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Now, it's Sarah Palin's turn to target Democrats

SarahPac List of Democrat targets

Nevada didn't invent dust, but it has perfected it. And Saturday in the dusty dump of Searchlight no one will need a searchlight to find the political dust-up with the campaign arrival of one Sarah Palin to headline a major Tea Party event, as she did in Nashville earlier this year.

Palin is drawing some tea party frowns today with her campaigning in Arizona for former Republican presidential running mate John McCain, undergoing a primary challenge from the right, as we described here the other day.

Palin will seek to bolster McCain's conservative credentials at a Tucson rally today, a Phoenix fundraiser tonight at the same hotel where they conceded to the Democrat ticket in 2008, and another rally in Phoenix Saturday.

McCain's opponent, former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, paints himself as the true conservative and....

...seeks to dismiss Palin's popular participation as "the very human impulse of gratitude" for plucking her from Alaska's relative political obscurity and dragging her down to a decisive national defeat. Which she's now turned into a bestseller, a newly-confirmed TV documentary series on the Learning Channel, a couple of million dollars and an active SARAHPAC.

Longer term, Palin is doing what any possible presidential candidate should do 32 months out: Hand out her precious personal campaign time and PAC money to potential allies for her own race should she decide to launch one about this time next year.

That's her much vaunted Common sense way.

Other former GOP governors like Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are doing the same thing. All three came in at the top of a CNN poll's Republican candidate 2012 wishlist Thursday.that also showed Obama tied at 47% with Anyone from the GOP and with a majority of Americans now seeing him as a one-term president, despite this week's healthcare hoopla.

Using her favorite Facebook page, Palin's just said she's going to invest her money Republican Sarah Palin in the 2008 presidential campaignand time in "commonsense conservatives" to oppose her list of targeted Democratic representatives (see above).

"We're going to fire them," Palin proclaimed, "and send them back to the private sector, which has been shrinking thanks to their destructive government-growing policies.

"Maybe when they join the millions of unemployed, they'll understand why Americans wanted them to focus on job creation and an invigorated private sector."

Why do these Democrats draw Palin's attention? They voted for "Obamacare" and represent districts the McCain-Palin ticket carried.

But not every stop is political for Palin. Officials at California State University, Stanislaus said Thursday the former Alaska governor has agreed to make a rare California visit and speak at a fundraiser on June 25 marking the school's 50th anniversary.

Back to politics: As if to confirm the vulnerability of such Democratic folks, Vice President Joe Effing Biden acknowledged to party donors in Baltimore the other night that they would lose seats this November, as The Ticket reported here.

Joe blamed the anticipated defeats not on the economic stimulus' failure, not on the rancorous and endless healthcare debate, not on the now gaping enthusiasm gap between his party and the GOP. Biden blamed the upcoming 2010 hard times instead on President Obama's 2008 success. Who knew back when they were donating $750 million for hope and change that it would turn out so dismally?

"Barack generated such an overwhelming turnout and enthusiasm," Biden said, "that we had the biggest turnout in history. It was gigantic. And a lot of really good Democrats got washed up on shore and all of a sudden were Congressmen, in districts that Democrats have no business having Congressmen."

As our good buddy Moe Lane wondered out loud over here, how'd you like to be among the Biden donors who'd just shelled out $2,500 each to hear straight from the horse's mouth that their money was about to be wasted on some certainly hopeless causes?

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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IF ANYONE HAS FORGOTTEN or was not aware: Sarah Palin’s church was torched shutting it down for months and causing millions in damage. That was what the dangerous America hating MSM reported but they forgot to mention it was filled with children, the gas-line was cut, electricity was cut and the phone lines were cut!

(AM responds: You're right about the arson, which we reported here in full. Don't think you're right about the gas and phone lines, but that doesn't matter. It was a dangerous thing to do. It actually occurred late in the evening during a women's craft group, so only a few children around. It did not seem to attract the widespread attention such an act would in other places.)

Sarah Palin is the number 1 choice of Democrats to run as Republican pesidential candidate in 2012. If ignorance is bliss then Sarah has attained nirvana.

I have always felt as a woman that when a woman was able to achieve recognizable positions in politics it was due to there drive, being of moral conscience and willing to solve problems with diplomacy. Sarah Palin has taken the woman movement back beyond when it first started. To consciencely prepare and post a hit list of those who didn't oppose the Health Bill but it could be anything that her party may oppose in the future is not how our representatives in Washington are suppose to conduct them selves. Her and her party are behaving like little children who throw a temper tantrum when they don't get their way. If she wanted to prove that she had what it took to be a leader well she just totally has taken any and all hope away from that with this behavior.
As a mother I have always tried to make decisions that would help teach my children. The way I look at it we all have beliefs and some are more important than others. How we express them is important for our children to see how we deal with them. As far as I am concern the message Sarah Palin has sent to her children is if people don't do what you want then you must go after them. The message being conveyed is: lets get even time. Violence begets Violence. Not solutions. Why would any one due this stupid thing? Knowing how we have a society that is so unpredictable. People looking for a reason to do harm on someone else with out any thinking. Sarah Palin needs to be made responsible for her actions if someone feels compelled to take action on any of these people. In today's society with so many people who are so unbalanced her actions are uncalled for. She needs to look deep into her heart and really find a non. We need to listen to the people not what we think the people want because a few express it's what all want.
Sarah leave before you get crushed because people in America are tired of unbalance people who are claiming they are looking out for the USA and don't have a clue of what America wants.

You idiots at the LAT are a laugh. You knock Nevada while you get on your hands and knees to beg for financial help from the rest of the country. It's really going to be fun watching "Liberaland" go down the drain.

Your piece reads like the telephone book.Lots and lots of caracters,that you
get to know only the names,some numbers and addresses but the only logic
seems to be an alphabetical order one.As far as making a becomes
increasingly perplexed the longer one keeps searching.Perhaps you are well
gifted for domestic chores like ironing,cleaning etc Writing political diatribe
is something you should avoid completely.You have a great day now,Doris.


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