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Countdown begins for end of Keith Olbermann's 'Countdown'?

Fox News Channel's top-rated Bill OReilly

Remember Keith Olbermann?

He was the one-time must-see anti-Bush ranter who helped rescue MSNBC (yes, it's still on at night) from even worse oblivion years ago.

Well, quietly last month while no one was looking, hardly anyone was watching Keith Olbermann anymore.

The guy, who's even apparently tried to get some Sarah Palin-like eyeglasses, is now forced to leap over-the-top on ex-state senators like Scott Brown and Tuesday's worst person, Fox News' Glenn Beck. Beck is the successful talker with the perfect haircut for radio. Like most Americans, he wasn't watching Keith.

There are aKeith Olbermann of MSNBC couple of reasons for KO's frustration and anger and volume and core meltdown over the Massachusetts election outcome, among other issues of galactic import. For one, lots more ranters around nowadays on all sides, including that colleague of Keith's with the hugest head in TV. Please, no 3-D for him!

Also, Olbermann's showboat is sinking. Listing in you-know-which direction.

It's as if he thinks talking LOUDER will keep his low cell battery from dying.

Worst, Olbermann's network president, Phil Griffin, is publicly praising him, always an ominous sign in television. While referring to his host almost in the past tense. "Keith has been our tentpole," Griffin says, adding later, "I'm pleased with where we are."

Where they are, as Jeff Bercovici points out over at Daily Finance, is way behind the big boys over at Fox News, Bill O'Reilly and gang. In fact, Keith is so far behind Bill, he can't even make out the state of the license plate, let alone the numbers. Bercovici thinks Americans may be outgrowing Olbermann's schtick.

In the most desirable TV demographic of 25-54, which Keith will soon outgrow himself, "Countdown" lost 44% of its audience from the beginning of President Obama's term until this year. It could have been worse -- say, 45%.

Olbermann averaged 268,000 viewers last month in that sector. That's just several thousand sets of those eyes more than Campbell Brown over on CNN. According to one count, Keith even finished in that time slot behind Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace!

And she's on Headline News, Headline News, the repetitious TV channel the repetitious TV channel inflicted on all U.S. airline travelers within any boarding area around the clock so that when, at least an hour late, each person is finally crammed into plane seats between professional wrestlers, they feel relief.

On the bright side, which everyone knows KO is fond of spotting, his MSNBC audience was only 696,000 viewers 24-54 behind O'Reilly, whose audience has grown 55%, according to Bercovici. Of course, it might be worse this month.

In the immortal words of Edward J. Smith, captain of the Titanic, "What iceberg?"

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Credit: Getty Images (photos shown roughly proportionate to audience size).

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Olbermann is an idiot. But with MSNBC (NBC, or whatever) fading into the sunset you got to ask yourself; "Who cares?".


Ah, so who would PMSNBC get to replace him? Surrender and offer Bill O one million per week?

Don't cry, Keith! I'm sure you'll get a participation ribbon just like all the other benchwarmers! Besides those varsity letters are so big and ugly...

"Keith has been our tentpole," Griffin says...

Channeling Beavis..."He said 'tentpole' heh, heh." Like his receding audience, it appears even the network suits think that KO resembles a euphemism for the male member...

KOBO is in need of lithium or some other "relaxer" for I had to watch last night just to see "how he was doing"?

Needless to say, if they zoom the camera in any closer, his head will explode on the screen just as those unused neurons in his noggin' are exploding against one another!

It is truly a sad sight to watch him, however, I must say, his demise could not happen to a better fella!!!

This isn't good news. The NFL is barely watchable and a full time return of Drama King, the ersatz Cosell wannabe, would not be good.

I'll tell you what. I'll kick in ten buck to bring back Air America and get him a slot.

OlberWho? OH isn't her the little fellow on that network no one watches so beloved by the fringe left?

I'm sure he will accept his fall with all the grace and dignity he has shown these years to others.
KO, not the worst person in the world. The worst person would actually matter.

K.O.'s show on msnbc has amateurish production values, predictable liberal guests anxious to agree with Keith, and a boringly repetitive theme of attacking Fox stars and conservative figures. Add to this K.O.'s egotistical and poisonous personality, and you have a show that only a daily kos or huffington post moron could watch.

To speculate that KO's show is going down the tubes based on all the evidence in this post is disingenuous. So the president of the network praises him and you take it as KO's washed up is reading between imaginary lines. Okay, we get it, you don't like KO, fine. But to suggest his show is going off the air based pure speculation is irresponible journalism. Oh, I forgot, this is a blog post so responsibility is thrown out the door.

Ohhhhh, I'm so sorry he lost his job! No really! Come on I'm serious here!..........
Ok, you got me, I'm not sorry. Bye, Bye suckaaaaaaaaaaaa!

That was pretty harsh........I'm sorry.............NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olbermann is a sad joke. He has become unwatchable. I think the Neilson sets that are tuned in to him are the ones that were left on as their owners fell asleep or left the house. MSDNC's gamble to go hard left has failed and ruined not only their reputation for objective news reporting but the reputation of the entire NBC network.

I get all my news and information from AM talk radio, Fox News and the Weekly World News. All the rest are liberal liars. USA!!!

Lots of articles lately about Olbermann, how bad he is, how badly he is doing. If no one is watching him, why write about him? Who cares? He's like some guy in his attic yelling into a short wave broadcaster. Ignore him. He's going away soon. And if he doesn't, so what?

Oh Goody! I get to leave the first comment about Keith Olberwomann!

I don't watch ANY NBC stations in protest of Olberfreak.

Thing is...

I used to watch MSNBC as my cable channel of choice from the time I graduated college in 1999 through about 2003/04. I thought they did a fairly good job with the news- I watched Imus. I liked Scarbourough Country, Ashleigh Banfield, Dan Abrams...and I even liked Chris Matthews. was even my #1 choice for news websites. I was glued to them for JFK jr, Columbine, 911, Iraq, etc... I thought they had good news, and I thought their news and website were even presented in a more visually appealing way.

But then something happened, and I can't put my finger on it, but around 2004 I just started mistrusting the hosts, like Olbermann...and Chris Matthews seemed to get soooooo partisan. I thought they started reaching with dumb shows with Rita Cosby and Tucker Carlson. But the main issue was trust. I lost trust and confidence in MSNBC. If they were going to turn me off with partisan hosts insulting the country and the President (no matter how bad Bush was) every day, I couldn't trust even their "hard" news or their guests. I fled MSNBC, because they lost my trust. And I also fled NBC, just because...

Good riddance!

Keith Olbermann has a TV show? Hmm, who knew?

The first time I heard Olbermann (I was bored and surfing stations) I couldn't believe his language and pure hatred for anyone who didn't agree with him. He's a loud-mouthed bore. No wonder listeners are dropping off at a quickening pace. By the way, I'm a moderate Republican who likes to listen to all sides, but I'm definitely put off by people who don't chose to do the same.

Who's Keith Olbermann? I thought he retired.

MSNBC is the only station I have set parental control on because I refuse to allow socialist propaganda in my home.

Rachell Maddow is the only pundit on MSNBC that even tries to appear objective, but normally fails.

I did however tune in the night Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts just to see the looks on Matthews', Maddow's, and especially Olbermann's faces

It was worth adding to their temporary ratings bump!

"Keith has been our tentpole," Griffin says,

You know, there's a joke to be made here, but...

Keith was a pompous ass when a sportscaster, and he hasn't changed a bit. I tune in occasionally for a minute to watch him cry. It's fun in small doses

Olbermann burned his bridges at ESPN. When they start letting him go at MSNBC (mabye moving him to another time slot first), he will start pouring napalm there. He has enough money to retire, so I see him ranting on the internet for the next decade or is kinda sad.

I love Keith! Truth to power! Finally a news person who calls out the corporate shills in Washington.

This is obviously a hatchet job. I know lots of people who like Keith Olbermann. The day they stop carrying him I stop watching their network.

Keith Olbermann is a joke of a liberal leftist. But after hard traditionalists give the marxist-fascists the thrashing they deserve in November, I'm sure he'll have more of an audience, because the progressive fascists will need someone to commiserate with.


Burning the bridge(s) after you cross is not a good idea and Keith sure has done that. You would think he'd be wiser but he just seems to want to destroy his future. I think he's a smart guy but he's filled with way too much hate. My guess is he'll soon be gone as Mr. Griffin didn't get his job to be looking over his shoulder at Nancy Grace.

Not one day goes by that in the Free Media, the stories reported by MSNBC and crew are not only refuted, but proof is included right next to the refutation.

Does anyone know what the MS in MSNBC stands for? Well, Bill Gates is the boss not Phil Griffin.

Is Pinch Sulzberger Jr., making money at The New York Times?

These guys are on a mission and it's not to make a buck.

Phil Griffin has to be dumbest white man in America.

As irritating as Olbermann can be (and as irritating as the left is in general), if there's a Hannity or an O'Reilly on TV, there needs to be an Olbermann to balance them out. The last time there was no one to balance the neocons out thousands died needlessly. I fear for the future if all there is available is right-wing propaganda. I would prefer there be both.

"'Keith has been our tentpole,' Griffin says...."

Once again, MSNBC unabashedly pitches a tent.

S'long, putz. I hope they keep a suicide watch over him...this fool should have been cancelled once his rating hit lower than 50%...
I always felt embarrased for him...he thought he was talented....good riddance!


Olbermann's spitting and screaming are so tiresome. Liberals have a hard time watching the guy. Keith is obviously enamored with himself though.

Petulant comes to mind.


Keith Olbermann is the towering voice on all television. These small minded attacks include plenty of Fox people trying to cast falsehoods about the man who exposes them the most. And ratings slipping? MSNBC President said it best: we had Haiti in January, and in big international news, CNN is wonderful and gains audience. So it is primarily the focus has been on Haiti. Also when Olbermann was the voice of opposition against Bush during the election months leading up to Republican defeat, naturally viewership was intense. Now Democrats are in charge and less sense of intense urgency. These are just the currents of the times. Yet Olbermann and Ed Schultz and Maddow and Jon Stewart shine on the progressive front and push for real reform like none other. They are the voice of the people, no matter how these sad right wingers try to cover up the truth of who the people's true heroes are.

Can we get his sorry butt off the NFL Sunday Night. Guy is horrible.

Keith is going nowhere, no amateur blogger with a gripe is gonna change that. Also with the faux hatred shown to him by three comments by pack rats, (a Rush Limbaugh, aka Archie Bunker, Jr, tactic to flood faux anti- liberal dissent) he is getting much attention. Remember this clowns, you ARE paying attention to him, positive or negative of either extreme is gonna prolong his career just like Billo (who trains his ignorant monkeys to shoot people he hates, like abortion doctors), he is being talked about and that will keep him around forever. He is MSNBC's most successful anchor and will continue to expose the hypocracy and idiocy of the rightwing in this country.

Get used to it, crybabys

I don't have the capacity to care. Can they get him off fotball too?

I've watched the career of the KO Kid (as Jim Healy used to call him) since his days as a sports caster on Los Angeles. One thing I noticed is he had a way of getting himself a "better" position (ESPN, MSNBC)each time people got tired of his showboating.

Now that he no other place to go, I expect he will fade off into oblivian.

Who's surprised, Keith Olbermann is a deranged MORON!

I heartily defend Olbermann's right to express his opinion...and he has a right to be angry. But those who are so quick to criticize him are not watching the segment of his program called "Oddball", which covers some of the lesser known stories of the particular favorite from last year showed a squirrel racing around a North Carolina college campus with a Yoplait yogurt cup stuck on his head. Olbermann quipped that the company introduced its new "fur of the month" line of flavors. I thought that wisecrack was hysterically funny.

Please don't go Keith. Please don't go!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!

He is the most entertaining person on television. I always wonder if the "Countdown" title is a countdown to his ultimate meltdown and his mother finally getting him the help he needs. Another point in his favor: He takes the prior 24 hours of Fox News and distills it into one hour (and adds some wacky facial contortions). If I happen to miss O'Reilly, Hannity or the morning folks on Fox, I can count on Keith to re-broadcast.

I always wondered if Keith realized his staff was laughing at him, not with him. There is a difference. It's almost cruel.

Was anyone aware that he went to Cornell? Yep, THE Cornell. He only mentions it 5 times a night....

The new Worst Person in the World: Andrew Malcolm.

I have to admit I actually watched him on the night of the Masachussets special election. It was fun.

I would be so happy to see this man go....adios! I was so upset when he was doing his Scott Brown bashing and insane name calling. The worst of it was trying to explain to my children how someone on television could talk like this. It was even more embarrassing to have to explain to my children the Tea Party slang that he seemed to love to use. Cable or not, if it's a news organization that wants to take itself seriously, outright foul language should never be used. I used to have a lot of respect for MSNBC, until it decided to take the path of everything that did not fit in their agenda. Especially since I found that there were many newsworthy stories that were never EVER reported on by them or CNN. If I ever want to know what is really going on in the world ....from ALL sides you have to watch FOX.

NBC just doesn't get it. His unpopularity has even poisoned SNF in America. I will not watch the pre-game. What are those idiots thinking?

As with the liberal politicians, God forbid MSNBC move its content to the center to reflect the attitudes and desires of the American people. They think they need to just keep peddling their hogwash until something changes.

Yea, well they will get their change. In November of this year. I wonder if NBC has the cajones to put KO out of his misery?

People who want to be informed about what is going on in the country and the world, watch FOX NEWS. People who want to be entertained, watch msnbc, or something else. I will admit, the night Scott Brown was elected, I watched msnbc for about half an hour, just for laughs, watching Chris and Keith rant and rave was entertaining, but it grew old fast.
Keith should just take his foot out of his mouth and put the silver spoon back in it, and go home. He is just simply a waste of time, whether it is sports or his attempt at comedy, as either way, it's really bad, and the ratings prove it. As a matter of fact, GE, should just scrap the msnbc network. They will not be granted much favoritism with the next administration.

Olbermann is unhinged. Many people who used to watch him think he needs major help. They worry he'll jump out a window. It's good he is leaving. His venom is scary.

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