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American Robert Gibbs eats Canadian hockey crow

Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs wears a Canadian hockey jersey 3-12-10

It's not been a good week for Obama White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, sportswise.

First, he had to endure a celebratory visit to the White House with the big boss by the national collegiate football champion University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Honoring his allegiance to Auburn, Gibbs boycotted that event, as The Ticket reported here.

Today, as an apparent sign of shame, a good-natured Gibbs was forced to don a Canadian hockey jersey because on their second try in the recent Olympics, the Canadian pro players beat the United States' pro players.

Apparently, like thousands of Americans and millions of Canadians, Gibbs was paying attention to the hockey rematch recently and placed a wager with his Canadian counterpart, Dimitri Soudas, said wager reportedly also to involve delivery of some alcoholic libations to the office of Canada's President Stephen Harper.

Yes, of course, we know he's really a prime minister. But it was Gibbs' boss, the ex-state senator and Harvard grad, who referred to Canada's leader as president during the U.S. presidential campaign.

After a moment before the cameras to honor the wager, Gibbs switched to a Hockey USA sweater.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press

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We have no time for this clownish behavior from Gibbs — or anyone. Our country stands at the brink of destruction with this so called "health" bill. Having lived in a totalitarian country with "free" healthcare. This current bill has nothing to do with our welfare. It will create 159 new bureaucratic bodies to deal with! This will change "the land of the free" forever—for republicans, democrats, independents, everyone! We will lose our freedom and potentially our lives. Call every representative you can and tell them to vote against this. Our family lived through this kind of government control horror already. Then, we flee to the US only to find it again! Call and fight this today, tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ... every day until we stop this. You have no idea what terrible things this will bring. It's a sugar covered poison pill for our country.

Good to see he held up his end:) Go Canada Go!

Typical of someone who clearly cant follow a game with a ball smaller then his head to say something like thousands of americans and millions of canadians wonder if the trumpeting would have been different had the americans prevailed?

(You need to study up. Hockey doesn't use a ball.)

canada has a prime minister not a president

(No kidding. Read the entire item. Obama didn't know that.)

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Actually Stephen Harper is not the President of Canada, rather he's our Rear Admiral.

"But it was Gibbs' boss, the ex-state senator and Harvard grad, who referred to Canada's leader as president during the U.S. presidential campaign."

Is there NOTHING that Malcolm won't do to get a dig in at the president? Even if it means taking a vaguely anti-American tack to get there?

I'm surprised that A. they got a size big enough.
B. He didnt make another lame excuse and retracted on the deal.
C. He didnt blame the Fox News for the loss.

CaptainGrumpy, you forgot

D. He didn't giggle like a schoolgirl. (Or did he?)


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