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Oops! As Obama talks healthcare again, new jobless claims rise again

Unemployment Lines in the 1930s

Remember in the messy, fingerpointing aftermath of the Democratic debacle in the Massachusetts Senate election, President Obama said that after nearly a year of healthcare speeches, healthcare town halls and secret healthcare legislative meetings, he'd gotten the message and for 2010 his Job One was what Joe Biden calls that three-letter word: J-O-B-S?

Well, that voter-driven focus lasted about a week.

Now here we are today with another carefully stage-managed healthcare summit across the street from the White House because there hasn't been enough healthcare talk.

And the overwhelming congressional Democratic majorities that Americans believed they elected in 2008 to break partisan gridlock and finally get something done in Washington can't agree enough among themselves to pass the legislation they wrote themselves. So why not drag in the Republicans as nationally-televised patsies?

And, lo and behold, what happens? Wouldn't you know. Someone at the Labor Dept. didn't....

...get the healthcare summit memo.

At the very same hour as Obama is talking about his beloved healthcare plan , out come surprising new federal numbers showing that last week new J-O-B-L-E-S-S claims unexpectedly went up -- as in more of them -- to nearly a half-million, 22,000 more than the previous week. And nearly 8% higher than the expected 460,000 new claims.

That puts the new continuing unemployed number at 4.617 million.

Add that discouraging news to other recent figures such as a further decline in consumer confidence and a new record low for new Democrat vice president Joe Biden appeals for somethinghome sales in January. Other than that though, things seem to be maybe hopefully perhaps picking up, Democrat incumbents are hoping.

The official unemployment rate stands at 9.7%, somewhat higher than the maximum 8% promised last year if only the Democratic Congress would hurry up and pass its stimulus bill so the Democratic president could fly off and sign it in Denver for some reason. And Biden could start cutting ribbons at shovel-ready construction sites.

But the actual unemployment rate, including folks who've given up looking or have settled for parttime instead of fulltime work, is really 16.5%.

If this was private business instead of the federal government, old Joe 'This Economic Stimulus Is Working Just Fine' Biden might find himself on the unemployment line for his year-long economic stimulus work. But this is incumbent White House politics, so Joe's VP job is good until mid-2012 when Obama announces his new second-term running mate, who wasn't a senator when Obama was in the sixtrh grade.

We now return you to the regularly-scheduled healthcare summit yada-yada.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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A few weeks ago, in a statement typical of his party’s propensity for propaganda, newly-minted Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) forcefully asserted that the Obama administration’s economic stimulus package, “hasn’t created one new job.”

The problem with Brown’s declaration is that it’s objectively false. On Wednesday, the New York Times published a piece on the bill’s far-reaching impact. The results expose just how deceitful and irresponsible the senator’s remarks were.

One year on, the Recovery Act is well on its way to accomplishing all of its stated objectives. Next time the junior senator from Massachusetts speaks out of turn, I suggest he do his homework beforehand.

Read more @

Trillions and trillion in corrupt spending and debt, and NO JOBS! Obama doesn't seem to give a damn about jobs! All he cares about are his massive corrupt spending packages! And having the master campaigner of all times take a cheap shot at John McCain saying the campaign was over was tacky tacky tacky! Obama is so arrogant he doesn't even know how it looked coming from a President who is constant campaign mode 24 hours a day,7 days a week!!!!!

"One year on, the Recovery Act is well on its way to accomplishing all of its stated objectives."


I do rememeber Pelosi saying this bill would produce "millions of jobs this year" (as in 2009). Is that a stated objective?
Another stated objective was that 95% of the jobs would be in the private sector. Even the gov't is now saying a majority are gov't jobs.

Quit reading propaganda and get some facts. Everyone know that the stimulus has created at least one job... probabaly not many more! ... it's a joke and something to bring attention to the problem that it IS NOT working as advertised.

Obama/Pelosi said we needed the stimulus to get Americans working "now". Um.... most of the money will not be spent or appropriated until AFTER the 2nd half of 2010.... and it's already over a year old.

Wake up Armchair!

Government jobs don't count, though. They just require more and more tax revenue that starves private investment.

At first I thought you were joking but then I figured out you were just spamming your blog. Even the administration admits that no new jobs were created. They have resorted to counting "jobs saved" because it is impossible to quantify. But carry on comrade!

If Obama & the Democrats really wanted to create millions jobs, Raise our standard of living, Increase tax collections by billions, Improve our Medical care while decreasing costs, Decrease crime, save 100,s of billions in welfare, Improve our schools while decreasing cost, Provide billions more to simulate the economy etc. etc. all they have to do is Abide by our Constitution against Invasion, Enforce our Immigration Laws & and Honor their Oath of Office!

Meantime, with 15 million Americans without jobs, & Millions more working temporary & part time jobs, The invasion continues. No Liberal Politician will address the 500 pound gorilla in the room, and millions of invading, plundering, welfare loving, prolific breeding, Illegal Aliens taking millions of jobs that should be American jobs and 100,s billions of dollars in social services that should be for American citizens while driving our standard of living down by billions of dollars!

One cannot be political correct and admit that Illegal Aliens are an large part of the problems in this Nation.

Their negative impact extends to every area from Sub-par loans & defaults, Underground economy, Massive document fraud, Lower standard of living, Crime, Overflowing prisons , Bankrupted hospitals, Failing schools, Property Taxes, Insurance costs, Environment, Culture, Welfare costs, Welfare fraud, SS fraud, Voter fraud, Disrespect for our laws & country, our Constitution against invasion and even Balance of payments occurring from oil and other imports to support the 20 to 30 million illegal aliens in this country!

One has to only look at Calif. which is basically mostly an Spanish speaking, Bankrupt state that cannot afford to provide Welfare, Schooling, Medical, Prison cells etc. for millions of MS-13 Gang bangers, Drug dealers, Rapist and other assorted Criminals and uneducated, Prolific breeding, third world Parasites from South of the border!

In a very few years it will be impossible to see where Mexico ends and Calif. begins as both will be an third world cesspool!

Failure to secure our borders and reward the Invading horde for their invasion and their relatives in an never ending chain with American Citizenship is nothing less than committing National Suicide & will assure our future is an over populated Spanish speaking third world Nation that is an Cesspool of Corruption, Crime, Poverty and Misery modeled on Mexico!

Since when does the New York Times print the truth?

Dear armchair: you might want to read Evan Byah's parting shot of a few weeks ago also. I think it was something along the lines that he was hoping to go back to Indiana and "create" at least one new job in the private sector, since Washington hadn't created a "single" job in the last year. Last time I checked he has the big "D" designation as in Democrat Senator from Indiana. Maybe his "party" hasn't quite gotten the memo as to how well the "Recovery Act" has done it keeping the un-employment rate under 8% as his party's President so boldly proclaimed it would. Maybe he was just being "deceitful", too, huh?

we have experienced a slight 'jobless' recovery. Employers have forced their employees (still with jobs) to do the same work that was done before the recession with more employees. Just because the economy recovers doesn't mean that these same employers will now rehire the workers back. Why should they? They have a more productive workforce. The only way to get the unemployed back to work is to create new jobs...not hand out money to make work that once the work is completed will either require more government money or to fire the workers again. This has mistakenly called stimulus. While it has a temporary stimulus effect, it is not true stimulus. True stimulus is when money is used to create new jobs (not in the public sector). Jobs that grow the economy and generate more tax revenue for many years to come. The obama adminstration has not been doing that. They have gone the pseudo stimulus route and thus no affect on the jobless numbers. Someone better get the picture soon otherwise we are in for long term high jobless numbers.

Take that, Scott Brown! The New York Times -- you know, that head-in-the-sand outfit that never stops carrying water for President Zero -- contradicted you! Never woulda guessed that!

Spin it how you like it, this administration hasn't done diddly for average folks except scare the h e ll out of business owners like me. You think I'm gonna hire anybody while President Doofus is promising sky-high electricity prices? How about his promises to force me to buy insurance? Hey, I'm a small business and profits are pretty slim right now. I don't want his stupid loans or tax breaks because it puts the Gov in control. Thanks, but I'll run my business without your intrusion.

Reagan was right: Government is the problem. Watch the economy recover when Dems lose their majority and are forced to stop threatening the little guy.

So how many jobs was created in the private sector? Surely an expert like yourself can answer that simple question? Just to be clear: created NOT created and\or saved.

Thanks for addressing this, Mr. Malcolm. I've been wondering what happened to the president's promised new (though way late) focus on jobs as well.

@Armchair = As a matter of undenibale objective fact, the "Recovery Act" has not accomplished "all of its stated objectives." We were promised unemployment levels would peak at 8% if we just passed Obama's stimulus. As this piece points out, the actual non-manipulated unemployment rate is about twice that.

Though you can point all day at intellectual dishonesty from the Republicans, it's simply stupid to suggest your party and those who advance your party's agenda have a monopoly on integrity. The fact that you don't have such a monopoly is reflected in your false assertions.

"One year on, the Recover Act is well on its way to accomplishing all of its stated objectives." - REALLY?????

Armchair - just what are you smoking. I though Obama said if we passed this - unemployment wouldn't rise above 8%. - please read the above article.

Just what do you consider to be the stated objectives of the bloated piece of pork?

Have you noticed that every time Obama speaks, the market drops and unemployment rises? I don' t think this is a mere coincidence. I think businesses are very afraid of the implications of this administration's agenda.

What a disaster President Obama has turned out to be! And I'm sorry to admit I voted for his and believed his nonsense.

Really? My recollection is that the biggest and most important objective of the stimulus was to keep unemployment under 8%.

Funny stuff gents. You're almost as good as Mark Steyn.

When 68% want the Dems healthcare plan revised into something smart at the same time unemployment is increasing and other economic indicators are going in the wrong direction, we get Obama doubling down in full campaign mode for a new high tax welfare business deflating healthcare plan. Obama is so obviously clueless that it's sad and embarrassing to see him self destruct so completely. This guy makes “W” look like a political rocket scientist. These tactics may work for a community organizer against city hall, but this level of dumb only insures lame duck status and a one term administration.

Senator Bayh (a Democrat!) said upon his retirement, he hoped to go into business and help create jobs. He said if he created one job, that would be one more than the stimulus bill had created.

So Mr. Armchair guy, it seems a 2 term Democratic Senator agrees with the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts. It is possible that perhaps the NYT's reporting is "deceitful and irresponsible" - at least you ought to consider the possibility.

O'Icarus can't help his fascination with the sun. In the immortal words of Tuco (Good, Bad & Ugly) "I like big men like you because when they fall they make a BEEG NOISE!"

Armchair - the private sector is not hiring. Government jobs are easy to create and are economically irrelevant.

Stimulous money that went to the state governments to "save or create" government union jobs are just fine until the money dries up; at which time those jobs go away.

I suggest that you bone-up on your basic economics before you make idiotic statements such as "...the Recovery Act is well on its way to accomplishing all of its stated objectives".


----We will focus like a laser on jobs in 2010.
----We will have all the negotiations on C-span.
----We will get rid of the influence of lobbyists.
----Openness and transparency.
----to the locales stiffed by his campaign - The check is in the mail.

Oh you read that in the Times?! And we all know how reliable and UNBIASED The Times is! Wow. Maybe before you flip your wig over a comment Scott Brown made YOU should do YOUR homework and try checking other sources that are quite so biased. The fact of the matter is that no one really knows how many jobs were actually created or saved. Sure, a lot of public jobs were saved--you know more government employees. And a lot of public jobs gave everyone a raise and counted that as jobs saved as well. Give me a break.

the New York Times published a piece on the bill’s far-reaching impact.

Wow The NYT I guess we can all relax now. Being in at out of work for two years and knowing many friends who are out of work up to a year I am self assured the NON BIASED New York Times assures me jobs were created. Hey Armchair seeing is you can be fooled by just about anybody I have some prime property in Florida I can sell you LOL.

Oh yeah the Death Care bill. Obama is a Narcissistic Egomaniac, He just can't accept that the people do not want what the great Messiah has offered them We could be nuked be Iran tomorrow and he would still focus on his Death Care bill. He is obviously insane.

Obama is an arrogant, self-aggrandizing narcissist. He just reads what's on the teleprompter. Jobs were the word of the moment, so he read the words, some slightly favorable numbers came out, and he moved to take care of Pelosi and his other feckless saboteurs in Congress. I never thought I'd long for Jimmy Carter....

I can't stand this administration but I have to give them some cover on the jobs issue. Fact is, there's not much an administration can do in the short run about unemployment. They can allocate some funds to create short term "make work" govt jobs, and pressure the Fed to lower interest rates which has an immediate effect on spurring growth. But...the Fed's already giving money away virtually free, so not much help there. The only significant thing a pres/congress can do is cut marginal tax rates, but that only helps in the longer run (1-2 years out). And of course, this crew of crypto-socialists will cut off their giblets with a rusty razor before they'll cut marginal tax rates. Heck, they're beavering away 24/7 trying to figure out how to jack taxes...without making it look like a tax hike.

This administration is so brain dead, and so intent on ramming through the progressive agenda I'm starting to believe they do want a complete collapse of our economy to bring more power to the federal government...Read : The Bullying

Armchair Worker - Yes, but weren't the jobs created the phantom "jobs saved" or goverment makework created by fiat with borrowed funds or heavens...burger flipper jobs. (at least the "burger flipper" jobs of the past were private sector. )

Picture that you show in this article "free soup line" of 1929 is what we would have seen if stimulus package of $787 Billion had not been pushed urgently. Avoiding that depression is a remarkable feat in itself. Without which our jobless claim would have surpassed at least 20%. Selecting Mr Bernanke as Fed. Chairman and Mr Gaithner as treasury secretary, President Obama had a continuity from former administration without loss of time to institute his policy that has worked but at the same time their appointment has upset many democrats and leaning independants. For that reason, Sen. Scott Brown (R) had won in Massachussetts. Regarding President Obama bringing a town hall style healthcare debate on C-Span was an excellent strategy by him to reveal the country the Republican congress person's circus and their obstructionist policies. This would surely help Democrats in November elections.

Sure Firebrand, it created a lot of temp jobs and government jobs. But hey, it did "save" a number of jobs right? Sorry, Brown was correct and your attempt to try and spin a NY Times story (not the most respectable rag out there) is sad. Obama/Biden, one and done.

@armchair firebrand, it might be on its way to reaching stated objectives, but your post proves you are as delusional about the state of affairs as those left wing morons in DC

"The problem with Brown’s declaration is that it’s objectively false"

Wrong , The truth of the matter is that you along with the Times and the party of democrats are criminal frauds and gutless liars, deceit is all democrats are about.

Democrats don't know their place, come November they'll be put in it.

"One year on, the Recovery Act is well on its way to accomplishing all of its stated objectives."

How is the objective of keeping the unemployment rate under 8% going? The results expose just how deceitful and irresponsible your remarks are.


Nancy Pelosi stated at the summit that passing healthcare would create 4 million jobs.

Armchair Firebrand, when quoting a source to bolster your argument, use a credible one. The New York Times doesn't cut it anymore as an unbiased source.

I never thought I would miss Nixon!!!!

Obama & company just refuse to listen. We do NOT want you messing with our healthcare. We DO WANT you to focus on creating more PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS!!

It's ridiculous to think that ANY Federal bill would be acceptable across the entire country. A solution that would work well in Nevada might be awful for Virginia. A different solution supported by Iowans could be anathema to Georgians.

The point is that healthcare legislation is best handled by the STATES where the various levels of
- how many people would be covered by taxpayers
- how much coverage will be offered
- who will pay for it and how
could be decided differently, state by state.

The house organ of the current White House publishes a 'report' on how effective it is. Where have we seen that before.. Tass with how effective the de-kulak programs in the Ukraine were in the 1930s? Prava on the success of perestroika?

Or perhaps we should just ask the firebrand what stated objectives of the 'Recovery Act' were. Increasing the dependence of the American people on the Federal government? Reduced private sector employment? Diversion of funds from productive uses to ensuring local and state bureaucrats continue to be paid higher than private sector wages?

How would Egobama know anything about creating private sector jobs - he's never created one nor even held one in his entire life!

This guy is a endlessly yapping paper suit disaster. He's in love with the sound of his own voice and impressed with his own grasp of that which he uniquely understands but has no real idea about.

We are sunk!

"One year on, the Recovery Act is well on its way to accomplishing all of its stated objectives. "

Like keeping unemployment at 8% or under!

Creating or Saving 3 1/2 million new jobs. (3 1/3 million more have lost jobs since the Act began.)

Yep, he needs to check his facts.

I D 10 T


Armchair Firebrand seems positively giddy that Scott Brown in his enthusiasm after an unexpected win was not strictly factual. The gist of what he was saying was right on mark. If he had added "net", his statement would have been true.

For every private sector job created, tens of thousands have been lost. Private sector jobs pay the bills while public sector jobs are leeches sucking the lifeblood from the economy. But not even the administration claims that the total number of jobs created even remotely approaches the numbers lost.

If a lie is an untruth told to deceive, what would you make of BO's admission that "early on it was important that we TELL people, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor and if you like your plan, you can keep your plan."

He admitted that provisions in the plans were contrary these promises. But he continued to repeatedly mouth them anyway. Note that he didn't say it was important to maintain the principle only mouth the untruth told to deceive. So that Armchair Firebrand can understand, he lied. Just one of the many Obama lies that have cost him his credibility with most of the American people.

Hey Armchair, that was a pretty funny post. You do comedy well...

Armchair, drink a little more NYT cool-aid. Mr Malcolm is right on. Research the difference between JFK's approach to economic hardtimes and Obama's. JFK cut taxes across the board. Obama's approach opened the govt coffers to friends and family (union). Perhaps you do not see the difference yet...keep watching. You might flip the TV switch to the Greece channel to see the future of what happens when a majority of folks are on the govt dole. Andrew, can you graph the unemployment rate vs Obama's talk of Healthcare? Now that would be something.

Simmer down, Firebrand -- Democrat Senator Bayh made exactly the same point as Republican Senator Brown did, i.e. "there hasn't been a single job created in the last six months."

And as for "far reaching impact" and "meeting it's stated objectives," well... sixteen million under-employed Americans might point out the obvious: "impact" and "objectives" mean little without J-O-B-S.


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