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Obama marks the Hungarian Revolution, the 1848 one

Hungarian freedom fighters celebrate atop a captured tank during the 1956 uprising before Soviet forces moved in to crush the revolt

Having set its clocks ahead one hour like most of the rest of us, the White House Sunday issued the following statement about a revolution 162 years ago. Not to be confused with another Hungarian revolution 54 years ago (see photo above):

Statement by President Obama on the Hungarian Revolution anniversary

I send my warmest wishes to all those that will celebrate the anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution tomorrow.  That event was a defining moment in Hungary’s struggle for freedom, and continues to serve as inspiration for all those that advocate for freedom’s cause. 

Our two nations are bound by our shared values and our solemn obligations to each other through the NATO Article 5 commitment to one another’s security. On this occasion, I also wish to pay tribute to those many Americans that can trace their roots to Hungary. They continue to make important contributions to our society, enriching the character and culture of the United States.

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Photo: Associated Press (Hungarian freedom fighters in 1956 celebrate atop a captured tank before Soviet forces moved back in to crush the rebellion).

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Hee you sould change the picture!! in 1848 there was no any soveit tanks!!!!

Thank You! :)

Paul from Hungary

Not many people in Hungary are nostalgic of the Stalinist blood baths.Soon
Obama will have as few fans as Stalin and the spirit of freedoom will again

Yes this pic is 1956 revolt BudaPest I was there before I came to this country Jan 1957 I was 14 and Iam glad I did. Proud to be American.Vietnam vet.Tibor

Thanks for posting! Like others have commented, there were no tanks involved in 1848.

(So the photo caption is correct then.)


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