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New Hampshire independents abandoning Obama in droves: Poll

Democrat president Barack Obama at a New Hampshire town hall meeting 2-2-10

The crucial independent voters of notoriously independent New Hampshire, the ones who were so vital to Barack Obama's 2008 victory there and nationally, are fast falling out of love with the Democrat.

A new WMUR Granite State Poll of 500 voters by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center finds the president's support has slipped below 50% now. In the early 2008 Democratic primary there, voters preferred Hillary Clinton to Obama, 39 to 36. But come November they gave the Illinoisan 54% to John McCain's 45%.

Now, only 48% approve of Obama's presidential job, and 47% disapprove. The Democrat's decline mirrors a national trend though slightly lower.

The new New Hampshire numbers reveal that the candidate who vowed to change the polarization of American politics has indeed done so, but not by dispelling it. Voters there are now....

...polarized about him, not George W. Bush; with only 5% of the state's voters remaining neutral on the current White House occupant.

Obama's New Hampshire approval is down 7 percentage points since October but more than twice that (18 points) since his Inauguration Day.

New Hampshire GOP voters never have approved of Obama. But the new poll shows his support among Democrats has slipped too, from 91% in October to 84% today. That's still overwhelming support for someone not on any ballot for 33 months. But a bad trend if feelings about the Democrat in the White House carry over to the midterm elections this fall.

Among the all-important independent voters in New Hampshire, Obama's decline has been most dramatic. It now stands at 39%, a 28 percentage point drop since October, or about 2 percentage points per week.

This despite Obama's well-attended town hall in Nashua on Tuesday, a day that coincided with part of the polling.

His favorability ratings are also down, though slightly less so. Personally, 52% still feel favorable toward the president and 41% don't. Again, only 6% are on the sidelines as neutral.

The main sticking point for Obama is the economy; the longer he's in office the more respondents hold him accountable for high unemployment and other sour economic news.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / Associated Press (Obama at Nashua town hall).

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Pelosi, Reid and Obama are progressive ideologues. They can't help themselves.

Obama is a one termer.

Yes Professor Obama, it's your economy. You can't get away from the fact you sued Citi Bank on behalf of ACORN to force Citi to give bad sub-prime loans to minorities. No you can't , no, no, no!!!

Obama meets face to face with the people of NH and his number tank: ditto for Virginia, New Jersey and most prominently here in Massachusetts.
The mark of a true Flim Flam Man is that he can be personally liked but distrusted when push comes to shove. Maybe he should hunker down in the White House, rent some movies from Netflix and hope for the best; people are just tired of all this overexposure from this Artful Dodger who is all talk and no substance.

Obama, like George W Bush before him, proves that our system of allowing just about anyone born in the US to run for president might need a tune-up. Maybe our presidential candidates should be expected to actually have accomplished something - held an successful executive leadership position for example - before running. Obama has such a hard time matching his actions with his words.

Republicans had never favored Obama, and now a majority of the independents are leaning that way, and an ever-growing number of Democrats are starting to see the light.
So, who are the rubes?

Obama was elected on the basis of revving up anti Bush feelings. It has now come to be issues of what Obama causes to happen. Unemployment, lost homes, Guantanamo still there, our troops still being killed and maimed, many of the other things he raved about still much as they were. Added to that Billions of Dollars spent on who knows what and the Health care fiasco.
One does wonder why his approval is not even lower.

Barack Obama is America’s worst nightmare come true; a ghoulish Frankenstein Marxist who imagines that he should be worshiped as a god.

America will be extremely fortunate to survive this deranged, narcissistic cockroach. The fact is, with three years left, he can, in spite of the coming November elections, do one hell of a lot of damage to this nation both before and afterward.

The best this nation can hope for is that there will be some way to impeach this malevolent degenerate before he can drive this nation into a complete state of unrecoverable ruin.

This country will never be safe from despots like Obama as long as the government in DC is allowed to hold its unconstitutional and arrogant measure of power; power that flows down to the people. Getting rid of the Obama Marxists will do no good unless the federal government is defanged and power is returned to the people and the states.

There's a well known saying: "As goes California, so goes the nation."

So where is California right now? It's totally bankrupt; economically, ethically and morally from years of "progressive" lunacy, the same insanity that's now occurring all over this land.

It's time to wake up and act or perish.


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