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GOP, Bush get some blame for economy, lack of bipartisanship in new polls

Bush-jesterAs readers of the Ticket know, some recent polls about President Obama have been — how shall we say? — less than stellar. Perhaps that’s why a headline in today’s New York Times seems to leap off the page: “Obama Fares Better in Poll Than G.O.P.”

True, the new New York Times/CBS News poll is no Democratic valentine. It found that 46% of respondents approved of the way Obama is handling his job. Forty-five percent disapproved and 9% had no opinion.

But the poll also had sobering findings for the GOP (as did another survey we'll get to in a bit). As for the New York Times/CBS News poll, Adam Nagourney and Megan Thee-Brenan note in their report:

While the president is showing signs of vulnerability on his handling of the economy — a majority of respondents say he has yet to offer a clear plan for creating jobs — Americans blame former President George W. Bush, Wall Street and Congress much more than they do Mr. Obama for the nation’s economic problems and the budget deficit, the poll found.

They credit Mr. Obama more than Republicans with making an effort at bipartisanship, and they back the White House’s policies on a variety of disputed issues, including allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly in the military and repealing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

One of the questions was this: “Do you think any of the following understand the needs and problems of the people like yourself, or not?” Obama fared best...

... on this one, with 60% of respondents saying he “does understand.” Congress lagged behind the president, with 43% saying Democrats in Congress understand. Thirty-five percent said Republicans in Congress understand.

The nationwide telephone poll of 1,084 adults was taken from Feb. 5 through 10. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points for all adults.

Another sampling of public opinion released this week, this one by Zogby International, also touched upon Obama and Bush. A key subject was bipartisanship, and the results for Bush were — how shall we say? — less than stellar.

Voters were asked, “Who was more serious about working with both parties?” Forty-nine percent of all voters said Obama, 38% said Bush.

As one would expect, Bush did better among Republicans (75% said he was more serious) and Obama got rave reviews from Democrats (85%). The Zogby survey, conducted Feb. 3 through 5, was an interactive survey of 2,618 likely voters, with a margin of error of +/- 2.0%.

-- Steve Padilla

Photo: President George W. Bush during a meeting with local and state officials with a Mardi Gras jester as a backdrop at New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau Inc. Credit: David Grunfeld / EPA

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It is more than time for the mainstream media to stop picking on Bush...he's out of work like most of the rest of us...quit kicking a man when he's down, OK?!?

Wow, you don't say, this is what I've been writing about for the last year, what a mess the Republicans have made out of my country! They lost 8 and a half million jobs under their boy "Blew it Bush, who also left you/America a record debt/Bill $1.5 Trillion and my favorite fact Mass missed is they left office with the lowest job approval rating in the history of the United States Presidency, 20%!

Be sure now you RUN and vote Republican again the Republicans sure do appreciate you....."APPRECIATE IT!

Here's what my professor 35 years Department Chair of history had to say about the Republicans...."Tommy he, "What the Republicans have done to the United States is CRIMINAL!

...."Then he turned and walked away...and that my fellow American's was five years ago...

As a registered Voter/Vet USAF, I am disgusted with what the Republicans have done to my country and more disgusted that the country keeps re-electing proof American's don't pay attention!

Sincerely, Tommy Birchfield, Voter/Vet USAF,
Graduate Student, Masters Program, Professional Studies,

Barack Obama spent millions of dollars and made hundreds of promises to become president of the USA. Now, his lack of qualifications and non-leadership has failed to improve the economy, so he blames George Bush's administration. He looks to the past and blames Bush, however when something positive comes from Bush's past policies, Obama steps up and take the credit.

Will Obama ever step up to the plate and the economy? I say no way!!!! He only blames W.. I sold my house in '07 and made $300,000 and guess what W. was president then! No to Obama!!!

When GW, known in our house as Predsident Dullard, left office, the economy was spiraling ever faster down the drain. It was competely out of control. The only reason that we have recovered to the degree we see now is becaue Barack Obama stepped up to the plate and made the difficult descions to turn our economy around. The GOP has fought our president all along the path to recovery. Yes, you could say that Bush and the GOP get some of the blame for the economy. In fact, you could say they ARE TO BLAME for the economy.

Is it any mystery what the Tea Party is all about? They are tired and frustrated with both political parties. The feeling among the TP activists is that DC is insulated and out of touch with the American people. I'm sure the candidates of BOTH parties will take up the populist mantle in November. Principles don't mean squat; it's winning that counts.


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