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Obama on nuclear energy, before and after



Obama in Maryland Tuesday talks about his new nuclear proposal at about the 4:50 mark. Story details here.


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The only way the American people should accept nuclear power plants is to require all nuclear power plants to be built right next to the legislator's homes and offices.

Two is not enough, at least fifty new nuclear power plants are needed to seriously offload coal as as the dominant source of electric power in this country.

The President also needs to reverse that idiotic Carter era ban on recycling spent nuclear fuel into reusable nuclear fuel. Most of the so-called "waste" issue goes away if the US adopts the sensible nuclear programs that other countries have, including Canada, Germany, Japan and France.


the approval and construction of two plants will not even occur til after his second term.

this isn't even a fig leaf.
just the promise of fig leaf...

dems have blocked nuclear power for thirty years. does anyone think that obama is any different?

If they wanted to build a nuclear plant or install a 'nuclear battery' in my backyard to power the neighborhood, and I got free power for life out of it, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Less radiation released from all nuclear plants on the planet vs. a large coal plant in China.

Having had nine years experience in the construction, testing, operation and maintenance of nuclear reactors, I have long been a proponent of this clean, efficient, much maligned source of energy. Unfortunately, over the past two plus years I have learned that Pres. Obama will say whatever he thinks he should say depending upon where he is and to whom he is speaking without regard to either facts or hsi true sentiments, so I shan't hold my breath waiting for more concrete signs of his conversion.

Mr. Sayo,

I would ask you to consider the multiple nuclear Navy vessels (subs, AC carriers) that are moored fairly near legislator's home cities and near Washington, DC.

Recently, three people were killed at CT power plant. A natural gas line exploded. This is especially noteworthy because it is 3 more people killed than have been killed by the nuclear power business in the past 40 years.

All natural gas powered power plants should be shut down.

If you want to know more than you thought you might ever need to know about Nuclear Power, e-mail the owner and publisher of the Westfield Leader & Times: Horace Corbin. (

Before he ran the paper he was, (and still is BYW) an Engineer). He has "spun-up" his share of nukes. He is an excellent teacher but almost no tolerance for BullShit. Be advised!

I don't see nuclear power happening during this administration anymore than the "transparency" we were promised.

Imagine if this year's U.S. oil pipe line breaks were nuclear power plant failures.


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