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Tiger Woods' top 10 tips for President Obama's game -- er, that would be his golf game

Golfer Tiger Woods in Oval Office with President Obama April 23, 2009

The editors at Golf Digest had this great idea. President Obama has been playing a lot of golf lately. And according to a detailed report in the Wall Street Journal, not playing that well. So why not invite Tiger Woods, the world's preeminent golfer, to give the president some tips?

And, in another brainstorm, they even Photoshopped an image of Tiger Woods in a caddy outfit posed behind Obama as he judged a putt.Golf Digest's January 2010 cover, with Tiger Woods serving as President Obama's caddy

After all, Steve Rusbin explains in the January issue, they are at the top of their fields, both "prominent, multi-ethnic" African Americans, both with an older man as second lieutenant -- Vice President Biden and caddy Steve Williams.

Mostly, said the writer, the difficulty of their tasks is similar. “Shooting back-to-back 65s at Firestone Country Club is -- ask any golfer -- every bit as difficult as achieving world peace,” he wrote.

But that was before Tiger Woods was embroiled in a personal saga gone public, with so many women now stepping forward to claim a relationship with the 34-year-old golf pro that some are talking about Tiger's tally and Woods' back nine.

Now readers are flooding the magazine with complaints about Tiger's behavior, along with some choice tips of their own like, "Don't get caught!"

One interesting political note. The magazine asked readers how much golf Obama should play. Nearly 46% said "as much as he can without affecting his work," while another 8% said never -- and that was before the Woods Thanksgiving driveway stunt.

(UPDATE: The irrepressible Andy Borowitz has his own hilarious take here on the Woods' situation, detailing an alleged million-woman march on Washington by many of the golfer's girlfriends.)

-- Johanna Neuman

Photo credits, from top: White House, Golf Digest

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The Republican Party was founded on Individual Rights & Freedom for All (opposing left wing run slavery back then). Government Run Health would Control Human behavior , give better benefits to left groups,& put absolute power in the hands of the few (via: government). According to Harry Reid this is freedom and those that oppose would agree with slavery (other way around) . Is Harry Reid (through Big Lies) mocking the Republican Party because it was the Democrat Party that was responsible for slavery.


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