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Boy, now he's in real trouble; Obama administration revokes U.S. visa of accused Nigerian bomber [Update]

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Under the category of looks-like-about-12-days-too-late, the State Department has announced it is revoking the U.S. visa for suspected Nigerian underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

That will show him and who knows how many others that the Obama administration really means business.

The 23-year-old al-Qaeda-trained terrorist was on a terrorist watch list because he had traveled to Yemen for training. His father also warned U.S. officials he was dangerous. President Obama admitted Tuesday that U.S. intelligence experts knew much about the man but "failed to connect the dots" causing a "potentially disastrous" situation.

"Intelligence was not fully utilized and not fully leveraged," the Democratic president said sternly. "We have to do better, and we have to do it quickly." Obama said he found the lapses "unacceptable." And he ordered even more reviews.

The president also announced that after consulting with Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, he had decided not to send any more Guantanamo Bay prisoners to Yemen due to the unsettled situation there. But this would not affect his determination to close the prison someday.

The would-be bomber from Nigeria is in jail accused of the blessedly botched bombing of a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day that could have killed almost 300 people. The fuse fizzled in his explosive-laden underpants.

Passengers had to hit the young male there many times to put out the fire.

The suspect is no longer talking on the advice of his court-appointed attorney.

On Tuesday State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley announced that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has subsequently been stripped of the government visa that allowed him to fly to America with a ticket purchased with cash.

FOR THE RECORD: A previous version of this item incorrectly stated the accused bought a one-way ticket to Detroit. He bought a roundtrip ticket but will be only using it one-way.

Crowley said others have also lost the right to visit the United States now that officials have been checking existing lists for potential terrorists, but he would not name or count them. "It's more than one," Crowley said. "But I don't think it's fruitful to get into a scoreboard."

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Wonderful. Next thing will be Atty Gen. Holder announcing that due to the revoked visa the suspect will be immediately deported to Nigeria.

OH MY TOTO! HIS VISA HAS BEEN REVOKED?! Whew, for a minute there I thought he would be able to get back in country?
Gee? I feel so much better now.

Q: What brand of underwear was the Crotch-bomber wearing?
A: Fruit-of-the-boom.

So, is there blame in this incident for the President?

Well, if the President it talking about potential criminal prosecution for CIA agents ( a year ago)....wouldn't that take a toll on morale?

I would imagine that the CIA staff are not so sure about their work under this president....and have not been as focused as they should be to track every lead.

So I can blame the President for setting in motion morale issues at the CIA that can end up hurting our country.

Napolitano needs to go.

Well then, without a visa, he'll just have to leave.

Feel safe yet?
Horse gone. Close barn door.
Morons in charge.

It was ridiculous that the Bush administration failed to take action prior to 9/11 but there is NO EXCUSE for what occurred with this guy. Our government is, overall, nothing more than a way to collect money from the citizens to pay the employees that cannot and will not do the jobs they are expected to do. I have lost all faith in this country. Superpower, right.......

This is reassuring to me that the administration is focusing on against potential man-caused disasters. Obama deserves credit for stopping this man from ever boarding a plane again. Take that wingnuts!

OK, that was just quirky. But, in another twist, without his visa, as soon as he is set free from "allegedly" trying to bomb one of our planes into the ether because certain of his "rights" were violated, he can surely be deported back to Nigeria. Or, if by some stealth-bombing rhetoric from the Prosecutor, he is convicted, he will be sent to a federal prison, which is a boiling cauldron of discontent, so he can recruit others to go out and take his place. Yeah, that will all work.

According to sources close to the story, the actual number of visas revoked was two. When questioned further, spokesman Crowley said, "What part of 'not fruitful' don't you get? Chuh."

Reminds me of all theese 2008 voters waking up to the horrendous reality
of what hope and change really means....and yes we Can make a difference
on nov. 2 by throwing out on their ear all the crypto-marxist dems.No further
evidence is required to proove that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

At least one thing. This guy had a trail and was found guilty within two weeks. Now time to clear out those in GITMO. Have a trial that week sends the message, we will not store you, we will convict you, and snuff you, with in a month if the sentence is death. Much more then GONZALES and BUSH. Evidence has a way of vanishing with time. Speedy trials will win the war on terror.

What an impressive effort by our esteemed government. Let's see. One way ticket, no baggage, on a watch list, and loaded undies. If we can't manage this one, how in God's green earth will you manage health care? The ship is without a rudder!

The system worked!


Eric Holder will probably nominate him to serve jury duty!

Obama will never keep us safe!!!!!

Obama is more concerned about reading the terrorist their Miranda rights, than he is in stopping terrorism!

What's worse water-boarding terrorist or blowing up Americans in a plane over Detroit?

More incompetence from the Obama WOULD be funny it it wasnt so EERIE!! This would-be terrorist will be given a civilian trial and is already being gagged by his lawyer...there is no incentive for him to yield crucial information about his Yemeni handlers and when someone else may be coming to finish the job that was barely aborted!! By the time the Obamites get around to offering him a civilian plea-bargain another similar attack could take place & is more likely to be successful than his failed attempt...

This what Hillery calls 'the system working'. Incompetence seems to be what the Clintons have in common.


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