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Chelsea Clinton spins for Haiti

Chelsea Clinton, who usually prefers to stay out of the public limelight, puts her best foot forward tonight by leading a 90-minute special spinning class at Manhattan's SoulCycle, with all proceeds going to the relief effort in Haiti.

The former first daughter accompanied her father, former President Bill Clinton, to Haiti earlier this week to help deliver aid.

Front row "seats" to the cycling event cost $1,000, while second-row bikes will go for $500, and all other bikes will be $100, according to People magazine.

No word yet on whether she'll talk about her trip to Haiti while cycling.

Meanwhile her mother, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will be in Montreal next week pressing for better coordination of international aid to the impoverished country, much of it thwarted by inadequate back roads and flawed infrastructure. On the 11-nation conference agenda: how to rebuild the country in an earthquake-mindful way that minimizes future large-scale disasters.

-- Johanna Neuman

Photo: Chelsea Clinton helps deliver supplies in Port-au-Prince on Monday. Credit: Reuters

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My hat goes off to Chelsea, the Red Cross,FEMA, etc. for their efforts, we are thankful and lucky to have people and organizations like these.

For those of you that would like to continue help with the relieft efforts.
(send MRE’s, water, etc)

Everything counts!

Despite awful parents, the young lady has seemed to turn out well.


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