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For once, Obama's Washington is quiet -- photos

February 6, 2010 |  6:22 pm

Snow blankets the White House lawns and drive 2-10

For once, it's not only the White House that's white. The grounds are too, thanks to a major snowstorm that swept up the East Coast quieting the weekend's political dialogue. A more natural kind of snow job. (More photos below.).....

Snow blankets the statues of the Korean War Monument 2-10

Snow blankets the statues of U.S. soldiers at the Korean War Monument, much as it did to the real soldiers in Korea about 60 years ago.

Washington's National Mall 2-10

The reflecting pool on the National Mall looking toward the Washington Monument.

Snow piled next to the White House 2-10

Snow piled up next to the White House. (More photos are available here.) Nearly three feet of snow has already fallen on Dulles International Airport just outside Washington.

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Photos: Doug Hoffman / Getty Images (White House); Jacquelyn Martin / Associated Press (Korean War Monument); Alex Brandon / Associated Press (National Mall reflecting pool); Associated Press.