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Far left has taken over Democratic Party, Sen. Bayh says

Massachusetts Republican state Senator Scott Brown and Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley

Victory has many proud parents. Defeat has a whole lot of pointing fingers. Or something like that.

As The Ticket noted first thing this morning, the blame game has already started in the startling Massachusetts U.S. Senate race, operating on the always dangerous assumption that someone has won (Republican Scott "I Drive a Pickup, You Know" Brown) and someone has lost (Democrat Martha "Ewh, Shake Hands with Those People?" Coakley) before the votes are counted.

But, hey, why not?

If staunch lifelong Democrat and son of a staunch lifelong Democrat Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana is doing it, then it must be OK.

He's not yet joined the no-you-didn't-yes-we-did-why-didn't-you-call-for-help-sooner-well-hello-we-did-but-you-weren't-listening-because-of-that-inside-DC-healthcare-dance-Obama-wants-so-badly.

But he is warning that, assuming Coakley the Democrat is electoral toast come balloon-dropping time tonight, Democrats need to learn an important lesson -- and learn it quite quickly. Bayh, who is one of those gutless moderates who just keeps on winning because he listens and stays connected back home, says his party and president have simply abandoned moderation to push a far-left agenda that alienates moderates and, hello, independents, who happen to make up about half of the Massachusetts electorate.

Says Bayh to ABC News:  "It’s why moderates and independents even in a state as Democratic as Massachusetts just aren’t buying our message. They just don’t believe the answers we are currently proposing are solving their problems. That’s something that has to be corrected."

Bayh, once discussed as a VP for the next-door smooth-talking guy from Illinois, predicts fellow Democrats will go into denial tomorrow if state Sen. Brown becomes U.S. Sen. Brown.

"The only we are able to govern successfully in this country," Bayh warns, "is by liberals and progressives making common cause with independents and moderates. Whenever you have just the furthest left elements of the Dem party attempting to impose their will on the rest of the country -- that’s not going to work too well.”

Ironically, that's the same argument Democrats made successfully in 2008 to dump all those GOP suits over on the far side of the other side.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Associated Press

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Note to Obama, Pelosi, and Reid - you can't spend your way out of debt. If you think FDR was so great, look at the tax rates of the time. Absolute insanity. Couple increased taxes with the insane health care proposal costs, Cap and Trade = TAX, increased production costs, fuel costs, and you have a recipe for disaster. Americans can be fooled once, maybe even twice, but we're onto the Big Spenders in DC, and you're on the way out.

Ok. The votes were counted. She lost. But, hey, don't be deterred. The Democrats, upping the ante on Bush's last days, are attempting to semi-nationalize the health industry and have already nationalized car companies, insurance companies, to the tunes of trillions of trillions of dollars of debt that are pulled from the collective deconstructive tuchus of the political economies make-believe interstices.

So far, so good! The country loves it!

Well, at least SOMEBODY recognizes that the country does not want the perverted Marxist agenda of the extreme radical left.

I suspect more will quickly distance themselves from MAObama, Harry Reid and Nazi Pelosi.

Think Boxer wants HopyChangy to come to California and campaign for her?

Bayh's concerns would be more impressive, if he hadn't voted in lockstep with the Obama agenda.

As a conservative, I suggest that Obama, Pelosi and Reid quickly double down on their agenda and try to push anything and everything through as quickly as they can, like amnesty for illegal immigrants, "card check" and cap & trade.

Please. Do it. You think losing Ted Kennedy's old seat feels bad? Try it and see how losing the entire country feels. You had your shot, people trusted you and gave you a chance, and you totally blew it. Now go away.

One lie too far....

Problem is that the head far-left ideologue is sitting in the White House and he got there by the usual Democrat Party tactic of lying about his actual policies to get elected then trying to turn us into USSA. Americans HATE communism, period. Unfortunately for Bayh, Obama years at the feet of some of the most despicable marxist nuts around were important. Obama really believes that he is the American Lenin.

So they have gone one lie too far for power and now are stuck with a disaster of a President whom has destroyed the Democrat brand in Kennedy backyard in less than 11 months? NO DEMOCRAT IS SAFE and sorry to let the Democrats know but the spawn of William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Mike Klonsky, Frank Marshall and Anne Durham isn't going to care at all. For them and him it is going to be communist America or bust.

The only liberal happy this morning is Jimmy Carter, he is pleased to finally be replaced as the worst President in history.

You've got him pegged right as a "gutless moderate". This is the same guy that gave a rousing pep talk to the Dem caucus right before Xmas to pass this healthcare monstrosity. His seeing the light, I feel, has not come quick enought. The same folks that elected Scott Brown have been watching Evan and he's next in their sights in Indiana.

Mr. Bayh, you have supported them at every turn. You are a classsic blue dog, 100% left by voting record, hiding behind a blue mask of newspaper coulumns. We Hoosiers are very eager to settle this with an election.

Bayh's words and voting record do NOT match -- look it up. He is a left wing liberal in DC and an "oh I'm listening to the people" moderate when he comes back to Indiana (which is not often). We voted for him in the past, but he has changed, perhaps by spending too much time with far left counterparts in Washington.

Coakley sucked. I'm so glad good 'ol boy Scott Brown will get to sweep into the senate and do... what, exactly? There's a remarkable lack of ideas on the right. His rubber stamp against health care reform is assured, but then what?

I hear a lot of people on the right saying we won't spend our way out of this mess, as if Obama's strategy is simply to throw money at problems. I'm not sure what the right is proposing, but

I mean, you guys are talking about something beyond just tax cuts and deregulation, right? I know you've tried to burn the memory of George W. Bush (R) from your memory, but we tried the cuddling big-business and cutting taxes for millionaires route before, and that seems to be what got us into this mess in the first place.

Anyway, good luck. The more the right regains power in this country, the more our decimated economy becomes their problem, the less they can blame on Obama, and the greater opportunity there is for rightist economic theories to further prove their inadequacy in turning this country around. Please, nail that stake even further into the heart of capitalism, Teabaggers.

Could somebody please find Mr. Obama's mop and give it back to him? He's made quite a mess of things and really needs to get back to work.

spinning to save his own butt. Evan, you voted for Deathcare. the genie is out of the bottle. Your butt is getting the boot along with the rest of them

The left took over a year ago and we have seen legislation and behavior ever day to confirm that. No doubt, had Coakley won, you wouldn't be saying this. Youvoted with them to screw the american people. Your getting the boot to

Tell us something we don't know, Bayh.

This is a strong candidate for the "Bottom Stories of the Day" segment in James Taranto's daily "Best of the Web" in the WSJ.

Gee, socialized medicine, socialized auto plants, groveling foreign policy.... ad infinitum and nauseum. Leftwingers have taken over the Dems? No sprout, Spurlock. Bayh needs to 'fess up his own non-trivial role in all this as do plenty of other bigs. The party of no is some party.

I disagree. I think the Dems are actually moving to the right, and in so doing, giving up any sort of momentum they may have had. Do you think Repubs would allow their key bills to be derailed by some inexplicable "need" to seem moderate? Hell no.

And yet Senator Bayh walked in LOCKSTEP with that far LEFT contingent now DIDN'T HE? Goodbye Bayh there is a Congressman Pence who will make a darn fine Senator! If you voted EVER for any of the obamacare CRAP and are up in 2010 you are GOING HOME! for those in 2012 WE The People NEVER FORGET!

Is Senator Bayh living in an alternate universe? The liberals/progressives continue to be relegated to second class status among the Democratic Party leadership in D.C., as evidenced by the wrong-headed compromises made in the Senate health care bill and, according to some, in the House Climate protection legislation.

The widely popular elements of health care reform were mostly gutted out at the insistence of moderate/conservative Democrats. It is the more popular elements of potential health care reform that the liberals/progressives support.
I wish the moderate Dems would realize that instead of kowtowing to big-monied insurance interests.

Can you please show me where Evan Bayh says "[The] far left has taken over Democratic Party"? What? He never actually said that and you're reporting your take on his comments as if it were a direct quote from him?

Typical garbage from Andrew Malcolm.

Bayh is executing a double CYA in an effort to appear moderate and save his seat in the Senate. I submit that it is already too late for him to recover.

Can anyone point me to the leftist liberal legislation that Bayh's talking about? Because the liberals wanted single-payer healthcare (or at least a public option), not a mandate to buy private insurance.

But then, Bayh's most important constituency is Wellpoint,so I guess I can see where he's coming from. They like the mandated insurance part, just not the part where they have to sell insurance to people who might get sick, and promise not to cancel them. Perhaps if Bayh keeps working his moderate magic, they can get rid of all that leftist crap and keep the mandate.

I am from Indiana and Mr. Bayh talks like a moderate, but votes like a liberal. He has gone along with all the Obama initiatives thus far. Now that he faces re-election, he's singing another song. So long Bayh. I will work to vote you out of office in November in Indiana. Actions speak louder than words. Mr. Bayh's actions demonstrates he is right in the thick of the liberal agenda supporting every initiative include OBMAMCARE that Hoosiers don't want.

And where was he when the Marxists took over the party leadership in Washington. Out to lunch? There are no Blue Dogs in the Democratic
Party. Just dogs.

Can we dump Boxer next!?

Please yourself Democrats, your party either moves more to the center, or more of the center will move to voting Republican. Change did not mean the center would have to change its views to meet the Democratic parties.

If you don't want out votes, keep on going the way you have been going.

Bayh is right.


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