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A Sunday Thought: An Obama-free political video from abroad

Here's a little something for a quiet Sunday (or Monday if you're among our many readers in Asia) to make you think -- and not about healthcare, birth certificates or infidelities.

Well, maybe about troop surges.

It's actually a stunning artistic impression of what happens when a population lets politics fail. As portrayed by a young woman, Kseniya Simonova. And sent to us by a loyal Ticket reader as a reminder.

This artist on the video wasn't alive at the time of World War II. But even this many years later -- Hello, Americans, tomorrow is the 68th anniversary of Pearl Harbor -- that global cataclysm leaves a mark on the minds of millions.

This video has been around a while. No, it's not Susan Boyle or Paul Potts. But even if you saw it before, this amazing piece of performance art is worth re-viewing and re-pondering.

It's Simonova's prize-winning presentation on Ukraine's version of "America's Got Talent." But no singing. No glitz. Just sounds.

Also sand, believe it or not. And her artistic hands at work making minds think far from her.

Please watch.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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What a great artist !Thank you Andrew Malcolm for sharing this with us.
The Russian soul is alive and well,one of the most generous,especialy
since freedoom has replaced the ugly aparatus of Marxist socialism.


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