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Sarah Palin's Nevada Tea Party speech: No time to retreat; 'It's a time to reload'

Republican Sarah Palin greets thousands of fans at Nevada Tea Party rally 3-27-10

As she was in Nashville, Sarah Palin was the star speaker at this weekend's Tea Party rally in Nevada, in the hometown of Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He's trailing in the polls to virtually any Republican these days. But it's a long time until the November election.

Fresh from two days of campaigning with old pal John McCain in Arizona,  the unemployed governor took direct aim at the nation's top three Democrats:

"We're sending a message to Washington. It's loud and it's clear, and in these upcoming elections we're saying that the big-government, big-debt, Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending spree is over. You're fired!" 

She also told the crowd estimated at about 8,000 that: "It's not a time to retreat. It's a time to reload." Then, as you'll see in the video below, Palin urged the media not to read any incitement into that other than re-dedication to the upset of the D.C. political establishment that's still celebrating the healthcare bill's first signing.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Jae C. Hong / Associated Press

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Several people stated in the past "As you long as you stick to your own principals, you're all right." I, as a Democrat, would have said the same about Sarah Palin, but when she using such words as "time to re-load", what kind of message is that? What exactly does Palin want us to reload? This is scary.

(AM responds: Not really. Watch the video. You'll see.)

Bigger question is, "Why is anybody still listening to this idiot?" Listen to the dribble in this clip: it'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic that some people really do gobble it up.

We've endured the real-life version of Wilma Flintstone for long enough. Let her get on with her reality show so it can be cancelled and we can finally turn that cloying voice OFF.

"Reload"? We've always known this woman is too dumb to be a major player on the national stage. Now we're learning she's too dangerous as well.

If the president didn't infuse the stimulus into the economy like he did we would be in the second great depression right now. People have short memories.

If the Governor wants people to take her seriously, she should take speech lessons to get rid of that irritating screeching voice. Her message is great, but when it's delivered with that childish high pitched sound it loses it punch.
We are fans of hers and only offer our opinion.

"Why is anybody still listening?" I'd guess it's because Palin provides a simple, unpolished and straightforward contrast to the finely honed pseudo-intellectual double talk issuing forth on a daily basis from America's First Teleprompter President.

He's depressing and boring. She's encouraging and fun to watch -- especially since she drives liberals to spittle-flecked apoplexy by virtue of her very existence.

Terrorism florishes in an ignorant world. Inciting dim-witted people with a call-to-arms is either illegal and irresponsible, or perhaps even treasonous. Does Sarah plan to feign astonishment when her extemist rhetoric results in violent acts, or will she simply deny culpability?

I suppose that we will now have to remove the following incendiary phrases from the American vocabulary:

• "He/she wants to give it a shot"
• "Just shoot for the hoop"
• "faster than a speeding bullet"
• "I just bought a magazine"
• "We're loaded for bear"
• "What's your target audience"
• "You really hit the bullseye"
• "She's a real pistol"
• "Just sittin' around shooting the bull"
• "Let's go shoot the breeze"
• "We're going to go rent the Top Gun dvd"
• "He's just a hired gun"
• "They're gunning for a top slot"

Maybe you guys should stop before you shoot yourself in the foot.

The low blows that the lame stream media and disabused liberals keep heaping
on Ms Palin are deemed so abusive that they are having a boomerang effect,
and all the throwers will fall flat on their hideous faces in November when the
millions of patriotic Americans who believe in personal responsability and
hard work vote out the socialist santa Clause state proponents.The USA will
have been innoculated against any resurgence of the sectarian ideologues
allied with the corrupt democrat Chicago political mafia.Dems nowadays are
either naive credulous leftys or taxcheat sleeze balls.

What a refreshing treat to watch and listen to this beautifull,articulate and
inspiring mother and wife.The perfect example of the great success attainable
in the USA if you have good values,are determined and work hard.Nothing is
lower than the abuse hearled at this very respectable advocate for America by
the elitist liberals and the msm.The cream always rises to the top.Go Sarah !

someone has to kick those commies out of the white house before it becomes the red house .why not sarah palin

where is the media they have left thier post to run the liberal prpaganda it is disgusting to see those so called jurnalist at work

It is obvious that John McCain is anxious to retire from politics. Not only has he promised to do nothing in Washington now that Healthcare has passed, he chose to have quitter half-governor Sarah Palin speakin' atcha with her phony down-home "you betcha wink wink" garbage to make sure he loses in Arizona.

How to classify Ms. Palin. Is she a "Has-been" or is she a "Never been." As a good Democrat I can only hope that the Republicans will be foolish enough to nominate this lady for the Presidency in 2012. It would be Johnson-Goldwater all over again. Or perhaps even worse. She may only win one state, Alaska, like Mondale did in '84 when he only won Minnesota and DC.

Americans have hit the skids with leaders like Palin. Time to learn Mandrin.

So meny hate filled coments about Sarah Pailan coming from liberal elitists or is it pseudo intellectual hypocrites. Its getting hard to tell thne diferance !!

Why in the World does anyone think it's Socialist to demand that insurance companies be required to eliminate the "pre-existing condition" clause and give up lifetime limits? Why is it Socialist to require that ALL Americans carry health coverage or pay a penalty? Does it make sense to increase costs when the uninsured have a catastrophic illness or injury and can't pay? ANYWAY, we were talking about Palin, right? I find it interesting to READ a transcript of her speeches - it's so much easier to see just how empty her head is of any cohesive thought. That she's been chosen as the poster child of Conservative America makes me shudder and also makes me rethink my opinion of public schools - they're really doing a poor job if roughly half our nation thinks this woman speaks sense.

She should became governor of siberia, short commute according to her..wait do tea partiers know where siberia is?

no matter how you cut it, the use of the word "Reload" in this context is aggressive and violent. Sure, SHE is not advocating violence, but the term refers to guns and she is drawing the connection to her own hunting. But americans are stupid and they hear the word "reload" and they think guns and violence. it's irresponsible especially in a country of people who don't listen and who are taught to be ego-centric and ignorant to anything beyond their own opinions.

Unemployed governor? Who edited this piece? It's mostly good coverage of the event, but how is someone who earns millions off of a book, is a professional speaker who works for the Washington Speakers Bureau and a TV analyst who works for Fox News unemployed? She's not unemployed. She has two jobs, technically three if you count Harper Collins, technically 4 if you count the production company for her Alaska documentaries. Unemployed? This woman works harder than all of us combined!

Matt Damon and Martha Stewart, are right on the dollar.
Sarah, your hate and anger is beyond dangerous. Let's pray that America can realize that the hate she shows is frightening not of a lady or a American. What scares me more that American's want to support her. I now realize with her that end times are very close. I pray for Sarah, to show love and obey the laws of the land and have respect for the President in office.

All the speeches are written. You do not even know if that's her real opinion. I do not take her serious. But there are even worse politicians.


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