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Did Obama give Wen Jiabao another wow bow?

Democrat U S president Barack Obama meets China's Wen Jiabao in Copenhagen 12-18-09

Body language can often say much more than spoken words. Especially in global diplomacy where form is so important and so closely studied.

Remember the first -- and last -- time President Obama was in Asia and all the kerfuffle over his bad form simultaneous bowing and handshaking with Japan's Emperor Akihito? (Photos and video here). And the not quite so low bow he later gave in China? Or Michelle Obama's patronizing pat to the back of that little old lady called Queen Elizabeth?

So if this photo of Obama leaning way over to stress his point isn't technically a bow, who do you think in this picture out of Copenhagen is doing the selling/pleading -- China's Wen Jiabao or America's Democrat president?

And who doesn't look really all that receptive to whatever is being sought? So you running dogs of America say.

What would your photo caption be for Obama talking here?

"If you'll just buy a trillion more dollars in our debt, I can afford Harry Reid's healthcare bill."

"So Lamar Odom sets the pick and Kobe rolls off him."

"No, we don't have women in our office games either."

"I once ate a whole pie this big."

"Well, the last I heard it was up to 14 mistresses, but it changes every day."

What are your caption nominees?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Pete Souza / White House

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You don't understand economics.

No, I don't think Pelosi's insane... but sometimes...

Personally, I think the whole Obama family need to go to finishing school. That getto slide just don't cut it. Michelle's also need to get a clue on fashion, and for god's sake don't wear those green so typical of the hood!

Obama's just saying,"Look, I know we ought to do more, but right now with the shape of our economy, we need your help."

Caption: "Foisting your form of government on the Americans is unprecedented, so be patient with me."

Irregardless of what I think or who I voted for.

President Obama is my President of the United States.

enough of this silly media stuff.

My Caption?

"Turn to the dark side of the Force, you knob!"

If this picture (and previous speech and actions) don't make you ashamed of of this American President and how he has shamed and denigrated the Office of the President of the United States...

Well, then you are totally under the control of Obama and his backers.

So you are way past shame into submission.

Papa Ray

Look, Wen...I can call you Wen, right?...I know that this carbon stuff is all bull, but I need you to go along with the deal here. Green is the new Red, and I gotta believe you understand that.

"I honor you with what were the original words to the 0de-poem from the prophet Bob...

'The answer my friend is bowing to the Wen...

The answer is bowing to the Wen.' "


It is very obvious that President Obama is showing Mr. Jiabao how far down American Journalism has fallen in the last decade.

He is also showing how the integrity, once held by American Journalism, is like water pouring through your fingers as you chase shiny balloons and believe silly clowns on the radio.

Try some reporting and less opinion-gathering.

There really is a huge difference...

"I know women say that size doesn't matter, but you have to understand that ... "

You were supposed to turn around so I could kiss your ass.

I see a very stuffed up man on the left who has a closed mind and thinks only of power and profit.

I see a man on the right who is not trying to bully anyone, talking in an earnest and friendly way.

The man on the left appears arrogant , on the right, a friend.

Not a bad image for the world to see, in my opinion.

And lets get one thing really correct. The people of America printed the money given the feds that then blew it on the banks, not the stuffy man on the left.

An no - I did NOT vote for the man on the right, nor on the left!


I really do not believe you have any desire to allow people the freedom to express their opinions. Comments should not have to meet with the author's approval.

What hypocrisy! Power to the press - at least people are beginning to realize that what the press tells us has little to do with reality.

"Interested in a new car? We're practically giving 'em away. Think about how you'd look pulling up at the next Politburo meeting in a hot new Escalade."

"C'mon, Dad, I need a raise in my allowance. All the cool kids here get to buy Carbon Offsets!"

'No, son, I'm not going to give you any more money just so you can waste it.'

"Awww Mannn, you never let me do anything!"

Oh for goodness sake. Look at the chairs..... Hans Wegner chairs. They are "The Chair" chairs.... The minions got the chairs they wanted for those sit down photos...... What a Team......

I can put you in a really nice Chevy but you have to do it now or it will be gone by tonight.

Jiabao: Are those flowers on the table for me?

Obama: What?

Jiabao: I said, are those flowers on the table for me?

Obama: I don't understand. Why would I bring you flowers?

Jiabao: Because I like to be brought flowers when someone is trying to have sex with me!

Obama: Mine is this big.
Wen: You Lie!

My captions are: "So, it took a pile of gold THIS BIG to bribe the IOC to get the Olympics?" Or, "OK, when it is third and long, a quarterback will typically line up in a 'shot gun' formation...", or "I know we already owe you big, but I need to barrow a stack of C-notes this big, as my odds maker has a great line on ALL the BCS bowl games", or "Sasha and Malia really want a pet Panda, but Michelle says we cannot have one that will grow larger than this."

"I've got this far to go before the whole USA is one big reeducation camp."

"Wen, let me be clear: blah-blah-blah, blah-blah. While there are some who say blah-blah-blah, the science is settled, the time for talking is over."

"I'm just this far from turning the USA into one big re-education camp."

--- and I caught on a hairy-reed spoon with a treble hook.

The White House has no sense in releasing this particular pose for the China/US pic. They could have picked one which said less: this one makes Obama look like he's groveling while Wen is pissed off and in charge.

Pete Souza can take pics but he sure has no political sensibility in doling this unfavorable pose out to the world's public.

Obama.... what an idiot. I assure you all the no war, free stuff for everybody, gay marriage is great and abortion is even better nit wits that elected him and going to get all the change they bargained for, and more...

All that is missing is the hat in his hand. How sad.

Ronald Reagan would have had Wen Jiabao on his heels, charmed and ready to do the bidding of the United States of America.

" my personal pack of LIES, is about this thick"

" Some people call me a Professional LIAR"

"I've never been a US Citizen, but I do know Yusuf Acar, he has done a lot of work for me"

"One hour. It was one stinkin' hour of TV. But did I *get* to watch the 'Glee' finale? No. No, I did not. "

(OK, Andy, I'm going back over to the Ministry of Gossip now ~~leaving~~/cdz)

(anyone with any intelligence spends most of their time over on that blog -- )

Did Obama give Wen Jiabao another wow bow? This is so stupid. Come on folks, grow up will you? This President was lefted a big mess by you know who. No one complain then, now all they can do is complain about everything this President does. Remember the U.S. invaded Iraq, who had nothing to do with 9/11. Sent troops over to Afghanistan, forgot about them to go invade Iraq. And the Big "E". The Economy, what a wonderful shape GW lefted that in.

contrast this image with the iconic photo of General MacArthur standing beside the Japanese emperor.
How far the mighty have fallen!

Jeff wrote:

"I see a very stuffed up man on the left who has a closed mind and thinks only of power and profit. I see a man on the right who is not trying to bully anyone, talking in an earnest and friendly way. The man on the left appears arrogant , on the right, a friend. Not a bad image for the world to see, in my opinion. "

Yes, Jeff it is a bad image for the world to see. A national leader's job is not to be "friendly and earnest" but to protect the interests of his people. You don't do that by perpetually coming off as an amateur. Besides, I don't think an excess of earnestness is his problem. I think he's simply too proud to learn.

"Enough of this talk about America. Let's talk about me. Have you read either of my autobiographies? No? Not to worry, I'm working on a third one. Now lemme tell ya bout my absent dad..."

Isn't it sad that the US has this man to represent us with China's Wen Jiabao. Who is the one in authority here? Clearly it's Wen.

Obama will never get Wen's respect. At this point it is probably better if Obama stays home and not travel overseas any more.

Unfortunately, Obama lacks the experience and education to communicate on an international level.

The largest source of hot air in southern California appears to be Andrew Malcolm. I would suggest that the L.A. Times look for someone with a maturity level greater than that of a junior high school boy.

So what?

Hank Paulson knelt before Pelosi, and got approval for $700 billions.
Don't tell me Paulson made a mistake kneeling.

The Chinese love "face" or "saving face", we care about "money" and "real material benefits". It's a perfect match. A win-win, if you ask me.

Don't fool yourself thinking that form is more importance than substance. It's never true.

You need to understand... I run a country populated with bitter, venomous white people so I can't really help the way I want.

Listen WJ baby If you want Jeremiah Wright as our ambassador to China.....
consider it a done thing.

Well Buster, maybe you don't have any experience with landlords, but they always look stuffy when you tell them you don't have the rent.

This is dumb. Photo caption contests on the L.A. Times? This paper really is going down the toilet!

(Pssst. This isn't a newspaper. You can tell--no paper. And no ink on your fingers. Other than that, good point. Thanks for reading anyway.)

"Let me be clear, these flowers have got to go."

@Buster. You are naive. This is not a backyard barbeque among neighbors, this is international politics. The open disdain of Wen is palpable. Obama is begging him to se it his way. Americans don't beg, we lead by example and by force if need be. At least we used to, before the apology tour and Obama's declaration of a Christian free nation. I can't wait to get the clowns out of office and only hope we can limit the damage so we can repair it all once he and that joke Joe Biden stumble into history. The climate just won't matter if we can't pay the bills. Who will be worried about glaciers and polar bears, which are gaining in number I understand, if we can't feed our children?

You see Boss everything is OK. Really I have it under control. You'll get your money.

These comments are hilarious.

Malcolm would have you believe his member is this big, but in reality it's smaller than yours. He shopuld have never included a photo of it on his page, you might remember att works for me now.

"You could at least look like you are interested in what I am saying"

(Good one!)


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