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No joke -- 'African Americans for Senator Harry Reid' to meet this week

Harry Reid It only sounds like a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

The group “African Americans for Senator Harry Reid” had already scheduled its kickoff luncheon for Thursday when news broke of Reid's racially insensitive comments regarding President Obama.

Now the luncheon, hosted by veteran Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, is in the spotlight as the Nevada senator tries to repair his relationship with a Democratic base he needs for a tough reelection fight.

Look for more tomorrow on the Ticket. In the meantime, here’s some intentional comedy on the Reid contretemps.

-- Ashley Powers

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I say ! When will fatso Donna and Obama confront sen R. Byrd,you know the
former grand wizard of the KKK ,the most senior sitting democrat ?
The dems moto seems to be : 'We dont care if your from the kkk or any other
racist fringe group as long as you vote for our far left agenda
republican sen T. lott was a much honorable man when compared to the, Dodds,Schumers (funded by B.Maddof),Dorgan (funded by Abrahms) and so
many other sleazy caracters including the clown from Minessota

This reminds me of the joke:It's like inviting the chicken to vote for colonel
Saunders. HAHAHAHA

The sad thing is not what Harry said but more what he implied. We he said President Obama was a light skinned with no negro dialect that would do well, some one should have asked him what about the other African Americans who are not light skinned and may have some kind of negro dialect? If this were any one outside Harry’s party, his comments would have been compared to House negro’s as opposed to Field negro’s. Apparently Harry believes that Obama is a House negro?

This meeting is such a total joke!
Donna Brazile is going to be keynote....remember her as Al Gore's campaign'se that working out for your campaign Al...oh, you lost.
And they claim that Reid's comments about Obama being light skinned without a Negro Dialect mostly offended the younger AfricanAmericans...and THEY DONT VOTE usually...making the blacks of Donna's ilk and age just happy as a bunch of Duke female basketball players.

By the way...Harry will not be ATTENDING THE MEETING.
He hates fried chicken and bisquits, and hangs out with folks with a much LIGHTER skin color who only speak lier and insults to Republicans. So forget it, Congressional Black Caucus. Only Don Imus is your friend today...not old Harry...he is not your freedom generation for black civil rights.

Some people think as long as the democrats do all their thinking and always give them a handout, they don't care what the democrats say, or how far down they take america. Most blacks are enslaved to the democrat party, they outcast others who don't join them.

“The group “African Americans for Senator Harry Reid” had already scheduled its kickoff luncheon for Thursday when news broke of Reid's racially insensitive comments regarding President Obama”
Obviously, this prevents that blacks get credited for their racism within their ranks. Reid very concisely described the racist attitude that flourishes in the black community. Rushing to Reid’s defense can’t cover up that fact!


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