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Liberal talk-radio network Air America crashes

Air America

The left-wing radio network that launched the careers of Sen. Al Franken and MSNBC political commentator Rachel Maddow announced today that it will be going under.

As in closed. Off-the-air. Silent. Dead.

AA almost made it to age 6.

Its live programming will cease this afternoon, and the company plans to file for bankruptcy "to carry out an orderly winding-down of the business," wrote Air America Chairman Charlie Kireker in a statement to employees.

"The very difficult economic environment has had a significant impact on Air America's business," Kireker wrote. "This past year has seen a 'perfect storm' in the media industry generally."

The New York-based Air America kicked off in March 2004, aiming to be the antithesis of Rush Limbaugh's and Sean Hannity's shows. In comparison to the staunch, multimillion followings of those commentators, Air America didn't quite hit the mark or even come close. An insufficient number of people tuned in.

Although, one of Air America's own did manage to get elected to senatorial office. But that was no help for the balance sheet.

Air America has already filed once for bankruptcy in October 2006. It appears as though the station won't come flying out of this next one.

-- Mark Milian

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Rest in peace.

Sad,sad. (Hiding smile behind hand) The hate and vitriolic talk on this station should have melted it long ago. I imagine Soros kept this money-losing activity running long after it had actually died, which was actually at its very beginning.


Correction: Al Franken did get to the Senate, but he wasn't elected.

Shoot, they must have run out of Boys & Girls Clubs to fleece for operating funds.

The reason liberal radio doesn't work is because you get wishy-washy douchebag liberalism from Hollywood all the time. The only place conservatives can go their redneck message is the radio (and Fox News).

Conservatives will surely mock this is as some profound message about liberal intelligence. I sort of agree, but in a different way: with few notable exceptions (like the Stewarts and Colberts who've earned the privilege), we generally don't like blowhards telling us what to think. Doesn't help us to organize, but herd mentality would defeat the purpose of sincere liberalism, now wouldn't it?

Air America didn't launch Franken's career. He was on SNL and wrote books before that.

Air America launched the career of Al Franken? Wow. Am I the only one who remembers his days on Saturday Night Live, or bought the half-dozen books he wrote?

Thank God! I had the misfortune of tuning into Maddow. What a blithering idiot. The end they always predicted for conservatives has bitten Scare America right in the end. Good riddance!

This is the 2nd time already!! I think it might be time to give it up?

“It would be a shame if the world sees the failure of Air America as representing the failure of progressive talk radio,” said Michael Harrison, the editor of Talkers Magazine, a talk radio publication.

Laughable. What is sad is that you and ever other progressive just doesn't get it. Your message is lame, deceitful and wrong.

It's an advertising driven business. Advertisement pays depending on your listeners. You don't have any. You don't make money.

Take off your blinders.

One Word: Good.


".....we generally don't like blowhards telling us what to think..."

I just love reading the delusions people live under explained, straight faced, as fact. Much like the teenager who is the 100th at his high school to (unknowingly) don the same tribal costume to show his "individualism", liberals deny the reality that they're the ones lacking the ability to think for themselves.

This is great news.The leftist trash still has Msnbc.Air america and Msnbc are attack dogs for the Democratic party.They never fault Obama for anything.They are disgraceful and hatefull.GREAT NEWS.

I agree that liberals don't like to be told what to think. They prefer telling other people (non-libs) how they should think and live instead.

the folks on air america told me over 5 years ago that the bush administration would crash the economic sytem...i took that information and sold my home 5 years ago at the top of the market and put my money in gold and silver coin.i'm going to be just fine no matter what happens because i was forewarned well in advance and took precautions. i told everyone i knew,some listened most didn't... thanks air america...
sincerely david rades

Of course they crashed. Their programing was crap, their hate filled liar hosts were so obviously full of crap that no one believed anything they said, not even most liberals could stomach listening to these idiots drone on. Rachael Madcow even left them high and dry, and wow! look at her ratings now, lol.

No one listened to these radicals because there's less than 20% of Americans that actually call themselves liberals. Most people in the country are either independent or conservative (40%). It was independents that elected Obama and it was independents that elected Scott Brown in MA. People are starting to wake up to the lies from the left and this is just the latest sign of that.


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