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She's baaack! Sarah Palin launches her next political journey at a Tennessee Tea Party

Republican Sarah Palin swamped by supporters in Carson City Nevada 9-08

Back by popular demand in some areas, ex-Mayor Sarah Palin will soon be popping up at a rally near many of us.

And, no, this isn't about selling the book, although savvy local bookstores should stock up.

First up is the national Tea Party Convention in Nashville on Saturday night, a time usually reserved on cable TV for stale stories of missing persons and Geraldo Rivera exposes.

So, let's see, as a TV producer, which would you choose to lure in idling weekend eyeballs: News rehashes or Sarah Palin addressing a crowd of fervent anti-tax people the night before the Super Bowl? Even a Harvard grad could figure that one out.

Hence, check your local politically extreme cable channel that evening. (UPDATE: Tea Party speeches including Palin's will also be live-streamed over here.) Even MSNBC, the White House's favorite channel, won't be able to resist this as SP herself begins a multi-month tour of speaking engagements across the country, helping Republican candidates but -- gee, who knows? -- she might reap some benefit too.

Moving forward, as they say in the nation's capitol of blab.

Some pre-convention pushing and shoving in Music City scared off some other....

...Republican speakers. But Palin is patiently constructing her own political base for the next year or two, one rally, one handshake and one signed book at a time.

Which happens to be precisely the hands-on, grassroots way she ousted the old GOP geezers who ran the Alaska Republican Party for so long and thought they could keep Palin in her place. And then she took on a better-known Democrat who'd already been a governor and knew how politics worked. And she waxed him too.

The bigwigs of both parties, who went to fancy Eastern schools and share an insider's understanding about how the usual political game has been played in D.C., don't really know what to make of or do with Palin. The same way they initially felt about the spontaneous explosion of tea parties that have changed the nation's political landscape, expectations and rules in just 10 months.

Looking at Palin, the Democrats fall back on the dummy stereotype, you know, the stupid Republican thing they tried on Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan and Bush I and Bush II, who like Reagan beat them twice anyway.

But Palin puzzles, even frightens the Republican Party potentates too. Because Bush II clung to Dick Cheney for two terms, there was a stark leadership void, no VP heir trained on the job. So, now it's jumpball in the Republican Party. And guess who played some physical basketball for an AlaSarah Palinska state champion?

Palin may end up going nowhere nationally come 2012. She made many rookie mistakes last year, though fewer recently. But imagine her political clout if only she can keep the motivated Tea Party crowd within the Republican Party.

Unlike most of her party's stiff-suited talking heads on Capitol Hill, Palin connects with millions of regular Americans who know about hunting and union husbands working two jobs and going to church and the thrill of snowmobiling and family hurdles like Downs syndrome and teen pregnancy.

Her fans know they like her and don't care what she doesn't know, just as Obama fans don't care that he counted 57 states, thought Canada has a president and Austrians speak Austrian.

The GOP has been a party where political personalities are supposed to serve a generation or two somewhere before inheriting anything as consequential as a presidential nomination.

Someone like, say, a desperate John McCain, whose turn it was in 2008. So he's going up against Captain Charisma that fall and, needing a game-changer, plucks this pretty, volatile nobody from Nowhere, Alaska. The McCain crowd lit Palin's fuse and then tried to contain her in an orthodox campaign box. Obviously, she and many other things, including a tanking Wall Street, didn't work for him. 

Bingo. Another GOP leadership void. Unless you're excited by a Mike Huckabee flat-tax sermon.

The Tea Party folks wereSarah Palin 2012 bumper sticker made for Palin, folks who don't like big government, big taxes and big media.

Enthusiastic folks, many of them new to politics, who want some real American change to believe in (gee, that sounds strangely familiar?). And these disaffected voters don't mind the idea of a female delivering such change, even if she is largely dismissed by the elite Establishments, all of them.

In fact, especially because she is dismissed by those Establishments. The more dismissive the powers that be are of Palin, the more these folks adore her. Why? Because they've felt ignored and dismissed and patronized themselves for a very long time. And no one listened to them. Or could really speak for them.

Until now.

Read here how Palin explains why she's going to Tennessee:

This movement is truly a grassroots, organic effort. It's not a top-down organization; it's a ground-up call to action that already has both political parties rethinking the way they do business.

From the town halls last summer to the protests and marches in the fall to the game-changing recent elections, it has been inspiring to see real people — not politicos or inside-the-Beltway professionals — speak out for common-sense conservative policies and values.

As with all grassroots efforts, the nature of this movement means that sometimes the debates are loud and the organization is messier than that of a polished, controlled machine. Legitimate disagreements take place about tone and tactics. That's OK, because this movement is about bigger things than politics or organizers. The soul of the Tea Party is the people who belong to it.

So, Saturday Nashville. Sunday Houston with Gov. Rick Perry. Next month Columbus, Ohio, where she's loyally donated to the campaigns of party regulars John Kasich and Rob Portman. And Searchlight, Nevada. And Boston after that.

All of which Palin can do because she quit her governor's job, earned a small fortune in money and a large fortune in media coverage off her bestselling book and her SarahPAC has accumulated a couple million dollars.

Fact is, love her or loathe her, Palin is doing everything wrong. Unless the game has changed.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press; Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times.

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So these "everyday people" can afford to drop up to $1000 to hear the real politician, Palin, describe herself as a "real person, not a politician," recite her canned anti-government, anti-establishment speech once again. They have the right to do that. But for a woman who governed the socialist state of Alaska, which has no income taxes, to speak out against government is ironic. Alaska's income comes from heavily taxing the pol and gas companies and writing every resident a fat check (thus, her high popularity ratings, heh?) Their other source of income is not the work done by their residents, but the work done by the rest of us, as they receive more Fed dollars per capita (and far more than they ever send to Washington) than any other state. Didn't Senator Stevens finally get jail time for all the backroom deals he made with lobbyists to get Alaska even more of the federal pie? She supported him. (Not even mentioning her so very patriotic ties to the Alaska Secessionist Party.)
She may be very popular in some corners, but she lies, and lies, and lies. Palin is all about Palin making money. Were she truly for "family values" she would be raising her kids, including the one she uses as a prop or a talking point so often. Her daughters would not have problems with booze and sex. Her son would not have had to enlist to avoid jail for drug use.
I'll take Obama and his honest mistakes any day over Palin and her faux brand. She can shake a million hands, but she will never pass muster in the Republican debates. The woman plays fast and loose with facts, and even the right is finding fault now. So good luck with that Presidential run, dear. I hope there isn't another family crisis that you get to use as a "see, we're just your average American millionaire family...and I love my kids and their friends so much that I can't stand to be away from Wasilla, but I'll do this because I just want to hear my calling from God and walk through that door into the limelight and keep banking those greenbacks" moment.

Palin's campaign rally with Perry will be probably in the neighborhood of 10,000 people.

It should be noted that Palin will be in Salinas KS on Friday, Feb 5th, speaking to the Chamber of Commerce. Naturally, it's a complete sell-out, over 6,000 people. She will also be addressing the Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce, which has had to reschedule the event to a much bigger venue due to the demand for tickets. She has going on 30 speaking engagements scheduled over the next few months, and she has said that there will be plenty more during the summer.

Interesting how lately 0bama can barely draw 2,000 people when the tickets to his events are free.

Very Good Idea Sarah Palin Great news by your article.

Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison… Now the world will have to endure more “Sarah Mania”. We will never be rid of her. It’s like opening Pandora’s Box. Evidently John McCain’s judgment was impaired when he made the decision to settle on Sarah Palin, “Queen of Wasilla” as his V.P. Did Senator McCain not receive any guidance from his advisors? If he did in fact receive counsel then he was ill advised. Only an imbecile would fail to notice Palin’s inadequacies make her unfit for the highest political office in the U.S. This woman makes George W seem brilliant. She has false hope and is being misled to think so.

I laughed my butt off reading your article.Thanks especially for that feverent bunch of anti tax people line.Palin is kind of a dynamo no one in the powers that be can figure out what to do with.I became a fan because she calls it like she sees it and doesnt hold back.Love that bumper sticker you can keep the change Palin 2012,where can I buy it?

Andrew Malcolm, the Sarah Palin that populates your pathetic fantasies does not exist. She is not a leader. Consider that she

-quit her statewide position after only half a term
-has never authored anything substantive
-her only forums are Facebook and FOX; she does not have to defend or explain any of her positions
-her perpetual victimhood

What's truly despicable is how she shamelessly exploits the adoration of her misguided base for financial gain. The money she has made through magazine articles, ghostwritten books, and paid appearances already exceeds what she earned during her brief time as Governor of Alaska.

She is a lie built on top of more lies sitting on an even bigger pile of lies. Like all frauds, she will eventually be exposed, and her fall will be spectacular.

Sarah Palin is a refreshing voice in the midst of the forgotten private citizens of America.

I guess you can also call President Obama the former Community Organizer since we are calling out people by the jobs they held several eons ago....If fact as President..I think he;s doing a great job as a community organizer.
Here;s a about your worthless paper (spineless leftwing reporters) releases that video of the President at the birthday party of a fomer terrorist making anti-semetic jokes...Id bet that would be a big story just about now...LOL!!...I know I;ve got his back...keep up the good work. The game has changed..the country is broke and we have you left wing loons to thank for that...never saw a fed tax dollar that you didn;t try to spend/waste. The party is can spend on your own dime now..not the taxpayers.

(Hey, glad to see you've been reading some of our other recent pieces about whats'-his-name. Thanks!)

Palin the ex-Mayor?? You totally lie. Everybody knows Palin has never held elective office of any kind her entire life. So stop with the RW propaganda already.

I'll betcha Andrew Malcolm hasn't a clue how badly he discredited himself with the first sentence of his article. His past stories have been mildly enjoyable but from now on, not so much in our household. Mrs. Palin is a former governor of a state. One does not identify persons by their lesser accomplishments nor ridicule them in a headline unless one treats similarly accomplished persons in the same manner. If I were you, Andrew I would start with our messiah for instance. Thanks.

(You mean what's-his-name, the ex-community organizer?)

The Tea Partys are not grassroots - they are highly organized events sponsored by elite right wingers who know how to play up people's fears and appeal to their emotions. Sarah Palin isn't doing anything wrong, she's just not playing politics as usual. But make no mistake - she is definitely playing politics. She may be re-writing the rules, but she has all of the snarky charm and charisma and ability to say what people want to hear that all politicians have. She's in it for the power and fame, just like they are. Like many politicians, she's not above twisting the truth or outright lying. She gets terrific media coverage, and her fans worship her. But she's not very intelligent and she makes no attempt to understand history, geopolitical situations, or any complex issues, and she can't speak without an interpreter making sense of her words. Worse, she takes pride in her ignorance. She's captured people's attention, but she won't stay the course. She doesn't have the integrity of commitment, let alone the thick skin needed to compete in such a dirty game.

Sarah Palin reminds me of those old school prostitutes that believed that by swallowing the load they would be kept free of diseases...

Unfortunately for you lefties in the;ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this woman and she;s still standing alongside Hillary as the most admired female in America...At this point she is pratically immune from the state run media types like you...she could probably kill her grandmother..and the statist media reporting it would just be seen as a predictable slurr...too bad you never chose to criticize her on policy vs fluff and personal attacks....oh that;s right...her record is decent as an elected official..reaching a high of 93% approval in Alaska as a governor...why don;t you read the Wikipedia Article on her and see for yourself...Obama could take a few pointers from her on how to work accross party lines and get signature pieces of legislation passed and keeping campaign promises...she actually governed very much from the center despite being a strong social conservative...unlike Obama who is a liberal to moderate social conservative..but a far left policmaker..that;s why he cant get triangulation even within his own party.

(You didn't even read the item before commenting.)

I am not conservative and I am all for the Tea Party movement. Not all the people agaist Obama's polices are conservative, I registered as an Independent.

Those of you that believe Palin is too dumb to be dumb do you have to be to spend nearly 4trillion dollars next year..while US is on the brink of becoming a banana republic (pls see Argentina history)...I guess our brilliant progressive President..forgot to take math in college while he was associating himself with all those radical marxist professors and students. I wonder who balances his checkbook at home? You want an emperor that plays the fiddle beautifully while Rome is burning..or you want a firefighter to put the blaze out...Palin is that firefighter..she's a doer not a sayer....Obama is just the opposite. While I would have preferred to have a more polished candiate to vote for..Palin has potential to grow into the job..while Obama has already slipped on a shirt that is many sizes to big for him and that he will never fill.

It's so amazing how the left is so afraid of her. If they weren't they wouldn't attack her so personally - since there is nothing substantive on which to attack her. It's also always interesting that if you skip the headline and first paragraph of any article you can 'sort of' get the real story. There is a separate person from the original author that typically rewrites the first paragraph to "pull you in" to the story and another headline writer to get you to read the story. The headline and first paragraph are always sensational. Palin 2012 - absolutely!

Problem with the lefties and their apologists is that they have drifted so far left that the center now looks "far right"...I guess interpreting the constitution literally and sticking to it's provisions is now considerd "far right" to the progressives..nothing new probably always has been...just go back and see Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter..etc.etc...there's always some left of center to far left progressive President every few decades trying to convince us to stray from the Constitution and the Founders...Obama is just the latest reincarnation of this many think of any of these prior Presidents as anything but mediocre to simply awful...American liberalism coupled with fiscal waste and government largess is a historical failure and was in no way responsible for the standing the US achieved in the World. Steve Forbes is right...Capitalism unleashed coupled with a limited an unobstrusive govt can save it always has. Sure it;s filled with its failings...but so far it's the best system of government and social order that man has found on this Earth.

I want to take back my comments on Capitalism and limited government as the best system for a society to prosper...I think a centerally planned economy using capitalism with billions of people working like ants with no freedom or individual liberty..can be more nimble and efficient in executing policies and achieving short term results (if you don;t mind being an ant) ...but eventually individual's need to excel in a free society making millions of decisions out of self interest.. while more messy at times.. trumps out over these societies..that is if the government can "get out of the way". Today's government reminds me of a bad understudy actor wanting to upstage the talented star at any cost and interrupting the play to force himself on the poor audience (citizens)....look at me..look at me...follow me..Im better than him.....embarrassing himself in the process

Palin doing everything wrong?

Now lets look at some of what she has done

1a. Palin resigned as Governor to further her political agenda nationwide.
1b. Obama resigned as Senator to further his political agenda nationwide.

2a. Palin wrote a book that became a #1 best seller
2b. Obama wrote a book (Well Bill Ayers actually wrote it) that became a best seller.

3a. Palin has built an incredible army of internet bloggers/supporters in addition to her Facebook following.
3b. Obama built a strong internet group that helped him get elected in 2008

4a. Palin has started with a hardcore base and is expanding outward appearing on shows like Oprah multiple times in the recent months
4b. Obama started with a hard core Chicago base and expanded it nationally.

5a. Palin is advocating change
5b. Obama advocated change

6a. Palin is a Beltway outsider.
6b. Obama was elected as a Beltway outsider

7a. Palin draws huge crowds wherever she speaks
7b. Obama drew huge crowds wherever he spoke.

8a. Palin has obtained a TV gig that will give her huge TV exposure
8b. Obama has been on TV more than other POTUS.

I am sure that there are more comparisons between what Obama did to become successful and POTUS and what Palin is doing.

So I guess if Palin has done everything wrong then Obama has done everything wrong? Come to think about it. LOL

Sarah Palin has a RETARDED child. Enough said.

No matter what you say, Palin will be way under-estimated! I know. My father coached her in basketball in high school. Just keep up the gossip because she will wind up winning. Trust me. She is a barricuda to the Nth degree. Not a quitter as some portray. Go ahead and mock, but remember, you do so at your own political demise Mr politician.



Under Sarah Palin's leadership as governor, Alaska invested $5 billion in state savings, overhauled education funding and protected Alaska’s natural resources. She created Alaska’s Petroleum Systems Integrity Office to provide oversight and maintenance of oil and gas equipment, facilities and infrastructure, and the Climate Change Subcabinet to prepare a climate change strategy for Alaska. During Gov. Palin’s first year in office, three of her administration’s major proposed pieces of legislation passed—an overhaul of the state’s ethics laws, a competitive process to construct a natural gas pipeline and a restructuring of Alaska’s oil valuation formula.

Sarah Palin also served two terms on the Wasilla City Council, and two terms as the mayor of Wasilla. During her tenure, she reduced property tax levels while increasing services and made Wasilla a business-friendly environment, drawing in new industry.

Boo hiss! these tea party idiots are not the answer, what do they know? they are criticizing Obama for what Bush did to us. Our current President saved the country from a complete financial meltdown caused by Bush and people like these Republican tea party people who support Republican tax cuts for the rich. Obama has been in office just one short year, that is just 1/4 of his term and these tea party jerks are disrespecting him because all they are are obstructionists with no real answers hungry for power, they have no clue what this country needs and are nothing but obstructionists standing in the way of progress. No matter what the President does to fix it all, and he will, these people will criticize it. They have no real answers themselves and zero credibility to be throwing stones. The President on the other hand, on a daily basis is dealing with the tremendous, tremendous financial disaster the Republicans and Bush left for us all.

Political B.S. has gone way too far. You tell it like it is, Go Girl Go!

Just the facts..pls change your name to................ Just the Spin....I believe the American people are rapidly reaching saturation and fatigue on this Admin blaming the Bush Admin for all our troubles..better start thinking of new excuses and send those to the President ASAP..he's gonna need them.
BTW..I heard the President is already planning his memoirs after leaving office in 2012...I heard the tentative title will be: How I became the worst President in American History: It's Bush's Fault!

Serendipity...Palin speaks at the Tea Party Convention tomorrow ..on what would have been Reagan's 99th Birthday...coincidence or is (redezvous with)destiny calling again..? We will see...the country is looking hard for the next Reagan to bring us back from the second coming of Woodrow Wilson /Jimmy Carter...Palin can hit it out of the park again like she did at the RNC..and the country will be all the buzz Sunday...while the left will once again fact check endlessly every word and attack mercilessly on every slip or mistake..even making some up along the way if needed (Alinsky: Ends Justify the Means)....Palin will need to travel through a guantlet once again on the road to the White House..only this time the left and the mainstream media will take no prisoners in trying to stop her at all costs...The epic battle will unfold in front of us...over the next two years..The Economy continues to be the ultimate Kingmaker...if we are still down in the dumps moving into 2011-12...I dont; see how Obama gets reelected...the GOP nominee will crush him....Palin or whoever it is.

It is all a bit like a vaudeville act isn't it.... and no matter 'who is elected'.... it really won't matter will it? One puppet looks much like the other after awhile... and the word "change" means little more than moving to the next spot on the rug.

As long as the existing groups controlling our government can keep the citizens hashing and rehashing the same old stuff -- and pointing fingers at one another... then there will be no change for anyone.

We'll just keep going down the toilet we're already in, only the spin will get faster!!

Sarah Palin--again. There is a trend to reward mediocrity in this country as evidenced by paying to listen to this under-educated woman and paying her $100 Gs to speak--in reality she didn't say much but sure did a lot of blaming while not offering a coherent solution, as usual. It's kind of obvious the GOP wanted to stand back in the last election and let Obama win the presidency (choosing Palin as a running mate was a sure fire way to achieve that) so it could lay the blame at his feet for the financial troubles of this country that was caused by Bush--he started office with a deficit and ended with trillions of debt, much like all of his previous companies. As more and more abuses of power come to light--these recent emails in particular, it boggles the mind that so many people give a damn about this awful woman. I totally agree that the US Government is on a par with the Mafia and I mean both parties. The thought that this woman will change anything is clearly ludicrous. I think a good way to change things in Washington would be limiting terms, doing away with these salaries and free health care for life, and all the other perks these politician/criminals receive. Palin is just business as usual--just dumbed down for the average American.

Sarah Palin-Going Rogue--an unfortunate choice for a title as Webster defines rogue as--
Main Entry: rogue
Pronunciation: \ˈrōg\
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
Date: 1561

1 : vagrant, tramp
2 : a dishonest or worthless person : scoundrel
3 : a mischievous person : scamp
4 : a horse inclined to shirk or misbehave
5 : an individual exhibiting a chance and usually inferior biological variation

I think all of these definitions fit--especially #2 and #5.

Sarah Palin-Going Rogue--an unfortunate choice for a title as Webster defines rogue as--
Main Entry: rogue
Pronunciation: \ˈrōg\
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
Date: 1561

1 : vagrant, tramp
2 : a dishonest or worthless person : scoundrel
3 : a mischievous person : scamp
4 : a horse inclined to shirk or misbehave
5 : an individual exhibiting a chance and usually inferior biological variation

I think all of these definitions fit--especially #2 and #5.

I'm so tired of the screaming at the White House for anything and everything. Come on Sarah, give us some actual ideas. Start a real dialogue or jobs, health care, Afghanistan, or something else. Specifically what would you do?

I have worked with people who never offer up anything new but nit pick on what others do. They are not team players. They don't want someone else to make something happen because it makes the other person look good. They only care about themselves. That is exactly what I'm seeing here.


"Interesting how lately 0bama can barely draw 2,000 people when the tickets to his events are free. "

Obama has to govern, Palin just collects money

I'm going to keep it nice and simple; if sh'e the rebuplican candidate in 2012, that's good news for the Dems cause sh'e a idiot. Hail to Palin, LOL (funny thing is I wasn't energized about Obama but Palin would motivate me tp pull that lever for hima again

Not a bad article. There is an earthquake building out here in the America that feeds and clothes and houses the lotus-eating paper pushers of the political and media class. One day soon those useless metrosexuals will wake to find their comfortable little echo-chamber world as devastated as Haiti.

When Sarah wins the nomination on her own merits, a whole heck of a lot of women (especially moderates and independents) are going to abandon Obama. Get ready to say Madame President.

We need a Commander in Chief! Not a Commander in Queef!

please go back to Alaska! you are so dangerous and mean

What a Fool that woman is.
She criticizes a President who uses a Teleprompter, but has to write 3 little notes in her hand to remember them.


You Can Keep "The Change" too!

Sarah, Be not afraid! God is with you! Be His instrument to save this confused & lost generation!


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