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New poll: Now, signs of real vulnerability for California's Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer

California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer

So, is California's brittle Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer about to become the next Harry Reid? Which is to say, embattled at home.

As Reid worked the wallets of San Francisco on Presidents' Day to raise money for his endangered seat in Nevada, some stunning new Rasmussen Reports poll out today makes a compelling point:

For the second straight month the three-term senator is unable to break the 50% mark against any potential Republican opponents, the historical measuring mark of vulnerability for an incumbent nine months before an election.

For a Democrat in a Democrat state that gave Barack Obama 61% of its votes in 2008 (and still likes him more than many other places) to be mired in the mid-40's is a sign of real trouble. This is especially so given the fact that disgruntled voters gave Democrats control of the House, Senate and White House in 2008, expecting something to....

...happen beyond another congressional payraise. Voters appear to be looking at a the stubborn ineffectiveness of the much-vaunted economic stimulation bill, continued high unemployment and waning Obama approval. It's not like they don't know Boxer after all her years in the state's public life. To help with the warmth of money, Boxer has Al Gore's headline help fundraising.

Yes, sure, incumbents retain huge powers and money advantages over challengers and it's a long time until November, when the five-term ex-representative Boxer will turn 70. But nationally, indications are growing that 2010 could be a tidal wave election beyond the usual midterm swing with voters believing in a different kind of change to believe in.

Is it possible they could dump out a Democrat even in California?

Rasmussen found Boxer barely leading Republican challenger Carly Fiorina, 46-42, the same margin as January but down from a 10-point lead in September. Boxer beats former congressman Tom Campbell by the same four-point margin, 45-41, the same as in January when he jumped into the race, and is ahead of state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore by only five points, 47-42, down from her November lead of 10 points and January's 46-40 spread.

Rasmussen interprets the numbers as showing the race right now is much more about the outspoken Boxer than any of her challengers or what they are doing/saying.

One particularly ominous sign for the incumbent: One out of four California voters has a very favorable opinion of Boxer. But one out of three has a very unfavorable opinion.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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they are all ‘Pure Marxist Socialist’

Well, I can only hope she is thrown out with the other trash in CA. I'm 40 years old, lived in CA. my whole life, and have voted against Boxer and Feinstien every single time, only to have you fools vote them in again. It's about time you people pry your lips off the bong, and look around at your surroundings. I've had hope for a long time, now lets see some real change, you silly hippies.

IT'S time for both whe & fIENSTIEN TO GO.

Woo Hoo! Can NOT Wait until November when we Californians VOTE BOXER OUT! Jake, I'm with you, i'm locally doing everything I can to get her OUT! She is a total disgrace to California and her constituents. I am working hard in the local arena to vote ALL the crazy leftist populist incumbents out. Stay tuned, we might just get our great state back to what she once was......Hollywood Elitist Celebs, your voices that spout liberal, progressive, Country destroying nonsense is no longer being listened to. Boxer, Reid, Pelosi, et al, Start Packing!

Ok. So you don't like Boxer. How about voting for a real Conservative this time. You know, one with a record to prove it, and not just a voice that is saying what she or he thinks you want to hear. That person is Chuck Devore. His record in the State Assembly speaks for him. He is a problem solver and not a politician. He deserves our vote.

We saved a bundle of money last week by having Congress unable to convene due the many inches of "global warming" that fell on DC. I agree, she should bow out. I was sitting on the fence until her little tirade of "call me Senator."

She will become increasingly vulnerable. She is out of step with the country's political mood. She will have to go back to accepting "ma'am" when spoken to respectfully.


People of California! Your nation is calling you!
We will be there to support you. We know you are just like us - working hard and trying to provide for your families and you don't need this liberal moonbat in your lives any longer. This woman is an embarrassment to the office and your wonderful state.
Please band together as my friends and family did in MA for Scott Brown. If your man is Devore, then have a "MoneyBomb Day" and we will all help from all over the USA, we'll be there with our hard-earned cash to help your candidate!

We are The People and we will be there to help!

Its about time Ca wised up to the liberal progressive socialists that have been running Ca into the group. Vote Boxer out and vote for;
Chuck DeVore

This is music to my ears, and I cannot WAIT for November... to VOTE BOXER OUT! Not that I EVER cast one vote FOR her. She is a disgrace to the position AND our beautiful state. Sincerely, A Fed-Up Californian We are FOR Chuck DeVORE!!

Can you please call her Senator? She believes she's earned it. Okay??

I live in california and have voted against boxer every time. what the liberals have done here is what they will do to the rest of the country if obama/reid/pelosi et al are not stopped. i think i will just about die and go to heaven if california elects a republican senator, i prefer chuck devore, but i will vote for anyone against boxer.

Anyone remember the Congressional check overdraft scandal? Boxer was at the top of the list.
Spend, spend, spend seems to be her style. How has that spend, spend, spend attitude worked out for the California budget?

With any luck, LA and the Bay Area will break away from the more rational part of CA. They deserve Babs and her enviro-fascist, progressive, baby-killing, marxist ilk.

Barbara has the most nominations for ''most stupid senator'' an award that I
think should go to Al Franken next year. Let us retire Boxer with her well deserved award this year and give California a chance,just this once ?

Seventys is ok for some senators.Hey R. Byrd,the former KKK grand wizard is
over ninety and can still put to sleep most other sens with his unending
monologues and tired latin quotations .Boxer always obtains unanimous
consent to dispense with the reading of all bills sponsored by her and that no
other senator is ever willing to co-sponsor.sen Boxer is sort of like the fith
weel of the cart and needs to not be elected for another 6 years of showing up j ust to get her pay cheque.

Ma'am...... may I call you Ma'am? You're fired!

I left California years ago. I'm a native but I like having a job and an affordable home. I miss the beaches but beaches will do you no good if you can't find a job, pay the rent/mortgage and pay the taxes. California was once a great state but the leftists have ruined my native home. The high school I went to now has race riots. We were safe 30 years ago but now those neighborhoods are full of illegal aliens who have turned them into little Mexico a 3rd world nation.

The two houses of congress where set up as representatives of the states.
The Senate has two members from each state – they are there to represent that states government. That is way they where originally voted in to office by the state legislators.

The House of Representatives has one member per capita ( percentage) of the states population and are there to represent the people of the state.

The Senators the represent state as a whole, the House represents the state by districts with-in
the state.

Over the years the Senate has taken more and more power from the House, But the House still controls the purse strings and that is where the real power IS.

Control the House and the Senate and White House can kiss OFF.

Ha Ha!

Good riddance grandma!

Send her packing. She has dipped enough at the public trough. She and Diane Fienstein have run the military and conservative voters out of California. Her arrogance does not warrant another term. Her views on cap and trade, global warming, and outrageous spending will lead to the demise of the American economy. As queen of the bad check writers at the congressional bank in Washington, DC, it is obvious she cannot even balance her own check book, let alone the national budget.

Hope this is true,I love good news like this.

Letter to Ms. Boxer:

Ms. Boxer,

It is so nice to see that you are still drinking the global warming, eco-Fascist Kool-aid. But let’s get down to the truth. After all, you and me, we know what this agenda is all about…..exreminating mankind.

You see, you and all other eco-Fascists don’t believe in humans, and our place in the eco-system, you believe in confiscating farm land, and propagating the phony science that will allow you to kill off millions more in the name of global warming. Eco-Fascism is murder, you and your ilk propagate murder:

“Like the high priests of global warming, Rachel Carson knew what she was doing. She claimed DDT would actually destroy all life on Earth if its use continued – the “silent spring” of the title is a literal description of the epocalypse she forecast. She misused a quote from Albert Schweitzer about atomic warfare, implying the late doctor agreed with her crusade against pesticide by dedicating her book to him… when, in fact, Schweitzer viewed DDT as a “ray of hope” against disease-carrying insects. Some of the scientists attempting to debunk her hysteria went so far as to eat chunks of DDT to prove it was harmless, but she and her allies simply ignored them, making these skeptics the forerunners of today’s “global warming deniers” – absolutely correct and utterly vilified. William Ruckleshaus disregarded nine thousand pages of testimony when he imposed the DDT ban. Then as now, the science was settled… beneath a mass of politics and ideology.”

The result, 60,000,000 dead in Africa! Sound familiar? Sound like the unfounded scam of global warming? Sound like the thousands of Californians that have been put out of work while their farm lands are turned into a desert? All in the name of eco-Fascism! Tell me Ms. Boxer, where is the dignity and honor in forced starvation? How many people die each year at the hands of the eco-Fascists like yourself? How does it feel to be honored as the neo Pol Pot?

Now that her Senate protector, (and brother-in-law) Teddy (the killer) Kennedy is dead, this arrogant, elitist, ultra-Leftist is in big trouble. Why? Because the people are sick and tired of the abuse they've been taking from those who are supposed to represent them. They are tired of the lies and corruption, perpetrated on a scale never seen before in this country. They are sick of being told how they must live, by arrogant elitists who own private jets, massive mansions, and who laugh at the notion that THEY should pay their taxes like we peons do. Apparently, even in Mexifornia people are actually starting to wake up. Better late than never. Talk about earth-shattering news!

Senator Barbra Boxer, needs to be Voted OUTof office.There was some interesting campaign finance info uncovered about Boxer recenly.

Why does Boxer get 1.4 mil. from illegal immigrant groups????

I been reading about Meg Whitman I think she is a mold. Boxer and Whitman and Steve Poizner wanted to increase tax
to cover budget shortfalls in Sacramento.
Boxer and Whitman and Jerry Brown are great friend of Van Jonesis group they get a hell NO Vote

Yes lets for Carly Fiorina, so she can ship any jobs left in California to China, as she did when she was the CEO of HP.

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