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Joe Biden update: Iraq one of Obama's 'great achievements'

Democrat Vice President Joe Biden with Larry King on CNN 2-10-10

Who knew?

Thank goodness, Vice President Joe Biden went on CNN to chat with Larry King Wednesday night. So many think things are not going so well for the Democrat administration, as The Ticket chronicled here.

Many Americans recall the ex-Sen. Biden's Democratic primary plans to give in to Iraq's fractious factions and carve the country into three territories. And even more probably recall Biden's boss' plan to halt the Iraq war years ago. As long as it got started anyway without the permission of the then state senator.

Plus, of course, the vehement opposition of the Nobel Prize winner to the 2007 American troop surge of you-know-who from Texas that Obama knew for certain was only going to worsen sectarian strife there. (See 2007 video here.)....

Well, of course, it didn't turn out that way, thanks in large measure to the brave service of hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops who served in that war-torn land and helped peace to break out despite the loud political acrimony back home over their role.

Now, the Obama-Biden pair that opposed the Iraq war and its tactics and predicted their failure is prepared to accept credit for its success.

It seems that Biden, who's from Delaware when he's in Delaware and Pennsylvania when in Pennsylvania, is certain now that Iraq will turn out to be one of the Obama-Biden administration's greatest achievements.

No, really.

Here's how Biden put it to Lar:

I am very optimistic about -- about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You're going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You're going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government. 

I spent -- I've been there 17 times now. I go about every two months -- three months. I know every one of the major players in all the segments of that society. It's impressed me. I've been impressed how they have been deciding to use the political process rather than guns to settle their differences.

Biden did not elaborate on what all the administration's other "great achievements" were so far.

No doubt, Iraqis too are very thankful for that 2008 U.S. election. (Full King transcript here.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Lorenzo Bevilaqua / CNN

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de·lu·sion (d-lzhn)n.1. a. The act or process of deluding.
b. The state of being deluded. 2. A false belief or opinion: labored under the delusion that success was at hand. 3. Psychiatry A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness: delusions of persecution.

Is this fantastic exchange another example of Joe Biden's--and the entire Obama administration's-- trademark lack of intellectual integrity? Is Joe simply being the muddleheaded blowhard and liar we have all come to recognize? Or is his effrontery based on a well-founded calculation? Is he correctly assuming that The Anointed One's media lapdogs will continue to spin away reality and pound home this outrageously dishonest theme so relentlessly that eventually the public will swallow the snake oil?

Anything,and I do mean ANYTHING, this administration says or does is total nonsense. They would not recognize common sense if they found it sitting at the morning briefing table- which, by the way, would never happen with Obama and his posse. Talk about a tragic play. Barack and Joe are very much like twin Willie Lowmans, except less believeable. And, in this tragedy, there is really no Biff Lowman who can sort out what is going on.

Somebody please tell these rag fliers and cohorts of the "hoax" that the gig is up.
We aren't buying it anymore. The media outlets are propaganda machines that are way outdated. You didn't upgrade when you were on a roll and now that the truth can be found by applying a bit of common sense to the intel at large, your methods are obsolete.
The kool-aid has spoiled. And it stinks to the high heavens!
Run that tingle up your legs idiots!

Vice President Biden does not deserve the respect of the Office he holds. He has not earned it. He cannot seem to tell the truth, but maybe he does not recognize it....He is still a lying politician. Grow up man and make you own way and mature in to the VP position. You and Obama seem to want to blame the Bush administration for everything, so why not now when George W. Bush ought to get the credit????

Just think, this pompous, full of himself, know-nothing, knucklehead is "a heartbeat away" from being the leader of the free world. Fast forward me to 2012 please!

I have read almost all of the 510 comments already received regarding Biden's rediculous comment about "Obama's achievement in Iraq." I have not seen even one comment that attempts to support Biden's assertion. I am very pleased to see that so many people have the same opininion of Biden that I do ... He is one of the dumbest people on the planet. And he is one heartbeat away from the Presidency. Obama has been a complete disaster, but Biden would surely cause more damage!


LOL is right. Are these two clowns for real. It's like watching Red Skelton and Sammy Davis, Jr doing stand-up. If Obama saved Iraq's bacon, then I'm Jimmy Dean.

What other accomplishments have these two Stalinites managed to pull off?

If it wasn't such an insult to your intelligence it would be funny. Hey, we could complete the set and fire Robert Gibbs and replace him with Conan!

Are these people for real...blame all of your issues on the previous administration and then try to take credit for successes that you had no part in accomplishing! The only things the current administration has accomplished is spending a ton of money with NO results, trying to pass a socialized healthcare bill, and fortunately for the American people, with NO results, a cash for clunkers program that produced...yes, you guessed it, NO results. With so many scenarios producing NO results...I begin to wonder, President Obama, where is the so-called "hope" you promised those who voted for you (of which I am NOT one!)?

I cant believe this knuckle head does not drink. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS,keep up the great work!

This 60 yr old gave them a change. I will never make that mistake again. This man is a heart beat away from being the President. God Forbid. And To those far far left folks. The middle of the road white folks like me are going to make sure this never happens again. Even McCain might have been better.

These guys live in a freaking another universe. How the heck does Biden say these things with a straight face? How the heck does this guy sleep at night? Nothing good, absolutely nothing will ever be said positive about George Bush. But they sure as heck won't let us forget for one minute that "they inherited this mess" from the last administration. Garbage in the White House, that's all I can say..

re-write History, blame everyone else(even those close to you) for all bad things,take credit for all good things no matter what, and then say it over,and over, and over, and over,and over untill the public gets tired of hearing it, or it becomes truth. A true communistic,marxist,alinsky tactic.

Makes sense to me....considering the fact that Obama and crew have blamed everything possible on stands to reason that their ONE achievement of their entire term will be something that Bush accomplished. These guys are more unbelievable than anyone could have imagined....their story changes with the tides....I only wish they would go out with the next outgoing tide.

Obamunism must be fought

tooth and nail

every second

of every day

and every step of the way.

One of his great achievements?? WOW!!! These guys are so far over their heads -- they'd better call David Gergen quick, for all of our sakes.

Do these two (OBAMA/BIDEN) have medical doctors that they are seeing regularly? They are surely detached from reality. If not, then I must be.

GW Bush Lost the Iraq War:

Thanks to GW Bush we now have a Nuclear Iran, and a greater Persia in Iraq.

GW Bush upset the balance of power in the Middle East. Saddam Hussein fought the Iran/ Iraq war for over eight years. The Sunnis, Iraq, didn’t like the Shites, Iran.

GW Bush destroyed the top three enemies of Iran, Saddam Hussein,Iraqi Republican Guard, and the Sunni Muslims.

The Iranians were now free of their top enemies, thanks, GW Bush. So, the Iranians diverted all their scud missiles to fight Israel in a proxy war. And oh yes, divert all their resources to develop a Iranian nuclear bomb.

GW Bush worried that Saddem Hussein would develop a nuclear bomb, give me a break. The Iraqi were nowhere near developing the bomb.

So, if your Think that GW Bush was a genius in invading and occupying Iraq, bankrupting our country, you are a Kool aid drinking GW Bush fan.

Is this satire?

He cannot be serious? This is like the third string quarterback that took a few snaps at the end of the game when the score was already 56-0 giving a news conference and talking about HIS glorious victory.

How do these people look in the mirror? Name a campaign promise (used loosely) that Obama has not broken? Openness? He lied. Bi-partisanship? Don't make me laugh. Healthcare on CSPAN? Still waiting. No tax increase for middle class? He is keeping his options open.

I mean the list goes on. Even Bill Clinton told the truth occasionally.

I shudder when I think these two clowns are in charge. Now Cheney was a damn good VP - this clown could learn something from his predecessor.

The only people who will believe this whopper will be Chris Matthews and the rest of the sychophant media. Obama is proving to be the god that failed. He will succeed at reviving the Republican Party though.

And worse Gibbs the babbler throws out their standard line in his presser "it was a mess when we got here, and now we made it better."

Baffling....completely political from the "non political administration". But really what comes out of Biden's mouth that doesn't leave me baffled.

If things go well in Iraq & end well....which is still not gauranteed Mr. Vice will be America's acheivment. Not Yours.

This one is a classic. I'm thinking, at some point this much coming out of a person's mouth should be a serious medical condition.

It occours to me that the ONLY thing stupider than what Blow Biden said is that the news media is still so afraid to react to these fools lies, lies, lies ! Whenever ONE of the media biggys breaks from their shackles of fear of this administration...and prints the truth...instead of covering for them....this news media will be #1......There are hundreds, na, thousands of lies, mistatements, and untruths this administration continues to make, but still none of the main stream media will break away and report the news all of America will welcome. Should be interesting when one does, and it WILL happen....just a matter of time, fortitude and patriotism.

A small white fat porker who serves as Napoleon's right hand pig and minister of propaganda. Squealer manipulates the language to excuse, justify, and extol all of Napoleon's actions. Squealer limits debate by complicating it and he confuses and disorients, making claims that the pigs need the extra luxury they are taking in order to function properly, for example. However, when questions persist, he usually uses the threat of the return of Mr Jones, the former owner of the farm, to justify the pigs' privileges. Squealer uses statistics to convince the animals that life is getting better and better. Most of the animals have only dim memories of life before the revolution; therefore, they are convinced. In the end, he is the first pig to walk on his hind legs.
Animal Farm - Wikipedia

You have to be kidding Mr.Biden. If anybody deserves credit is George W Bush and our troops. The President and your administration have done NOTHING for the country or our troops. I would like to laugh at your comments, but seeing what you have done to our country in one year makes me cry.

"It seems that Biden, who's from Delaware when he's in Delaware and Pennsylvania when in Pennsylvania, is certain now that Iraq will turn out to be one of the Obama-Biden administration's greatest achievements."

After a long night of nibbling on cheese wedges in the White House basement, Obama, Axletoad, and Ramalet devise a scheme to make Joe look completely foolish. Joe, ever the compliant servant, rushes on to Larry King to insult the intelligence of the American people.

Hollywood couldn't make these idiots up...

America wanted these idiots? America got them. Idiots with a tag "philosofers". What a surprise... If a liberal knows how to read letter on teleprompter - just this alone qualifies them as "smart" and "clever"...

The Dems must really believe Americans are stupid and will believe this Bullxxxx, Can you believe them????

To think this idiot is only a heart-beat away from being POTUS! And the Liberal/Progressives have the nerve to mock Sarah Palin!

Joe Biden: LIES about the Iraq War being Obama's greatest achievement.

Barack Obama: LIES about the economy, jobs, CEO bonuses and his campaign promises (GITMO, anyone?).

Hilary Clinton: LIES about being under fire at the Kosovo airport. Whitewater, Madison Savings and Loan - all lies.

Nancy Pelosi: LIES about the CIA and her personal use of Air Force jets.

Timothy Geithner: LIES about cheating on his taxes, then sells us all down the river to his banking buddies.

Harry Reid: LIES about what is in the healthcare bill, then bribes senators with OUR MONEY just to get it passed.

Barney Frank: LIES about the CRA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac all being financially sound.

Chris Dodd: LIES about Countrywide and his sweetheart deals.

Al Gore: LIES about Global warming, carbon credits and bilking the American public.

Starting to see a pattern, here?


Remember this at the next election, people!

If this wasn't such a tragedy, it would be an episode of "The Office" . This is going to end in fire.

After he leaves offices: Obama should assume the role of worlds most interesting man - he lives vicariously through himself.

Wow... that's a stretch, considering the status of forces agreement was reached in 2008. Who would have thought they would stack the cards so nicely, in this department, for the next administration?

I really hope no one is buying this.

Everybody knows it was the Navy "Corpse"men who won the war, not the surge......another LOL -

Well, maybe if the 'war in Iraq should never have existed in the first place', Gore & Clinton shouldn't have saber-rattled for it during all of the 1990's, and the Democrats shouldn't have voted for it in plurality and then for every funding bill.

Other Great Accomplishments of the Obama Administration:

1) Breaking the 3-Minute Mile
2) Landing on the moon before the Decade Was Out, in 1969
3) Discovering the Grand Unification
4) Winning the Civil War
5) Accepting the Japanese Surrender aboard the USS Missouri.
6) Finding the Men's Room outside the Senate Chamber

Poppycock, no change in Iraq since Bush left office. Little withdrawal yet, it scheduled at the same pace as Bush negotiated and Obama even kept Bush's Sec. of Defense. Pelosi, Reid ("the war is lost"), Biden and Obama said they would have withdrawn our troops years ago (fulfilling their prophecy) and now Biden claims CREDIT!

Maybe it might be advisable to wait and see (as a Good general will do) - if ALL HELL DOES NOT break loose in Iraq. Then we will once again see the reverse going back to ... "Er ah .. ugh .. ah .. It's Bush's Fault this happened!!"
I would invite the very opinions of those troops actually on ground in Iraq and ask THEIR opinion on all this. Suffice it to say that it would do well for the WH to RESPECT that opinion. Has Mr. CIC ever bothered to visit the troops on the ground there, as Bush did? If not -- WHY NOT!?

If this were not the actual linear thinking of this current Administration I would be laughing my ass off. But I cannot -- because the implications of this are far more serious. A Commander in Chief completely out of touch with the logistics and operations of the field - as it was in Viet Nam. Micro-managed to the point of relying upon statistics and Pentagon "Body Counts" - that went completely against the very field intelligence many of us "Spooks" [US Navy Crypto Techs/Counter-Intell] risked our lives for.

I am, however, grateful that the average American NOW has enough common sense to see through this charade. In the '60s we fought Communists in the battle fields and in the home based Universities, with the Press helping little.
Reagan brought back the National Pride lost when Soldiers AND Sailors were returning home - some with that "Six Mile Stare" -- or worse -- to be spat upon by the very "Intellectuals" who are now running this country. I need not dwell on this ... history speaks abundance on the aftermath. Those 'dominoes' fell quickly right after. Millions slaughtered in Asia AFTER we surredered (was it any other way?).

To the audacity of it all -- along with Hopeless Change so promised, let's see if the winds of TRUTH will not finally avail if, in fact, Iraq does fall apart -- and the American public may ask COLLECTIVELY -- WHY! I do not think Iraq is stable enough for the White House to declare -- "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!" Surge -- the "I voted against it before I voted for it" all over again!

Three more years of this?! If I could put my uniform back on again I would, to be at the side of our Bothers and Sisters in Harm's Way. It's a sense of Brotherhood the WH has NO CLUE about, nor would they ever with the thinking as such.

When the President FINALLY (if ever) gets out of the campaign mode and decides that he is PRESIDENT and NOT Candidate -- and NOT just a Democrat -- maybe, just maybe that light will shine where it should (and I need not mention where!).
Parade Rest!

This explains the rumor that Hillary will replace him on the 2012 ticket; he's certifiable. Now that really WOULD BE the greatest accomplishment of BHO's administration!

Well Joe, thanks for letting us know this groundbreaking information. And here I've been sitting around wondering just what they've accomplished other than double digit unemployment (don't believe that 9.7% crap they're talking doesn't factor in people who have finished their benefits but still have no jobs, people who lost an appeal, or people who have no job but didn't file), debt in numbers we can't comprehend and our great-grandchildren will be paying for, renewed the art of bowing and apologizing, stonewalled information about his education and birth, allowed terrorists to have Miranda rights and moved a terrorist's trial into a public court....yep, thanks for clarifying Joe. Keep talking:o)

Stealing credit for speeches.. wars.. what's the difference?

I love this! Who would have thought that the only thing that the obama administration didn't inherit from Bush was the Iraq war! Beam me me up Scotty! Human beings cannot live in this weird parallel universe. obama has also quietly extended the patriot act. They are also tracking our cell phones without warrant. Guantanamo is still up and running. More troops in Afghanistan. Big bailouts for capitalist banks. No single payer health insurance. No climate change treaty. No cap & trade. Tax hikes for families making under $250,000. No card check. No 'immigration reform'. Hey libs.....! What are you gonna say when us conservatives take over in 2012, and continue with the 'obama doctrine'?

Talk about OUT-OF-TOUCH with REALITY !!!!!!!!!! Of course other than Gore, Biden was always the DUNCE of the Senate....

The next time, do some research on the people you are voting for. So this doesn't happen again. Let's hope we still have a country left, after these clowns are GONE.

Is he claiming credit for the part he voted against?...or some other achievement he had nothing to do with?

You guys have misunderstood the headline. The headline reads, "Iraq one of Obama's 'great achievements'" We all know that Iraq is a failure because Obama told us so. So if Biden wants to credit his boss with Iraq's failure then I'll give it to him. Obama, you are the greatest loser this country has ever seen. Thanks for the change!

Rise Up! Throw these idiots out..

You publish drivel like this and wonder why people are quitting newspapers? Wow!

(Well, in case you hadn't noticed, this isn't a newspaper. It's an online blog. And we're doing great. You can tell it's not a newspaper. No paper. And no inky fingers. And thanks for being here.)

This is unbelievable that Biden and Obama would try to take credit for Bush's achievements in Iraq...They both opposed the surge. Said it would never work...Obama is continually blaming Bush for economic woes the country has..Deficits are Bush's fault...the reason we're having to spend so much is because of Bush, and now they're trying to take credit for an actual Bush victory.. They're about as classless as any two politicians I've ever seen. It's also remarkable what Biden said about Palin in that same interview....Read: Biden talks about

Just when you thought these guys couldn't get any this the friggin twilite zone or what??? Holy Crap! PLEASE...PLEASE...SCOTTY, I BEG YOU..BEAM ME UP!

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