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Sarah Palin does Searchlight, Nev.; Al Gore settles for Strip

Nevada Democrat Senator Harry Reid of Searchlight

Mark your calendars for March 27, when former VP contender – and Marmot Day advocateSarah Palin is slated to rally Tea Party followers in Harry Reid’s rural Nevada hometown of Searchlight.

(Al Gore, who less memorably held the VP slot for eight years, is doing something that day, too. Oddly, it did not merit a much-read story on the Washington Post website.)

Palin, if she takes the embattled Senate Majority Leader’s advice, will order the famous 10-cent cup of coffee at the Searchlight Nugget – and say hi to Verlie, for Reid, the object of much Republican scorn.

(That night, Gore is scheduled to wax politically poetic at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Las Vegas, about 60 miles north of Searchlight. Hopefully he brings the pie charts!)

Palin might see Searchlight’s highlights which include, according to a magazine profile of Reid, trailer-lined streets, the scattered tombstones of the Searchlight Cemetery and a ridge that Reid pointed to and exclaimed: “This used to be a whorehouse!” No Saks Fifth Avenue, though. Or Neiman Marcus.

(Gore might wander the Strip and be accosted by handbillers wielding cards of topless women.)

If history serves, Palin might also say something outrageous and possibly inaccurate – death panels, anyone?– but the tea party-goers will nonetheless cheer the Alaska governor-turned-authoress who’s become one of the movement’s standard-bearers.

(Gore will probably say something sensible and cerebral, in keeping with his stature as a Nobel Prize winner. It will be delivered in a monotone with minimal facial expressions. Now, about his usual speaking fee.)

Hmm. Wondering which of them has a better chance of making headlines.

-- Ashley Powers

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Photo: Associated Press (not Al Gore).

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Really, are you sure, Ms. Palin was incorrect about "death panels?" In both Senate and House health care bills there is a provision that allows the Secretary of Health Services to appoint a number of people (one of which will represent the medical profession, the others will be insurance, government, and banking institution representatives) to a board which will review best practices and recommendations from some research group (can't remember the name), for medical interventions according to the time of life the patient is currently in (translation--the age of the patient) also the patient's past and current medical condition. Based upon these factors, this select group of people will make a recommendation as to whether the insurance company, which the patient is forced to pay premiums for, will have to cover the medical care of this person. This committee presents the findings to the Secretary of Health Services, who then, can "order" the doctor to stop expensive intervention and replace it with "hospice" (for no better word) care -- where the patient will be given food, water, and pain medication until such time as they expire from the illness or chronic condition -- forgoing huge health care expenses by the insurance companies -- taking the decision from those who are trained to make such life and death decisions and placing the future of such patients in the hands of those whose eyes are on saving money, not lives, to keep health care affordable for "healthy" Americans. If this is not a form of a "death panel" what would you call it? A culling of the users in our society? A cleansing of the American gene pool? How about, creation of the super purity of the American race? Please! Stop writing your lies about Ms. Palin and actually read the Health Care Bill for yourself instead of reading Washington news releases.

Things are not as they appear. Deldge more into the facts before you speak. Have a mind of your own. I feel like I am in some kind of horror movie.
Almost like the stepford wives, but more like someone or something has removed the reality,morality,common sense,and any goodness from many of our fellow Americans. Trust the mind God gave you, not the washington post
and the other brain washing garbage peddlers.

What a crock this article is so slanted against Palin it is not even funny. There were and are DEATH PANELs in the Obamacare proposals submitted to both congress and the senate.

It isn't odd at all that Al Gore did not merit more news. Almost single-handedly he has duped people into believing we are in the worst global warming crisis of anyone's lifetime. Contrary to science, he has promoted this for his own personal financial gain. By his politically correct word placement and in those thin aired environments, knuckle-heads actually believed he was the savior of our planet and gave him a Nobel Prize. His superior attitude doesn't necessarily mean superior intellect. He is oxygen deprived and mentally challenged.

Ms. Palin embodies all that is truly American. Willing to be transparent and vulnerable, she speaks for a majority of Americans. She is the bell-weather call to all America," take your country back" from the socialists and politically correct crowd. Remember what our fore-fathers taught us and stay true to the course. One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. Not one nation "under the federal government". We need the unity of our government to gently steer us, not manage us or tell us how, when and where to act.

Ashley, your snark is showing. Geesh.

Woo Hoo!! You go, Sarah!

Say "bye bye," Harry.......good boy!


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