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President Obama Day 386: What's happened to him?

Democrat Obama White House aides Rahm Emanuel, Valeria Jarrett, David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs

A favorite story about Chicago politics involves Roman Pucinski, who served six long terms of political apprenticeship in the Washington minor leagues of the U.S. House of Representatives before the Windy City's vaunted Democratic political machine allowed him to step up and serve on the City Council.

The late Pucinski then served for 18 years as a loyal operative assigned to the 41st Ward (of 50).

It's always useful for Chicago pols to have White House connections if, say, they'd like to dispatch someone famous to fly off to Copenhagen to lobby the International Olympic Committee for their city's 2016 summer games bid.

But the Chicago Daley machine, which is actually a ruthless coalition of urban Democratic factions united by the steel reinforcing rods of self-interest, didn't much care about this Barack Obama fellow before, as long as he was quiet, obedient and headed on a track out of town. How he acquired a reform label coming out of that one-party place is anyone's guess.

But now that the sun has risen on the 386th day of the Obama White House, many political observers are coming to see that the ex-state senator from the South Side is running his federal administration in Washington much the way they run things back home: with a small....

...claque of clout-laden people from the same school who learned their political trade back in the nation's No. 3 city, named for an Indian word for a smelly wild onion.

That style is tough, focused, immune to any distractions but cosmetic niceties. And did we mention tough. A portly, veteran Chicago alderman once confided only about 40% jokingly, that he had taken up jogging to lose weight but quickly gave it up as boring because "you can't knock anyone down." That's politics the Chicago way.

For instance, remember how much we heard all last year about the need for healthcare legislation before early August, before October, before Thanksgiving, before Christmas, before the State of the Union? And how spanked the White House was by the Massachusetts Senate upset that Obama said his laser-vision for 2010 was on jobs and the economy?

So, what did he announce during a Super Bowl interview? More healthcare meetings, designed to politically box Republicans into the No-Nothing corner.

In the last few days at least three major outlets have published well-informed evaluations of Obama's first year in office. All are well worth reading. The dominant themes: disappointment and disillusionment with the Chicago way.

In one respect it's not surprising that a capitol city with its own style of take-no-prisoners politics should find a professed outsider's style of smoother-spoken take-no-prisoners discomforting.

But now, no less than the Huffington Post headlined its Obama evaluation by Steve Clemons: "Core Chicago Team Sinking Obama presidency."

The devastating Financial Times report by Edward Luce: "A fearsome foursome"

And the Washington Post story by Ann Gerhart: "A year later, where did the hopes for Obama go?"

The Post story focuses on a handful of Obama supporters, so fiercely motivated and hopeful in 2008 and through the inauguration, now largely drifting back to normal lives lacking fulfillment of so many promises.

The other two fascinating accounts examine Obama's close-knit team of Chicagoans: confidante Valerie Jarrett, who's so intelligent she once hired Michelle Obama; Rahm Emanuel, the diminutive, acid-tongued chief of staff with overwhelmAxelrod and Obamaing energy and ambition; David Axelrod, the ex-Chicago Tribune politics reporter-turned-consultant who's been coaching Obama forever; and Robert Gibbs, who isn't from Chicago but that's OK because he's only the mouthpiece and the others keep a close eye on him.

Clemons focuses on how dead-on the Luce piece is and how the FT Washington bureau chief had to assiduously hide his sources as everyone was properly so fearful of retribution from the quartet around the mayor, er, president.

And Clemons attributes the lack of online link love to the Luce item Monday to the same fears among D.C. journalists dodging disfavor from the same four.

Quoting "administration insiders," Luce says "the famously irascible Mr Emanuel treats cabinet principals like minions. 'I am not sure the president realises how much he is humiliating some of the big figures he spent so much trouble recruiting into his cabinet,' says the head of a presidential advisory board who visits the Oval Office frequently."

And both articles note, accurately, how savvy cabinet secretaries like Kathleen Sebelius at Health and Human Services and Ken Salazar at Interior have been marginalized because putting a media face on the Obama Oval Office can only be entrusted to the likes of Gibbs and Axelrod.

Another Luce source talks about the difference between campaigning, which is easier, and governing, which is the ultimate goal but takes a more refined skill-set:

'There is this sense after you have won such an amazing victory, when you have proved conventional wisdom wrong again and again, that you can simply do the same thing in government,' says one. 'Of course, they are different skills. To be successful, presidents need to separate the stream of advice they get on policy from the stream of advice they get on politics. That still isn’t happening.'

Also noted, how most everything coming out of the executive office is filtered through a political prism above all. i.e. the Afghanistan troop surge speech that touched all the political bases in 4,582 words without once saying "victory."

Warning that Obama needs to take action quickly, Clemons adds that needed advice from a broader range of advisers "is getting twisted either in the rough-and-tumble of a a team of rivals operation that is not working, or is being distorted by the Chicago political gang's tactical advice that is seducing Obama towards a course that has not only violated deals he made with those who voted him into office but which is failing to hit any of the major strategic targets by which the administration will be historically measured."

David Gergen, who helped guide Bill Clinton out of not dissimilar troubled waters, tells Luce: "There is an old joke. How many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb? Only one. But the lightbulb must want to change. I don’t think President Obama wants to make any changes.”

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: White House (Emanuel, Jarrett, Axelrod and Gibbs); Associated Press.

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A few times I hear Obama speak, I was surprised in that I thought the day before he said the opposite of that. Is it really possible that Obama is just channeling the thoughts from the last game plan with the last of his 'brain' that he happens to be talking to?

Bush43 supposedly had one brain : Rove, and what he said (when he could spell it) was consistent, and mostly consistently bad.

Obama44 might possibly have 4 brains, and what he says now really depends on which of his 4 brains he's just talked to. No wonder he sounds incoherent these days. From now on, before every public appearance, Obama should insist that all five of them get together, get the message consistent, and then go out and do his magic. That's the only way to be consistent.

Seriously - what happened to Obama? Nothing. Nothing that any mature, level-headed American didn't see coming. Maybe the difference is that a bunch of sappy, pollyanna Americans grew up. He came in as an overhyped, unqualified, under-accomplished, junior-light-weight-do-nothing-senator who is now a junior-light-weight-do-nothing-president. He did nothing in Illinois as a senator except vote "present" - he changed nothing but his address. Chicago is still a corrupt, bankrupt cesspool. He is all veneer, hype, smoke and mirrors - all hat and no cattle. Face it - he was carefully packaged, propped up, paraded like a peacock on the shoulders of political interest groups and rode a wave of political correctness that was out of control into the Whitehouse. His vision to "fundamentally" change America is dead wrong and his cast of far left zealots, thugs and tax cheats are now learning that. After all his empty campaign promises and rhetoric - where are the rainbows and unicorns? Where are the spontaneous outbursts of Kumbaya? The country has never been more divided. Never have prospects for our children been so bleak. Bad enough he's a joke at home but he's totally dismissed overseas as well. This liberal disease has been eating away at America for too long - the benefit of Obama is that he put that into hyper-drive and now the country is no in the throes of a massive backlash and we needed it. This is it - America will either eradicate this far-left disease and rise again or we will let it destroy us like the cancer that it is. There you go - have the guts to print the truth.

The gist of the articles got it wrong, while your comment got it right. This is Obama's governing style; it's NOT that he's a victim of his bully advisors from whom he has to be saved! He is, after all, the guy in charge, the one setting the tone, the shot-caller. The others are all just enforcers. But he plays the victim card so well and is awarded it so often that even bureau chiefs seem to think his closest advisors exert more influence over and around him than he over and around them.
Obama obviously likes this style because, based on experience, we know he's capable of throwing ANYBODY under the bus if it's in his self-interest. Anybody. But neither Emanuel, Jarrett, Axelrod nor Gibbs have even smelled fumes yet.

Obama has been locked into permanent campaign mode to keep his popularity up, rather than leading the government, so I do not see how the "Chicago Way" has any relevance. Obama's biggest problems are (1) a failure to lead, and (2) disgraceful House leadership. I would not be a bit surprised if the theme of this and numerous similar articles have their genesis with House sources. The one thing that all of Congress is good at is deflecting blame from its own deficiencies.

Obama and his Alinskyite cabal of toadies, MSM sycophant propagandists, union bosses and Chicago thug politicians don't care about you and I. All they care about is power and control. They are convinced to their Marxist cores that only they, the"enlightened", know what's best for us. They don't care what we think or want. They look down their arrogant noses at the masses as just votes. Their policies are all about creating a persistent majority of indentured voters who will become dependent upon big government services to keep them in power forever. They will lie, distort, make promises they don't intend on keeping, and attempt to destroy anyone who disagrees with them to achieve their goals. They have learned well from Saul Alinsky who espoused that any means justify the ends, and that ethics are what you define therm to be.

These are truly despicable people.

President Obama has accomplished quite a bit after his first year. Let us take a look at that:
1. He promised in the campaign and he ushered in a new era of post-partisanship!!! N O T !!! From the very beginning Obama and his hackers introduced division and partisanship by going after Limbaugh and declaring him the leader of the GOP!! Right after his inauguration, when dealing with concerns of House Republicans what was his answer? "I WON!" Obama has registered the highest divisions ever in the country!!!
2. He claimed to be a post-racial President! And he handled himself with wisdom and without pre-judging on the case of the arrest of his friend Henry Louis Gates Jr!! N O T!! Obama jumped to a conclusion that his friend's arrest was racial motivated! When facts became known he tried to save his face and that was the reason for the Beer Summit!!!
3. Obama has not allowed any terrorist to attack the American people on the USA soil!! N O T!! Fort Hood and Detroit flight bomb attempt happened under his watch. We know what happened in Fort Hood and almost 300 did not get killed on the way to Detroit because Abdulmutallab had problems detonating the bomb!!
4. Obama has successfully prosecuted KSM and other terrorists in civilian trials in NYC. The terrorists are waiting execution! N O T!!! We all know what is going on!!!
5. Obama has successfully convinced the American people that civilian trials are the best way to go in prosecuting terrorists!!! N O T!! The largest majority of the American people want their tax dollars to be used to catch terrorists, not to give them citizen rights!!
6. Obama has successfully convinced Iran to drop its Nuclear pursuit!!! N O T!! Iran is more belligerent than ever and is moving on towards a nuclear weapon!
7. Obama has brought North Korea under control!! N O T!!! North Korea continues to make missile tests in order to provoke the USA.
8. Unemployment is down to 6% because of the success of the bipartisan Stimulus Package which successfully passed!!! N O T!! Unemployment is close to 20% unofficially, and 9,7% officially, after the administration promised that if the stimulus was passed unemployment would never reach 8% (it reached 10,2% officially). And the PACKAGE was passed by DEMOCRATS only!!!
9. Obama has successfully passed, in a bipartisan way, cap and trade!!! N O T!! It passed the House on partisan line and is being held in the senate!
10. Obama has successfully passed the HC overhaul with support from both Democrats and Republicans!!! N O T!! Two different bills were passed without bipartisan support. The bills were so different that it is waiting reconciliation and we all know what happened in MA and what happened to the HC bill.
Well, did I miss anything?

I am amazed to find an article like this in the LA Times, but lately you guys have actually opened your eyes and become aware that the Tea Party and Independents in general represent the overwhelming majority of public opinion. This was a good article, as far as it went, but you could have thrown in a few examples, like the Valerie Jarrett/Copenhagen Olympics connection. After she developed a large slum in Chicago as a community organizer, it became something of an embarassment. You never hear anyone talk about it because it basically siphoned off huge amounts of taxpayer dollars that went to Chicago-style payoffs and fraud. It is presently a classic inner-city slum. If obama had been able to bring home the Olympics, the whole development would have been razed and replaced with beautiful Olympic accomodations, and Valerie's little creation would neber have happened:-).

Wow! Scathing but true. And, Obama and his team seem to never let that thing called "The Constitution" get in the way either. Socialism is bad wherever it's been tried and he's trying to bring it to America. That's why his numbers are plummeting while Palin's (surprisingly) are rising.

Politicians of either party really understands what is happening in American!

For years we have watched our jobs being outsourced & in-sourced, aided and abide by the ruling Political elite!

On the low end Politicians have allowed the largest invasion of any Nation, at any time, by any means, as millions of Uneducated, Illegal Aliens pour across our borders in direct volition of our Constitution Article IV Section IV against invasion, the Rule of Law & their Oath of office.

The Democrat support the massive invasion because a large Uneducated, Prolific breeding, dependent welfare class translates into Democrat votes!

The Republicans because their paymaster in the Chamber of Commerce & Business love slave labor with the benefits like Medical, Schooling, Welfare & Incarceration, Section 8 housing etc. are passed on to the tax payers!

On the high end H1b program to take the engineering, software jobs etc. at low wages to increase business profits & the insane salaries & bonuses of the CEO,s & their cronies etc.

After years of seeing their jobs disappear & standard of living deteriorate people are frustrated & angry that no one in Washington really cares about middle class tax paying , law abiding Americans or the future of this Nation!

Obama promised Hope & Change so the voters kicked out a Elitist, Arrogant, Spendthrift Republican party that was wading in the swamp of corruption!

Now after one year of Democrat rule and total control most are realizing Obama sold them a bill of goods and the Democrats are even more Elitist, Arrogant, Big spending and the swamp of corruption & debt has now turned into a sea of debt & corruption with Acorn , Unions, Seiu, Wall street , Big banks & the tax funded Racist hate organization La Raza!

Both parties when they get total control & power get more corrupt, arrogant & worse than the British & King George that resulted in the American revolution and the shot heard around the world!

Now the good people of Mass. have fired another shot. If the Politicians of both parties still refuse to change and keep thinking they are Kings & we are their Serfs & they & the special interest they serve, know what is best, the next shots they hear may not be as peaceful.

It is way pass time the Politicians realize they are the servants & not our rulers and they exist to serve the American citizens & this Nation, not the special interest, not Mexico, not Latin American and every country in the world while ignoring and punishing Citizens by taxes, jobs and debt to support the rest of the world!

"What's happened to Obama?" NOTHING! He was always a clueless extreme left ideologue, amazingly out of step with the American public. The press served up Kool Aid during the campaign (and in many cases still does), and many Americans lined up to drink. "What's happened" has not to do with Obama; but only with the effects of the Kool Aid wearing off. Worse than an "empty suit", he's a danger to our way of life. How's that "hope and change" thing working out for you now?

This was a great read,I have often wondered why everything seems to be going so badly for our President.Now I am to believe it,s his handlers,apparently no decisions are made by Obama.....How interesting!

Simple truths that Obama & the Left wing refuse to acknowledge!

You cannot legislate the poor into riches by legislating the wealthy into poverty. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from someone else.

When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."

What happened to him? He reverted back to type. He's a MARXIST. He's a SOCIALIST. He's a MAOIST. He HATES the MILITARY. (Remember WHERE , and with WHOM, he began his Political Career.) He HATES CAPITOLISM. He HATES the FREE MARKET. He HATES ANYTHING that he can't CONTROL. And, don't act surprised. The L.A.T. has been COVERRING FOR HIM, for YEARS. Speaking of that...Where's that VIDEO of BARRY, at KHLEED RASIDIS' Going Away Party? Hmmmmm?
His PROBLEM, is that he's given himself away. And we don't like who he is.

I think Rahm is doing a good job running the government. The problem is that his designated speech reader and PR frontman, President Obama, couldn't convince a storm cloud to dispense raindrops. Axelrod/Jarrett are leftists- get rid of them so Rahm can govern from the center and send Obama out to the golf course rather than in front of TV cameras and Teleprompters. Then our govt will run like butter.

My only comment is 'DUH!' Anyone that wasn't drinking the kool-aid and sitting on their laps like the media knew exactly what this empty suit was...a thug that has done nothing but write two narcissitic autobiographies and read from teleprompters. It will only get worse. I'm just proud of the American people for waking up. My fear was the fulfillment of the 'frog in the water' tragedy. I think BO's great accomplishment is by turning up the heat so fast, the US 'frogs' are jumping out of this boiling pot of socialism and thuggary as fast as possible.

Nothing "happened" to Obama. His duplicity was well know from all the times he voted "present" while in the Illinois state legislature...and there was always plenty of information out there about Obama. Unfortunately, the mainstream media chose to ignore it.

For starters, you can bring yourself up to date by reading Stanley Kurtz's excellent articles on how Obama and Ayers subverted the Chicago school system through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

"President Obama Day 386: What's happened to him?"

Nothing happened to him. This is who he always was.

What's happening at the Times? How is stuff like this making it into the paper?

Ahhhh, the reality of governing! Obama fell back on what he learned in Chicago. It is not working, but so much of what we thought Obama was, has not proved to be true. We thought he was more center, more pragmatic. But he just keeps riding that dead horse of health-care, trying to hurt the Republicians with it now, that will fail too, why, because it is Obama who is not listening to the American people. It is Obama who chose these thugs from Chicago to advise him. It is Obama who has Andy Stern at the White House frequently and then gives him a sweatheart deal on insurance. It is Obama whose SOTU speech was chuck full of lies and half-truths. The American people are now on to Obama, his ratings will continue to fall. He is toast!

Gergen's little joke about Obama not wanting to change is telling, and very true...The problem is Obama is a Chicago thug himself, and doesn't have the political savvy to knew when a 180 is necessary like say, a Bill Clinton, who was more concerned with his political survival then plunging straight ahead off a high cliff....Obama made a comment recently that he wasn't an Ideologue...That of course engendered snickers from all present...He came to transform America into his vision, and he felt his victory was the go ahead he needed...He hasn't yet understood that his election was a repudiation of Bush, and an penance vote for years of racial animus... He has mis-read his mandate, and it is costing him big time...Read: Sarah and Barack...Lessons in Media

A top Democratic insider described Obama's reaction to a comparison between his current political quagmire and that of Clinton post-HillaryCare. He pointed to himself and said "we got me". Where did arrogance of this magnitude come from?

Obama's hubris is massive and easy to explain. How many white people feel comfortable questioning a black in the public arena? Every white on the planet knows a racism charge will follow any tough questions directed at Obama.

Thank you Andrew and the rest of you in the media for waking up. Better late than never, but, you can't say I didn't warn you.

Look for David "Mumbles"Gergen to join the "team"
the disapproval numbers climb. I'm dying to hear the WH rationale
when it happens. It's difficult to spin, spin, spin while munching on crow


Good article that sums up the core problem with the current administration. Pleasantly surprised to find a critical article in the LA Times. Please keep it up.

Thanks, Ed

(Nice to have you here, Ed, and hope you keep reading. Just fyi, this isn't a newspaper or the newspaper. It's an online blog. Either way, all readers welcome.)

The definition of a fool is someone who keeps doing the same thing and expects a different result. President Obama seems to have insulated himself from reality with these 4 seemingly arrogant advisors. He is not only sinking his presidency, he is sinking our country. I believe that President Obama would serve this country well by broadening his sources of input. If he doesn't, New Jersey, Virginia, and Mass will prove to be only the begining.

I liked the President in the beginning, and I thought Michelle was and is a breath of fresh air; but now, he seems a little like an "over handled" leader. Get rid of the teleprompter, get rid of some of your advisors, admit some boneheaded mistakes (obssessing on health care rather than the economy), and move forward. Be Bill Clinton, not Jimmy Carter.

The author has simply not looked back, back into the past. Many commentators, pundits in the Alternative media told the public, voters and the MSM that this naif from the Chicago community Alinksy socialist pacifist background was a real radical. Of course, The Times or WAPO or The Times of NY , the Boston Globe never told anyone what this guy was all about. Then the media came up with the term progressive to hide their radical liberal policies that the DEMS in Congress and in the WH and in many Blue state guv and state legislatures have used since the New Deal. He and the Dems are not progressive. TR was but not this crew in the WH or in Congress. The substance of all , all his policies are radical. Cap and Trade=climate lies. Amnesty. Healthcare socialism, Gitmo, Miranda rights for Islamofascists. It is policy that the MSM never explained to the voters. It took one year for the faux Messiah with all his horrid appointments, his socialist policies, to finally be outed by .....the public. In votes. And prayerfully, this entire crew will lose in Nov. They are the most dangerous radical leftists in my 71 years and he and his minions in Congress do not deserve support from the American people. Not one Dem in either state or federal elections. None.

I can't stand this guy.

You guys in LA/CA should talk.
Perhaps your progressive mafia is a little smoother than Chicago's but PROGRESSIVES all the same.
Your state is teetering on the brink and I would be willing to bet that the rest of the country will be asked to BAIL your state out at some point.
Progressivism is not working in California or any other state or city that has a progressive agenda - when will you people realize that IT DOES NOT WORK!!!
But I agree with you having once lived in Chicago that the current bunch are THUGS with no real practical experience at running anything except a deceitful campaign.

I see bunch of MoveOn activists turning into party mascot (that would be the donkey). Yes, the folks who worked their asses off to win caucasses (and nomination) for him.

What a great article


What's happened to him you ask? He is a fabulous speaker & campaigner. But that's it. He's an inexperienced neophyte....can't lead...can't compromise...can't let go of the ideology. It's amateur hour at the White House. And this liberal experiment was doomed to fail from the start....America will not stand for socialism.

This writer has done enough damage to Obama without me piling on.

It's that bad.

Want to make changes? I don't think he can. Who calls the shots?

In answer to the question used as the header for the above article:

You have to ask?

Quadrupling our debt, giving terrorists Miranda rights, trying to pass a horrifically large unpopular health care bill and taking over GM. This was not the hope and change I voted for. As an Independent, ive learned my lesson... There is no such thing as a moderate Democrat.

Those that think Obama has not changed and is simply showing his hand have a good understanding of how the man thinks. Obama is proving he is what he has always been, a Marxist with communist leanings. This should not be a surprise to anyone that took the time to research him and paid any attention to the people he associated with prior to the election. As a matter of fact he said judge him by the people he associated himself with and that is what we should all do. The records are very clear from the time he was young until he left college. He surrounded himself with people of questionable character and that is why he is so careful about making sure none of the records he has worked so hard to hide and those that he has spent a considerable amount of money to hide are ever released to the public while he is in office. This information would be so revealing that even the MSM could not cover his tracts for him. The average politician, republican or democrat, would be exposed by the MSM if they were trying to cover up information Obama is hiding.

I agree with those here who say NOTHING has happened to Obama. Obama is the same guy with no experience for the JOB at hand.

But, A LOT has happened to the electorate. This administration has opened their eyes until they are about to pop out of their heads!! The veneer of hope, change, and the cult of personality has been peeled back to reveal lies, obfuscation, omission and duplicity by Obama and the media.

The anger is palpable out in the hinterlands of America. Americans don't like to be played for fools and most WILL NOT be fooled any longer. The anger at the media is JUST as fierce as the anger at the politicians.

We the people will take matters in to our own hands and ignore and boycott the media that is responsible for not vetting Obama and we will kick out the politicians who are aiding and abetting this disaster.

Hi Andrew--As usual, you're on the mark. Some new readers thinks you're standard MSM b/c you're affiliated w/ the LAT...they need to read you more often. Still, it is disconcerting to read such stuff in a paper that did as much as any to ensure Obama's election, viz., the suppressed tape of the Khalid Rashidi farewell dinner. (BTW, don't know the niceties of the arrangement, but while you say this is not a newspaper--admittedly--or THE newspaper, the LA Times masthead does appear on the blog...FWIW.)

Anyway, this Obama crowd is a bunch of Machine hacks and thugs. No doubt about it. Jarrett is corrupt to the core and stood to reap millions from her slum properties if the Olympics had come to Chicago--with a glorious waterfront and skyline, the major venues were to be located in the slummy neighborhoods around the august University of Chicago, where Jarrett had made her killing in slum properties with jailed Obama fundraiser and bundler Tony Rezko. Axelrod is a Machine hack-tool who can barely speak and always looks like he just woke up, but has managed to make millions (more power to him). Emanuel is malicious and a malignant influnece on the presidency. And Obama has made his life in that element for decades now...and seems utterly at ease in it (did we forget Wright and Ayers, his other South Side shapers and handlers?).
But having said all that...what's with the "No. 3 city" and "smelly onion" bit. Andrew, you write for the Los Angeles Times--Los Angeles. Land of pink sunsets and pink Cadillacs. Yes, LA got big--if nothing else--and surpassed Chicago as the Second City while Chicago lost population (though it still hasn't reached the 3.8 million in-city population of Chicago at its height in 1960). But for all its political warts, Chicago is a great world city of culture.
Please keep that in mind when you write stuff like "smelly onion"...

(I love Chicago, spent much of my college/professional life there.)

Meant to write "corrupt" and "influence." Typing too fast and not proofing slowly enough...

But I think the meaning was clear.

Obama may be the ultimate corpse / man.

What's PUMA for "I told you so"? :)

The Luce article is really good. Barack Obama is a great campaigner but is a lousy President. His team has one thing and one thing only in mind- winning. It's always politics over policy, and that's bad for the country.

Obama has not changed. He is who he is- a socialist redistributionist. Everything Obama has done confirms that. He is also dishonest and routinely lies with a straight face.

On the same day that Obama says “The people who sent us here expect a seriousness of purpose that transcends petty politics,” Robert Gibbs mocks Sarah Palin. Dishonesty and lack of dignity permeate this entire administration.

Pay no attention to what Obama says- he will always do the opposite. Watch what he does.

Barack Obama has brought the plague of Chicago politics to Washington DC. Those who could not imagine Washington being worse were sorely mistaken.

There is good news to report.

Three polls out this week have Obama's collapse accelerating as he sets new record lows for approval -- again.

New Gallup poll show Obama hitting new lows on economy, health care, deficit.

New Marist poll shows new lows for Obama's overall approval, particularly among independents, which are now running 2 to 1 against him.

Even a poll from the hard left Washington Post has him underwater as he continues to lose control of the issues:

Health care - 43/53, his worst showing, with 43 percent strongly disapproving
Economy - 45/53, also his worst showing, with 38 percent strongly disapproving
Federal deficit - 40/56, 40 percent strongly disapproving

Obama is at war against the American people as he rushes to ram as much of his socialist schemes down our throats as possible before we eliminate more of his corrupt, Democratic foot soldiers in November.

In the interim, let's continue to push back hard against Obama.

He's a con man. Nothing more.

Glad to see unanimity in the posts--unless I missed one, didn't see ONE defending Obama and what Michael Gerson called Obama's strategy of deception in the WaPo today (referring, in this instance, to his "non-partisan" praise for GOP Rep. Paul Ryan's healthcare and deficit ideas in front of rolling cameras in the House Republican Retreat, only to follow it up by unleashing the DNC attack dogs on him some days later).

It is not just a political strategy--Obama's campaign was a deception from beginning to end except to those of us who actually listened to and read his words. It seems to be something more essential and fundamental: his way of being-in-the-world...

RE previous post: I love LA too. And you're probably posted in Washington, so I might add that I've enjoyed my time there as well.

It's just that I've been knocking Chicago so much myself as a result of the gang in the White House, that I finally felt a pang of remorse and had to come to its defense...

Living in Chicago for the past 30 years, I agree it's run by the chosen few who choose any newly needed "chosen few" for "elected" office. I always laughed when pundits would deny or agree that Chicago bought the election of JFK for President in 1960 by the 100,000+ votes out of Chicago's precincts. I laugh no more, because this tipped IL to the Democrats and the rest is history. Nothing shocks me anymore about the political mob here, but I still think Chicago is the best run US city. I love Mayor Daley and all his contributions to this city. The big difference between him and Obama is Daley is not a Marxist/Socialist. He (like his father) is an old line Democrat that works for the city and the families. They don't represent the uber progressives that have stolen the heart and soul of the traditional Democrats (and I'm not a Democrat). The so called Chicago Democrats running the WH are the elitists who gain their power by using the poor, uneducated urban masses and union bosses to support their dreams of ruling the country by their "intellectual superiority". God save us.

I cannot wait until the day after the November 2010 elections, when O wakes up and realizes that he didn't deliver the elections and he utterly lost every shred of power in DC because both houses and lots of state houses have gone to the other side. My guess is that, as a two-year lame duck, he will finally be "outed," and suddenly we will see a real birth certificate mysteriously show up, or a transcript from Occidental College, or information from Columbia University, showing that Barack Obama did not exist before 1980, but Barry Soretoro did. His handlers will show their political stripes very quickly, backing away from him and tossing him to the wolves. Of course, then they will turn on one another, carving each other up like a bad road version of West Side Story.

It's going to be so much fun to watch Pelosi as a back-bencher, with no voice and no weekend free airplane trips back to CA. It will be fun to watch Harry Reid pack his bags and go back to Las Vegas to look for a job as a black-jack dealer. And, best of all, it will be great fun to watch Barry as he stumbles around, clueless, abandoned, laughed at from all sides, and a total failure.

To those who pinned their hopes for a non-racial future on this guy, you have to realize that we will never again see a black president. Also, we will probably not see a Democratic president for at least 12 years. Barry screwed it up for everyone. Just as Barry won as the not-Bush, he will lose in 2012 because the winner will not be Barry. His main opposition will come from his own party. It will be 1980 all over again. Carter narrowly won renomination only because Ted Kennedy still had to deal with the image of a dead secretary in a submerged Cadillac. Hillery, Joe, Evan, and a host of other Dems have no such baggage and will come out of the woodwork to take the prize away from the lightweight.

As someone who would never vote for such an inexperienced, know-nothing, two-dimensional cardboard cutout, I am doing my "told-ya-so" dance. And, beginning in November, I will be openly laughing at the hopey-changey morons.

rr, I agree with your comments . . . no need to pile it on.



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