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RNC skewers Obama, Emanuel, Reid, Pelosi, other Democrats with satirical Valentine's Day e-cards

February 10, 2010 |  2:24 am

Rahm Emanuel satirical RNC Valentines Day

Who says you can't have fun in politics?

Especially at the expense of your opponents? Does that make it bipartisan?

The Republican National Committee unleashes today a whole box set of "special" Valentine's Day e-cards that you might not want to send to your sweetie. But to a friend anyway.

Just not a Democratic friend.

Yeh, sure, Chairman Michael Steele and his pals over at party headquarters on Capitol Hill would like you to....

...hand over some dough too. But it's not necessary in order to dispatch one or several of 18 Valentine cards poking fun at various Democrats and their well-known proclivities.Harry Reid RNC satirical Valentines Day card

You can choose your card, add up to 20 e-mail addresses, a short personal message and send them on their pseudo-loving electronic way.

Here are some samples:

White House Chief of Staff Rahm "You Better #$%^&*@ Believe It" Emanuel (above).

Senate Majority Leader Harry "Close the Door!" Reid and Nancy "I Want a Plane Now!" Pelosi.

Their card says: "We Crafted This Valentine's Card Behind Closed Doors."

The Al Franken Valentine refers to his cutting off of Sen. John McCain's statement on the Senate floor: "In my capacity as the Senator from Minnesota I object to this Valentine's Card."

Homeland Security Secy: Janet Napolitano: "If You Received This Card, the System Worked."

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid satirical Valentines Day card by RNC

Reid alone: "Wishing You a Happy Valentine's Day, in Any Dialect."

Barack Obama: "I've Saved or Created Millions of Valentines."

Al Gore: "I'll Charter a Flight to Bring You This Valentine's Card in Person."

Obama, Pelosi and Reid: "Please Accept This Valentine's Card, In Place of a Job."

There's even a Valentine's Day card showing Vice President Joe Biden with Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the White House's most notorious undocumented guests. "Everyone's Invited," it says.

Another Obama card proclaims: "You Won't See This Card on C-SPAN."

Others skewered are Democratic Sens. Blanche Lincoln, Chris Dodd and Arlen "Now Which Party Am I In This Time?" Specter.

Even ACORN gets its own special GOP e-card -- "We'd Like to Help You Set Up A Tax-Free Romance Business."

All in the spirit of the genuine affection and love on this manufactured holiday, you understand.

The special RNC Valentine's cards are all available here. And we've got more of them down below.

And the same to you.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Janet Napolitano RNC Valentines Day card

And, finally, on this week of record Washington snowfalls, this gem:

Al Gore satirical Valentines Day RNC card