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Now that he's been a senator an entire week, Scott Brown plans a book

February 11, 2010 |  7:18 am

After seven gee-whiz days in the United States Senate (see video below), Scott Brown has decided to follow in the literary footsteps of another once unknown state senator from the other party and write a premature memoir about his life so far.

At this point the Massachusetts Republican (gee, that's a strange word combo to type without adding Mitt Romney) would be expected to produce a fairly short tome, collecting all the memories of his first 168 hours in one of the world's most elite, ego-filled clubs of esteemed talkers. He could include his victory speech, as we did here.

Massachusetts; new Republican Senator elect Scott Brown in his famous pickup truck with 201,000 miles on it

But his new spokeswoman, Gail Gitcho, formerly of the rogue Republican National Committee under Michael Steele, who's also written a book like Sarah Palin and Romney and Karl Rove, says the 50-year-old Brown has been approached by many people to tell his life story.

(What is it, btw, about politics that people must say they've been approached by unnamed others to both seek election and write a book? My arugula!

(Why not just say, I want the office and I want to tell a self-serving story to make some extra dough during my 15 minutes of fame? It's not like these volumes are statements of audacious modesty after all.)

Brown is kind of behind his college-age daughter Ayla, who's already got her own book out and been promoting it on morning shows and singing as she did on "American Idol" a while back.

Anyway, Gitcho says Brown will work with a collaborator. And to be honest, with all the snow days in D.C. recently and Harry Reid's impossible schedule, they haven't exactly been making history every hour on the famous Hill of Gab. So publisher and publication date are as yet unset.

Maybe Brown will take some of the book proceeds and buy a new pickup truck since, at last report, his old one had more than 201,000 miles on it.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press