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Red flag for a sinking Obama: Americans now prefer Hillary Clinton


It is, of course, a really silly thing to even think about, given the clout of the Chicago Machine boys currently occupying the White House.

But, just say, the Real Great Talker continues his spiraling descent in the polls over the next 12-18 months; already the Democrat is barely tied with Any Republican in opinion polls looking toward 2012. 

Even worse, a majority of Americans have already decided they don't want Obama to have a second term.

And just say under Obama's leadership and insistence on his unpopular healthcare bill over jobs, all the spending and exploding deficits, plus the certainty of new taxes to cover his costs, the Democrats in Congress get thoroughly thrashed by the GOP come November. Maybe they even lose control of both houses.

This week a new poll showed Americans now preferring the GOP on a generic congressional ballot. And despite eagerly optimistic recent administration economic claims, the unemployment rate is likely to hang high, and now comes a new ABC News Poll finding national consumer confidence actually waning, not building.

Do you think then maybe by a year from now some Democratic Party bigwigs and money people might be whispering to each other that this arrogant Illinois guy is pulling a Jimmy Carter, constructing a disastrous....

...single term that teed up 12 straight years of Republican White House rule?

Well, it turns out, there is another Democrat -- another former senator, in fact -- hanging around now free of political tussles with an enhanced resume burnished on the world stage, thanks to Obama himself.

And a new CNN/Opinion Research Poll has just revealed that even today Americans like that other Democrat more and dislike that other Democrat less than they do the incumbent Democratic president.

That other Democrat is, of course, Hillary Clinton, who fought and scratched her way mightily but unsuccessfully through those bitter, belligerent Democratic primaries and caucuses of 2008. The former first lady and current secretary of State professes no intra-mural interest in challenging her White House boss, as she must as long as she's an administration team member.

The published CNN article focused on an Obama matchup with Sarah Palin. But within the data were Favorable/Unfavorable ratings for numerous prominent politicians of both parties. Here are the surprising new poll numbers for Clinton:

61% now think favorably of the former senator and only 35% unfavorably, both numbers improved from the 56% and 40% she had during the Democratic National Convention in late August of 2008.

An early 2012 political button

It is, on one level, an impressive turnaround for the once polarizing political figure.

And on another level it's a comment on the polarity of the political climate presided over by someone who promised to bring people together and change Washington's harsh partisan tone, another postponed campaign vow like eliminating Guantanamo and "Don't Ask-Don't Tell."

By comparison, in the same CNN poll, 57% of Americans now think favorably of Obama, down from 78% just before his inauguration; and 41% now think unfavorably of him, more than twice his unfavorable rating of early 2009.

Clinton's numbers also beat all other both Democrats and Republicans in the new poll.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has 38-50 Favorable-Unfavorable; Sen. Harry Reid 28-35. The good news for Reid is that 20% of Americans have never heard of him; the bad news is Nevadans know him well and have him trailing any conceivable Republican candidate in this November's election.

Among Republican names, Mike Huckabee's favorable-unfavorable rating is 43-29; Mitt Romney 40-34; Newt Gingrich 38-38 (see his recent speech video here); and Sarah Palin 39-55, up from her other recent numbers. See Palin's recent speech video right here.

Loyal Ticket readers may remember this item of ours from last December when USA Today and Gallup found the two most admired females in America were Clinton and Palin -- and only 1% separated them.

Even more loyal Ticket readers will recall our item from nearly two years ago here revealing that the day after she surrendered to Obama upon losing the party primary race and said she heartily supported him, Clinton associates purchased a Web domain name: HRC2012.

Probably just an over-eager staffer, wouldn't you think?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: CNN (Primary season body language says more than words in 2008); CafePress.

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CNN a name NOT to be trusted. Especially with that quack Erick Erickson as one of their political pundits. This nothing but dribble from the Los Angeles Times and more reason why I do not subscribe.

(AM responds: Good news for George and thousands of others every day. They can get Ticket news and commentary for free right here, as he's been doing. Thanks for reading.)

the dems such as myself always wanted Hillary!! it was caucus shenanigans and the horror of the May31st RBC ROOLZ Cmte stripping her of MI votes that left us with Obama as our nominee,

Hillary had experience
Hillary embraced free market capitalism (esp as Sentaor of NYS she wouldnt have played the class warfare card)
Hillary would have waited for UHC until after the recession eneded
Hillary was a hawk on natl defense
Hillary new job no 1 was natl security, 2 was JOBS

I want my Hillary. I want my DLC Democrats. I am voting GOP up and down the ticket until we get some restraint back and some free market Democrats appear...

excuse typos, no glasses on ! lol
PS Andrew, many many of we lifetime Dems are Tea Party Patriots....just for the record....midterm elections will be EPIC!

This op-ed piece sounds like Republican wishful thinking that hopes to create a schism amongst Democrats and rile up the conservative-to-moderate electorate (swing voters).

Yes, this op-ed, "Red Flag for a Sinking Obama Administration", author's telling bias was trying to link the malaise of President Carter's unfortunate timing in history (wedged between too much lopsided conservatism from Republican administrations i.e.: Nixon/Reagan) to President Obama.

I write this in the context that I was, and still, am a huge supporter of Madam Secretary Clinton and have 'hope' that we'll see her in the White House someday. Just after we give the current guy at least 8 years to unravel the devastating mess left by the previous administration's 8 years.

By the way, that most recent Republican President left the job with one of the worst public approval ratings in the history of this country... And we want more of that thinking?

Eric from Los Angeles

You have zero credibility, Malcolm. Your rabid anti-Obama bile has been evident from the beginning, bordering on bigotry, based on the comments you've made. Anyone who worships at the altar of a mental midget like Sarah Palin, should have no business writing for a major newspaper, even one about to go bankrupt. Perhaps you should check the latest consumer confidence index to see how people are feeling about the economy. But let's not let reality get in the way of more wingnuttery, eh, Andy? Yeah, let's bring on 2012, so we can have 4 more years of great leadership.

(AM responds: And yet look who's still here, Harry! You. great to have you and so many thousands of others share the adventure. Thanks for reading)

Why do you think Evan Bayh announced his "retirement" so early....he is positioning to run as VP with Hillary. Take it to the bank.

I'm shoched the the corrupt lame stream media would write the truth.

Obama is being found out. He is a one-dimensional, shallow ideologue who has only one note. When Hillary begins to look good, we have a problem.

I would trade Hillary for BO in a heartbeat......and I can't stand her!

Hillary vs Obama - different face, but very similar Marxist background and positions. Remember that Hillary was pushing socialized health care when BHO was still a community organizer.

And Hillary differs from Barack nhow?

Hillary would have been a very viable possibility in 2008 except for the fact that she has 200 pounds too much carryon baggage to qualify for a boarding pass. Unless she decides to travel lighter, I doubt that she could win the 2012 election in the event Obama won't/can't/ etc. be on the ticket. Ralph L. Seifer, Long Beach.

In 1980, after Jimmy Carter (2nd worst president of all time) embarrassed the country with Desert One, fumbled his way through four years of a recession where we had gas lines, 20% interest rates, and the Soviet Union laughing at us, Ronald Reagan inherited a disaster. Reagan focused on getting people back to work and getting our nation's reputation rehabilitated. What he did not do was spend our children's future on a trillion-dollar health care give-away. And Reagan did not spend half of his day apologizing to the world, and bowing and scraping to foreign leaders. Only two more years to go, and we can get rid of this horrible mistake we made in 2008.

So, after helping elect this presidential poseur, now you shift to smug condescension? Whassa mattah? Not commie enough for ya?

we need to look at the experience and associates for all office we are screwed every where by cronnism and hating the ones we use to have


How can there be no comments? These blogs are getting filtered me thinks? Obama, stay off our blogs!

Anybody but Obama in 2012. The man doesn't have a clue what he is doing and we have to put up with him for 3 more years. I actually like Hilary in comparison, go figure.

Of course Ms Clinton wants to run. Every time she meets with Obama she leaves the meeting and she screams at the top of her lunges, " I CAN"T BLEIVE THAT THEY VOTED FOR THAT IDIOT!!!!" She and Mr. Gates are the only ones to have done their job in the Obama administration with any level of competence at all. She gets good marks for that. But what support can she expect from the party that shunned her for the puppet and will she accept the role of running with the party banner of a party damaged by Obama ham-fisted approach to domestic governance. Ms Clinton as an independent?


I was a Democrat until Obama got in and now I'm and Independant. But if Hillary we3re to run I'd vote for her as many times as the law allows. She's tough, isn't a smooth talker and you know that ishe says something it will get done and properly too.

Another Jimmy Carter? This teleprompter-reading empty suit is making Mr. Peanut look good. Even the EU mandarins are saying that dealing with the current White House is harder than dealing with W's White House. And it's not because BHO is focusing on other parts of the world: how is the current administration perceived in China, the Middle East, or Afghanistan? In all cases, it's considered to be weak and/or unprofessional.



America is waking up to a drunk sailer waking up to see his new bad tatoo....."What the **** did I do?"

What too many people fail to realize is that Obama and his Chicago pals are actually neo-Stalinists. Including Pelosi, Reid and others. How can you tell ?
They lie about every issue (black is white, white is black, look up Orwell'1984), try to destroy their opponents by word and deeds, do the most damage to the US economy and employment in order to force a marxist set of solutions to the current problems.
Stalin succeeded for a few years and the Russian people are still recovering from the extensive damage.

Hello people... illary Clinton's health care plan was actually worse than Obama's. Also she hates too much.

A little late.... I was a registered Dem.... but will never
vote that way again because of the way Hillary was treated.
Jimmy Carter from my state was the first to throw her under the bus...... What a jerk....

Certainly Hillary is popular with a large number of tiny brained folk. And as soon as they reach the age 14, or otherwise are paroled, they will vote for her several times. What a country?

The Obama presidency is effectively over.


CNN has Obama 57% favorable and 41% unfavorable??? Oh c'mon!!!!! Is CNN on drugs??? Obama can only fantasize about having 57% favorable ratings. Once again CNN plays the lap dog for the liberals. See y'all in November when the ONLY POLL THAT COUNTS will be held!!!!!

Ann Coulter was right- although you libtards may not like it. Hillary would have been the better choice- better than mcCain, even. McCain is more liberal than Hillary. And Obama has never run a dishwasher- he knows not what he does, with anything! Obviously... many out there with voter's remorse. But Hillary would have been better on a number of fronts.

Yes, Hillary for 2012. She will govern from the center left. Barack is an extreme left Democrat, spending way too much money without control, and way over-taxing us middle class and upper middle class citizens.

Too bad the Democrats were too sexist to nominate the FAR better candidate for Prez in 2008--Hillary. Their sexism goes hand in hand with their racism--which their Big Fraud nominee was, and is.

You are completely delusional.
As bad as Obama may be perceived to be (I disagree), revisiting the question of Hillary's thimerosal poisoning of 40 million American children through her vaccine program will put a damper on your analysis.

I will never, never vote democratic again. The party is completely corrupt and they are going to be in the deep freeze for a very long time to come.

Obama is the worst thing to happen to the U.S. since Carter

I refuse to acknowledge Obama as president. Hillary was cheated when everyone kept Edwards in the race after it was known by Democratic leadership that he was a philanderer and unqualified for higher office. The outrageous way Pelosi, Reid, Dean and Obama tried to get Hillary to drop out will never be forgotten or forgiven. That deprives Hillary of media, money and delegates. She was clearly the better candidate and I can't wait for her to take over the office from this loser.

Ya,,?? I don't think so... while 0bamma can be considered the worst president in history (an honor last bestowed on willy c) I don't think Hillary would have taken us on a much different path away from socialism. She may have provided less corporatism but probably not much seeing who her backers were.
What a scenario huh?, the alleged best country in the world and there isn't one person capable of running it correctly.

I made a huge mistake voting for Obama. I will not make this mistake, again!!!

Wow! Way to cite the only poll that has such a high popularity rating for the president!

Hillary Clinton? Heck! At this point I'd take Jimmy Carter back! (And I'm old enough to have lived through those awful years, unlike the majority of people who voted for President Obama.)

In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King.

I thought my life was bad because I had no woman... and then I met a man who had no hands.

Pain is relative. And man, is it relative right now!

Obama's latest photo-op masquerading as a "Nuclear Summit" - when confronting American citizens who take exception to his Socialistic polices, Obama tilts his head back and, with disdain, looks down his nose at his detractors. BUT, when in the presence of those whom he recognizes as world leaders sympathetic to his policies, as if psychologically compelled to acknowledge his own illegitimacy, Obama instinctively BOWS to his sycophants. The dignity of the American Presidency has been tarnished beyond reparation. Greg Neubeck

"Give me a Break" Hillary is more radical than BO. I want no part of those two...(Bill 'n Hill).

Andrew Malcolm is still working at the LA Times? What a crusty old hack. Why can't you move him to the valley beat? Or better, just publish him in Chicago.

I told you so! Obama is going down as one of the worst presidents of the last 50 years along with Bush and Carter.

After watching the way democrats treated Hillary and how they viciously brutalize Sarah Palin on a daily basis, I have come to the conclusion that they are the most misogynistic group of people I have ever witnessed in my life.

I would hope people can see Hillary Clinton as someone who loves her country, and obama is an unqualified hack pushed forward by money from corporations. I'm from Chicago; the political scene is dirtier than mob networks (actually, it includes it).

I'm not going to say I told you so, I'll just make the face.

Great hope and change for you. lol

Well we may have president Biden if this man is found to "HAVE STANDING".

Army to court-martial 'birther' officer; Refuses to deploy, considers orders from Obama void.

We always preferred Hillary. The DNC nomination process was flawed. She should have been the nominee.

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