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Wedding plans: Chelsea Clinton tells Dad to lay off the Big Macs

April 29, 2010 |  1:50 pm

 It's important to clarify this from the beginning:  Chelsea Clinton did not tell her father that he's a tub of a presidential lard.  But she did tell him to cool it on the Big Macs.

Bringing back memories of an old "SNL" skit where President Clinton hopped from table to table at a McDonald's snarfing up food from the trays of constituents, the former president is back in the news today because of his weight. 

No, he didn't actually ask a McDonald's patron, "Are you going to finish your fries?" or anything like that (like in the video we embedded below), but he's been ordered to lose weight -- or else.  

Daughter Chelsea has a wedding this summer, and she made it clear that she doesn't want a flabby Daddy walking her down the aisle.

The former president appeared with CBS' Bob Schieffer on Wednesday at a fiscal summit in D.C.  The longtime "Face the Nation" host asked the president if he was ready for Chelsea's wedding.

"She doesn't think I'm in shape," he said.  "You know she told me the other day she said, ‘Dad the only thing you gotta do is walk me down the aisle and you need to look good.’ 

"So I said ‘Well, what's your definition?’  And she said: ‘Oh, about 15 pounds.’  So I'm halfway home."

-- Jimmy Orr

Photo:  Phil Hartman, right with Rob Schneider, portrays President Clinton in a "Saturday Night Live" skit.  Credit:  Hulu

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