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Scott Brown's daughter Ayla caught in new videos (SFW)

January 27, 2010 |  6:06 am


Well, more fodder for both Scott Brownophiles and Brownophobes today.

Ayla Brown, one of the Republican senator-elect's grown daughters, was on CBS' "The Early Show" this week and sang a song (see video below) called "No More," which is what the Democratic Obama administration hopes happens to these annoying GOP election victories like her father's upset win in Massachusetts last week.

Such election setbacks and worry about November's midterm balloting are among the reasons the president is bringing back onto his political strategy team David "Unfortunately-My-Politics-Book-Came-Out-During-the-Palin-Rogue-Book-Tour" Plouffe.

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So the song that the 21-year-old Ayla Brown chose to perform, not coincidentally, is from her new album. Everyone ...

... maybe remembers that Ayla Brown (pronounced Ay-la) is the Brown daughter who did well but not well enough on "American Idol" season five.

We don't get much opportunity on The Ticket to share music, unless musicians are whining about political use of their music. So here's an unwhiney item:

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However, not everyone was awake at that late hour of the Brown victory rally Jan. 19 to hear the happy election victor, the first GOP senator from Massachusetts since 1972, totally mortify his two daughters, as fathers are wont to do. Even if they're not new senators on national TV.

Ayla, an accomplished college basketball player, was ready for her father's discussion of his phone conversation with Obama and good-natured challenge for a little two-on-two hoops action at the White House.

But she was not prepared for an unscripted Brown moment caught on tape.

Here's Ayla discussing that surprising statement:

Watch CBS News Videos Online

As for Brown the father, he'll be on a segment of Jay Leno's terminally-ill 10 p.m. show Thursday and the main guest on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday morning, which will have a guest host named Barbara Walters.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press. Videos: CBS News.