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Barney Frank blames Newt Gingrich for today's hyper-partisan political climate

Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Barney Frank traces the hyper-partisan atmosphere of the nation today to -- wait for it -- the rise of Republican partisan Speaker Newt Gingrich in 1994. 

Gingrich was a driving force behind that year's so-called Republican Revolution that seized control of both houses of Congress with the "Contract With America" after the first two years of Bill Clinton's first term.

Some Republicans hope for a repeat of that experience in this November's first midterm elections for the Barack Obama administration. Gingrich, of course, has been gone since 1998, although he rallied Republicans meeting in New Orleans on Thursday evening, as The Ticket reported right here.

In this video excerpt from NBC's "Tonight Show With Jay Leno," Frank also blames the news media for only covering news that's bad, as opposed to news that's good.

And the House veteran admits that back in the angry Vietnam War protest days, the left was partisan and even violent but claims it did not have mainstream media cheering them on, as he says, is happening today. Take a listen. See if it makes you angry or partisan.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Is this idiot for real? Anger is given too much approval because the MSM is cheering on these angry people? Where has this clown been hiding?

The MSM is high-lighting people who are angry over how the Health Care Law was passed, the ear-marks, bribes, and threats used to get the bill passed. Americans are angry and rightfully so, but using rhetoric that openingly calls Americans terrorists for expressing this anger and throwing around epithets such as right-wing nuts, insane, and stupid is not showing approval of this anger.

Barney Frank is like so many entrenched professional politicians that he has no clue what is going on in the REAL world, let alone in his own home state. This man is a joke! The audience must be listening to some other show because who would actually clap in approval at what this moron said.

I truly believe Republicans have lost the capacity for rational stance, ethics, responsibility or accountability. There’s been SO MANY lies and revisions of history… I have to say these Conservatives don’t seem to know WHAT they want! These right-wing reactionaries are just starting to realize they already had their chance (8 years of Bush/Cheney and Republican controlled Congress 1994-2006)… and it almost destroyed the greatest nation on Earth.

Most card carrying Republicans/Conservatives are so ignorant they don’t even know their own ideological CREDO. “Limited intervention in the economy. Substantial intervention in morality”. This means let the RICH do whatever they please while finger pointing and preaching to the average Joe and Jane Smuck.

Republicans missed the facts. Reagan/Bush killed ANTI-TRUST and any regulation that kept industry/corporations/Wall St. HONEST. When Reagan/Bush came to power, the USA was #1 on the planet in exporting goods and importing raw materials. This is the very definition of a prosperous economy. In 2010, it’s the exact opposite. Why? Years of Republicans selling out the American middle/working class, that’s why. Oh and let’s not forget Reagan union busting and DEREGULATION. The ROOT of all future Corporate scandal.

Then we go to the 90’s with Newt Gingrich/Tom Delay/Phil Gramm Republican’s. I wanted to ask the Grich about all the hidden legislation such as the “Expatriate Clause” in Clinton’s Family Leave bill. It allowed the super rich (multinational Corporations, Saudi royals, drug trafficers, etc) take their billions out of the country PENALTY FREE!

While President Clinton and the American PEOPLE were MISDIRECTED by a sell-out media, fake Christian morality and the famous Monica Lewinski ****…

Newt oversaw legislation/policy that paved the way for outsourcing of American jobs, off-shore tax evasion, media consolidation, predatory lending and a “Corporate Crime Wave” of EPIC proportions While Republicans were waving the American flag and professing love of the USA, behind the scenes they were busy selling out our children’s future. Explain to me please Newt, what good can come from insuring the venture capital of Corporations that move American jobs to Communist China? Why should Americans TRUST you or ANY Republican ever again?

Barney FRANK criticizing Newt Gingrich may lead to a frustrated Gingrich speaking in his usual pattern:

"To be FRANK, I'm FRANKly discouraged that Barney FRANK can't be more FRANK about what FRANKly I think is - to be FRANK - an outward lie."

Frank you very much.

Good ole Barney Frank. The very individual who was a root cause of this housing debacle. The man who urged Fannie Mae to lend to anyone who was breathing regardless of credit worthiness, so he could proclaim the American dream was for everyone. The very individual who is now ranting about financial excesses that HE was the insitgator of is now accusing someone else of raising the voice of opposition? What a two faced liar he is. I hope MA votes this bum out of office with the rest of the morons who voted for Body Odor's health plan and are about to ruin our financial structure with even more stupid restrictions and laws. This gay guy will go down in history as a blight on American politics. Just takes a little time for the masses to realize who did what to whom, and when.


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