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Unemployed? Underemployed? Try this faux game show to win a welfare check

There's probably no better way to tackle the gravely depressing topic of American unemployment (recently "improved" to 10%) than with a cartoon parody.

The financial blog Mint has posted a funny look at the unfunny state of the U.S. job market affectingt millions not likely laughing.

If you're unemployed, the video will probably provide a strikingly realistic look into the sometimes-baffling welfare system. If you're employed, you should probably be working to keep that job instead of watching cartoons.

Nah, just watch it anyway. You could use a break from having to also do the jobs of those laid-off coworkers in addition to your own.

The Associated Press released its Economy 101 on Friday along with some staggering statistics pulled from the federal unemployment report. Here's the gist: there are 15.4 million unemployed workers (more, depending on your definition of "unemployed")

Also, the number of long-term jobless cases is rising.

And we're seeing a new trend emerge, at least in newspapers in San Francisco and Hawaii. Homeless is now "residentially-challenged." Gotta be politically correct about everything these days

-- Mark Milian

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Obama held job fair last week.
Obama kills job prospects this week with Global Warming and EPA initiatives.
He's amazing!!!!

The video is FUNNY! Humor has an important place when it comes to facing problems with a little levity. In the mean time, this might help to stir the thoughts in a direction where solutions may be found.


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