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RNC poised to reject candidate purity test in favor of platform fealty pledge

It looks like the Republican Party won’t be taking names or testing blood samples.

Meeting behind closed doors in Honolulu this afternoon the resolutions committee of the Republican National Committee adopted a watered-down version of the so-called “purity” test advocated by insiders who wanted candidates to complete a check list—8 of 10 needed to pass—to receive financial or organizational help from the party's national controlling body.
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The precise wording remains to be worked out.

But the gist is that candidates would have to pledge their fealty to the party platform—which is a lot less stringent than the original resolution sponsored by Indiana’s James Bopp, Jr., a longtime conservative activist.

“No checklist,” Bopp confirmed outside the committee room. “There’s none of that in the resolution.”

Still, Bopp declared himself satisfied—though he reserved the right to introduce his original version on Friday when the 168-member RNC meets in full session.

“The resolution that was adopted by the committee satisfies the concerns that I have and the need I think that we have for the party to insist upon accountability of our candidates to our core principles,” Bopp said.

Privately, many members of the committee disdained the proposal as silly and unnecessarily divisive at a time the party is on a political roll. A group of about two dozen state chairmen voted unanimously Wednesday to oppose the Bopp resolution, as it came to be called, and efforts were quietly underway to kill the resolution or render it moot.

“We’ve had unanimous opposition to the excesses of [President Obama’s] agenda,” said Dick Wadhams, Colorado’s Republican Party chairman. He called the Bopp resolution  “just totally ill-conceived and misdirected.”

-- Mark Z. Barabak

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Sounds like they're pretty desperate now.

"Core beliefs", what are those for republicans, to lie and cheat as often as necessary to regain power so that you can lie and cheap your way to riches?

Wow, lets try GOP 1984, THOUGHT POLICE>>>
I am a republican and this offends me greatly.
My first allegiance is to the people I represent, to do their will, and to be a fiscally conservative republican.
I do not have to shoot a hole in my head and walk lock step because someone tells me to,,,
This use of funds is bullying!!! Its repulsive, its un american, there i said it and mean it.

Mr Boop,
please turn in your american passport for a communist passport, you have relinquished your right to live in this country ( figuratively speaking).
The bible says, prayer for your leaders they have been appointed by God.
You Sir must have skipped the passages about man having free will and the gift of salvation thru faith In Jesus, NOT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY as written
"by BOPP"

Another proof that the Republican Party places the party above the voters! Didn't you know you were voting for someone to represent those sitting in the back room NOT the person you speak and listen to while they campaign?

The venom being sprayed here in some of the comments are of questionable motive. The declaration of truth by a candidate should be a confidence inspireing act. Let the representatives check the list! Would you oppose the Constitution also?


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