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Joy Behar questions John McCain's courage for declining TV invite

John McCain on the ABC show The View previously

Joy "That Can't Possibly Be My Real First Name" Behar was on NBC's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" tonight to question the courage of Sen. John McCain.

As you may recall, the Navy attack pilot veteran was flying on a mission over Hanoi when he was shot down during the Vietnam War, when Behar was somewhere else.

McCain spent about six years as a POW in North Vietnam, undergoing beatings and torture such that he lost full use of his arms and hands. He refused a chance to be released early from prison without his fellow U.S. prisoners.

And now that the 73-year-old Arizona senator is no longer running for president (he lost in 2008, in case you're wondering), McCain sees no need to return to be talked at on the ABC morning chat-fest, "The View."

McCain also, it must be rememJohn McCain as a 
prisoner of war during the Vietnam warbered, had the audacity to select then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate on the GOP ticket in 2008, which turned out great for Behar's favorite candidate.

This all apparently annoys Behar quite a bit.

She retains full use of her mouth, obviously. Here's what Behar told Jay on tonight's show:

"Here’s a guy who was held captive by the Vietnamese--I mean they left him for dead for how long?  Five years and he was out there, he was tortured, they broke his arm and he went back to Vietnam and he forgave them. 

"But he will not come back on 'The View.' "

Behar apparently was also really worked up because someone named Glenn Beck allegedly has her on some enemies' list or whatever and has talked about her.

Behar wants the talk show host to be neutered, for some reason. That's what she said.

Hey, it's showbiz, right?

Anyway, following the recent example of Vice President Joe Effing Biden, Behar drops the f-bomb on Beck too. (See video.) (Note to editor: The NBC censor did your work with the famous TV bleep.)

That should help Beck's ratings over on Fox News that don't need much help.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: ABC (McCain during a previous appearance on "The View"). Prison photo credit unknown. Video courtesy of NBC.

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Ah, hollow veneration for vets. Is there anything more Republican? Well, maybe sending troops to die in oil wars.

She's a loseer, and her show has low ratings!!!

I am simply a normal taxpaying citizen and would not talk with this vile creature either. Her gutter snip behavior is disgusting and she is far too old to be mistaken for cute. She is one more nail in the coffin of the CNN Death Spiral. Why would she possibly think that an American Hero and a gentleman would want to waste even a few precious moments of his life in her gross and foul company only proves how disgusting she is.

John McCain=American Patriot and Senator
Joy Behar=Partisan HACK of very limited brain power and overwhelming mouth.

Only a really, really dumb lefty would question the bravery of a man who used an aircraft carrier as a landing strip. I like Dennis Miller's comment about "The View": "Who knew Rosy O'Donnell was the smart one?"

Joy Behar is a stupid bitch. McCain put his life on the line for morons like her and paid the price at the Hanoi Hilton. These liberal scumbags should rot in hell. I am not a McCain supporter, but anyone who spent time as a POW deserves respect from this airhead. She will have plenty to talk about in November, when the dems get thrown out on their asses

How low can you possibly be as a talk show host you question the courage of a POW. So tell me, Joy, what your qualifications are that you can talk down to people that serve. Shame on you Jay for not hammering her on that.

I love Joy, but I hope she won't use foul language.She's funny and has a lot to say without resorting to that.I missed her on Jay...I like him a lot, he's always been a down to earth funny guy while still being decent and no foul mouth.As far as John McCain he was a POW and deserves respect for that and the way he handled himself.In no way was Joy diminishing his bravery, she was just being a comic and sometimes comics are irreverent.Men get away with it all the time.Is it because she's a woman that some people are having a problem with her?

I question McCains courage as well. He is running for re-election in AZ and he has real competition this time. He needs to get out there on shows so he can tell the people of Arizona why he should be re-elected.

I remember seeing McCain and his wife on " The View" during the Presidential campaign and they were both treated rudely and shown much venom and disrespect . I know I remember it because I was shocked at how they were treated. He would have to be out of his mind to allow this harpie any chance to interview him again after that display. Besides, no one watches her or cares about her show. They are many more he can go on that actually have viewers.

"Joy Behar is a stupid bitch."

My comments tend to get blocked, but this is considered acceptable?

Riiight, becouse Obama hasn't had anything to do with the Wars?

Joy, dear, it is not fear
that keeps McCain away.
It is simple contempt,
disgust, and disdain
for witches, gorgons, ghouls
and other leftwing fools.

Joy Bahar is simply a Bush Hater - if the words "Bush" and "Palin" were removed from her vocabulary, she would have nothing to say. She should really get into the curent administration with an open mind and take a hard look at what is going on there any maybe, just maybe she could have an intelligent conversation ..... and PLEASE shut up Joy when Elizabeth is trying to give an opinion.

What does it say about Behar that, between her and the people that tortured him for years, McCain prefers the Viet Cong?

Joy has some nerve. McCain has more courage then Joy could ever dream about having. Perhaps McCain prefers to be interviewed by someone without such a big mouth and without such ignorance. McCain has given several interviews lately and with dignity and great effectiveness. I respect McCain for not giving Joy the ratings with his appearance.

Joy Bigmouth Behar doesnt have the courage in her entire lifetime that John McCain has in his pinky finger... who winds her up and sets her free on the American public everyday? A hero like McCain has about as much desire to converse with Joy Behar as he would Sean Penn. Nothing to discuss!

I think Joy is an idiot....really! How did she ever get a talk show?! The only thing Joy does well is insult the American women. She implied on Fridays show that all the young girls these days are sluts! I'm so glad that Kathy didn't say anything to agree. She said to Jerry Springer that she thinks the Republicans are mad because our Pres is African American! WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!! McCain wouldn't waste his time. I watched her show because I liked her guests....never again. Go away Joy!

Behar is a pig
Why would anyone go on a show that no one watches
afraid of her I doubt he just doesnt have time for her
Mccain is on fox tonite hmmmmm guess they win again


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