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Obama's CIO Kundra says the UK's is groovy like the Beatles, or something

If the Beatles are bigger than Jesus, as John Lennon claimed in 1966, then is bigger than both of them?

No, but the Beatles were apparently the best comparison to the UK's new Internet project that White House Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra could come up with.

To mark the launch of Britain's own version of -- the website that makes various national statistics available in standard computer formats -- Kundra published a post on the White House blog titled "They Gave Us The Beatles, We Gave Them"

"The Federal Government does not have a monopoly on the best ideas," Kundra writes. "We are pleased to see that other governments share the administration's philosophy that data availability will help change how government operates and empower citizens to participate in making government services more effective, accessible and transparent."

You know, like the Beatles.

Canada, can you please launch your own version of, so Kundra can sarcastically say, "They gave us Celine Dion (really, thanks a lot for that one) ....."

-- Mark Milian

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Photo: Vivek Kundra. Credit: CKramer via Flickr

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Mark Milian - wow, so ignorant about your neighbour to the north. Canada has had a website for a long time called stats canada Your site's not original, you know. Most of the things you think you've "created" "discovered" "invented" are copied from other coutries. Sad you don't know enough about the world to know that - delusional or what!


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