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Obama's White House favors dumping more information on corporate servers

Vivek-kundraAn anxious minority of U.S. Internet users are divorcing themselves from Google. When one company can watch what we're searching for, who we're e-mailing, what we're reading and where we're going on a daily basis -- well, that's just too much information for one company to have, according to some people.

Vivek Kundra, Obama's chief information officer, is not in that crowd.

Kundra, who is managing the $79 billion the White House set aside to spend on technology, told Bloomberg that he's looking to cut costs incurred by expensive, government-owned data centers.

“It’s mind-boggling,” Kundra said this week. “It costs a fortune, it’s duplicative and it’s an energy hog.”

Companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon already have huge numbers of servers dedicated to their  products and storing user data. Perhaps the government could use some of those services. Last week, Kundra met with each of those companies.

Kundra didn't say which company the feds might go with, but he did point out that Google and Microsoft recently opened programs for government. Last year, Los Angeles set up 30,000 city employees with Google's e-mail system.

-- Mark Milian

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Photo: Vivek Kundra. Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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This guy is unbelievable due to few really clear and dangerously ridicules reasons, which also exposes how much Obama is clueless if he chooses someone like this to run 79 billion technology budget for our country:
1. Passing gov controlled data into corporate infrastructure such are Google's or Microsoft's or any other is dangerous and unsecured form multiple points of view (dissertation can be written on the subject)
2. Spending yours and my money in a reckless way by planning to pass confidential data to these types of business which can lead to even more multi-corporate control over information which is already way to much controlled by monopolies such are Google and Microsof. reason to waste to much words, this guy is clueless and irresponsible for thinking like this and I sure don't want my tax money to pay for this craziness!!! I would love to hear what NSA , CIA and Home Land Security or Pentagon thinks about Google and Microsoft hosting their data!???!!!

bohzo (Hello)

I like the new way of getting news, this modern way of getting technology is fun. Many Native Americans do not use these means of getting news, but it is going to be one of the best way for tribes to network together and get reliant content from reliable sources as it happens.



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