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New Texas gov poll shows Tea Party candidate Debra Medina would defeat Democrat; Perry still leads

Republican Governors Rick Perry of Texas and then-Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska 2008

Quick update on the unfolding Republican primary race for Texas governor:

As The Ticket previously reported, incumbent Gov. Rick Perry is being challenged by GOP Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and by Debra Medina, a businesswoman and Tea Party supporter who's become a wild-card third wheel in what was supposed to be a slugging match between two Establishment heavyweights who've never really liked each other anyway.

Texas Republican governor candidate Debra Medina

Last month they had their initial debate for the March 2 primary and everyone avoided any major gaffes, which is a major point of these confrontations. The lesser-known Medina, however, got valuable statewide TV exposure.

In another place at these perilous economic times the votes might become a referendum on the incumbent, Republican Perry, who is seeking an unprecedented third four-year term in a term-limit-free state.

But Texas has become Republican country, so the blame is aimed at the incumbent you-know-who in the White House who's spending all that taxpayer money.

In November of 2008 it wasn't even close for Democrat Obama, who lost Texas to John McCain, 55-44. Currently, only 41% of Texans approve of the Democrat's job, roughly 8-0 points below Obama's national approval.

A previous Rasmussen survey of likely Republican voters found Perry leading Hutchison 44-29 with Medina trailing at 16.

Now comes word, via a new Rasmussen Reports Poll, that Medina is gaining some traction and today all three of the Republicans lead the likely Democratic challenger, Houston Mayor Bill White.

Hutchison still performs the best, beating White by 13 points, 49-36. Perry is second-best in that hypothetical matchup, defeating White by nine, 48-39.

But now, Rasmussen's telephone poll finds, Medina would defeat White 41-38. That's a reversal from last month when White's totals put him ahead of her, 44-38. Medina has gone from 4% in November to 12% in January and now 16%, apparently by cutting into Hutchison's support.

The new results showing growth in support for the Tea Party candidate come as the party holds a national convention in Nashville, where Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker Saturday night. On Sunday, she campaigns in Houston with Perry.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Getty Images (file 2008); Debra Medina campaign.

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The "Tea Party" is in the first stages of being taken over by a group often called the "Neo-Cons".
It is my belief that the mainstream media and some opportunistic politicians (Sarah Palin) are attempting to incorporate the Tea Party's ideas into their own.
As part of this, the Tea Party movement will be engulfed by the Republican party.

Medina is part of the Campaign for Liberty.
The Campaign for Liberty believes that the Constitution is more important than politics.
They are a vast grassroots movement dedicated to the ideals of freedom, once adhered to in this country.
Become educated, and think for yourself.


Are we so desperate to clean house of 'career politicians' that we jump on the bandwagon of Debra MEDINA, an unknown ex-nurse with zero experience, owner of a small mom and pop business with questionable judgement and loyalties and who worked on the RON PAUL presidential campaign???

Perry leans too far to the left at times for the taste of most of us, but consider this: Texas is in better shape than almost any other state in the union since it's been under Perry's governorship since 2000.

If we're going to kick him out, we'd better be D*MN sure we know just what we're replacing him with!

Just WHO would we replace him with?

Ron paul/truther nutter Medina?

Trecherous Washington RINO Hutchison?*


Or maybe Lib Bill White?

Nominate Medina and we'll surely turn over Texas to White and the 'rats. She CANNOT beat White

Perhaps in the future a more Conservative candidate will emerge for Texas, but this time around WE HAVE NO CHOICE.

For God's sake, has anybody really looked into her platform- her background? Has this woman even been vetted?

For starters look up Debra Medina’s column ‘Latinos and the GOP’

She wants legalized drugs.

She backs gay marriage.

‘It’s a shame isn’t it, that Republicans continue to ignore Hispanics especially here in Texas?’ Debra Medina

‘Ignore them’, Mrs Medina? Since when? What more do you want? Or shouldn’t we ask?

Medina ad:
“Who is going to think more about Latino families? Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison or me, who has a Latino family?” (Medina’s cultural heritage is German and Bohemian.)

Medina statement “Being married, however, to someone with a Mexican American heritage, I certainly embrace the culture.”

Another statement (upon being asked if she considers herself a latina: “I’d not consider myself anything other than a wife and mother, a nurse and a patriot. I believe we too often get into race when it’s immaterial.”

"I don't have all of the evidence there, Glenn. I think some very good questions have been raised. In that regard there's some very good arguments and I think the American people have not seen all the evidence". (THIS in reply to Glen Beck's question 'Do you believe in the 9/11 conspiracy- that Bush and the U.S blew up its own buildings and murdered 3,000 people!!!)

She has not spoken to her elderly parents for YEARS.

They had to find out she was runing for governor of Texas by reading the newspaper!

What does THIS say abou this woman's character??

At 3:30 on this video, Medina says, 'why were there no police killed on 9 11?' (???)

I'm sick and tired of illegals flooding into Texas, bringing with them crime, third world diseases, sucking our welfare system dry AND WHINING FOR MORE!

I don't believe for one minute Medina's propaganda wanting to strengthen the border!


Medina is NOT representative of the Tea Party movement. She USED them- latched herself on to them.

She’s a hard core Libertarian who has realized that the Libertarian Party will never win anything and that the only possible way to get herself into office is to do what Ron Paul did and wrap herself in the Republican cloak in hopes that it will fool enough of the voters enough of the time.

Whatever you think about Glen Beck, he did Texas an invaluable service by getting Medina to out herself as a Ron Paul truther nutter.

No, thanks, I’ll stick with ‘ol RINO Perry.

Texas has remained in better shape than almost any if not all of the states in the union under Perry’s watch. As someone said, ‘he’s the devil we know’.

Feds Have Built Only 32 Miles of 700 Mile Double-Border Fence Originally Mandated by Congress

“One reason DHS has been able to do this is an amendment that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R.-Texas) slipped into an omnibus appropriations bill that Congress passed on December 18, 2007. Hutchison’s amendment put a loophole in the fence law that allowed the secretary of Homeland Security not
to build the fence Congress had mandated the year before.”


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