit for Jobs She Voted Against

Too bad the release wasn't an April Fool's Day joke. It would have made sense then. Because Dana Rohrabacher is a guy.

Maybe you think it was just a simple typo? Here's a quote from the release:

Representative Dana Rohrabacher is still trying to have it both ways by trying to take credit for President Obama’s economic recovery policies that she voted against but even on April Fools’ Day, voters will see what a joke her hypocrisy is.

Or what shoot-at-anything-that-moves is anyway.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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That's a *man*, baby!

Stupid is as stupid does it seems ...

"Or what shoot-at-anything-that-moves is anyway."

You mean like trying to deflect attention from the central issue of Republican hypocracy with a gender identification error, Andrew?

Go ahead and deflect some more with a comment about how you need have no responsibility to readers because you aren't part of the newspaper that pays your salary.

It's not that we don't trust you, it's that we understand what you can be trusted to do. As long as we have no expectations of personal integrity from you, we won't be disappointed.

Leave it to ignoramuses like Andrew Malcolm, to quibble about he vs. she, rather than the SUBSTANCE of the press release - taking credit for jobs created by the stimulus. It's any wonder journalism is in the toilet.

"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is doing everything it can to defeat certain targeted Republicans around the country. All part of the perpetual PR combat between parties."

Did you really say "targeted Republicans" and "combat"? Surely you realize you're inciting violence by Democrats upon Republicans, yes? Oh the humanity.

It's not often I find myself agreeing with a lib, but if indeed Dana Rohrabacher attempted to take credit for something he didn't do (don't know as you included no links), then that is the story, gender notwithstanding. If Dana Rohrabacher did not attempt to take credit for something he did not do, then the story is that this is yet more misrepresentation (read lying) from the left.

I generally agree with you Malcom, but really, all this does is give fodder to the liberals. There is a plethora of egregious statements and actions, taken by the left, worthy of a trip to the woodshed. This isn't one of them.

Every time the Dems speak they weeken the Nation. They need to worry about their own seats as a title wave is building and ready to slam them in November. The low ratings for congresses approval is against the Nancy Pelosi led democratic wing. With Obama on the war path it is too late for them to turn it around.


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