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Did you hear the one about Washington lecturing Afghans on corruption?

President Obama, who with his latest troop moves has taken ownership of the 8-year-old war in Afghanistan, has based at least part of his ongoing support on the government there erasing corruption as a condition for such expensive American aid.


Good luck with that.

Obama -- remember, he's out of the Chicago Democratic political machine -- cited corruption in his March troop-surge speech. We then had the presidential election fraud over there. Obama cited the Afghan corruption problem again last night in his address to Army cadets at West Point. (See link below).

Those words will no doubt give a real heart attack to Afghanistan's thriving opium business.

Now comes Zbigniew Brzezinski, an outspoken fellow Democrat and former White House national security adviser, to remind Obama  -- and us -- that we have some mustard on our chin too.

Brzezinski tells Sam Stein over on HuffPo

Who are we to seriously be preaching [such] a crusade? We have a financial sector that is voraciously greedy and exploitative, to put it mildly.

We have a Congress which is not immune to special interests. And we have an electoral system that is based largely on private donations which precipitate expectations of rewards.

The notion of us going to the Afghans and preaching purity is comical... I think we should just quit that stuff.

Americans, of course, hate hypocrisy -- by everyone else. It is, for instance, just terrible corruption in Afghanistan when someone must slip extra currency under the counter for government services or to drive safely on an isolated public country road.

However, business people and lawyers handing over $30,400 to Democratic President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco back on Oct. 16 seems just hunky-dory because it's allegedly to have "dinner" with them and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with assuring returned phone calls and access to party officials and elected members later.

That's just standard protocol in American politics, not just for Obama's money-raising presidential machine that raked in an unprecedented $750 million last year.

Or think of the number of words coming out of Washington in recent decades ending with the suffix "-gate."

Of course while we're at it, Brzezinski probably ought to be a little careful about criticizing presidential tactics in foreign crises. He and his President Carter had a not-so-minute problem with Iran way back when and American hostages and a botched desert rescue attempt.

But those things happen.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press (Brzezinski).

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Instead of worrying about corruption in Afghanistan, we need to turn our attention to people like Charlie Rangel and others.

Now, now, we don't have "corruption." We have Free Marketz. Totally different trip.

Yes, American is not immune from electoral corruption.

No, American corruption does not in any way, shape or form begin to compare with that of Afghanistan.

Making that comparison marks one as without the ability to make rational thought.

Using the word "crusade" in a remark you know will be read in Afghanistan shows a lack of thought.

pot; kettle, yadda yadda yadda.

Thanks Andrew. It is about time the media noticed we are living in a huge glass house when it comes to corruption. Examples:
William cash-on-ice Jefferson
Tim what-pay-taxes Geithner
Chris my-little-grass-shack-in-Ireland Dodd
Charles rent-control-anyone Rangel
Harry I'm-a-land-baron Reid.

Knock of the Afghanistan government is bad BS Mr. President. Let's concentrate on destroying the enemy, shall we?

Its about time for Hamid Karsi to ask for an investigation of Frank and Dodd in the implementation of the mortgage crisis and resulting world wide fincial meltdown.


I quess in a crytic message to the Afghanistan People, he was giving them instructions on How to be Really Corrupt.
He is Islam and Chicago Trained in Corruption, from the Best Schools in the Country and being Advised by the Worst Nazi Jew Crook in the World, George Soros.
GOD Help Us All.

Brzezinsky is no doubt refering to the 5 figure donation by that voracious
Bernie Madoff to squeaky clean dem sen Shumer who is also owned by the
ambulance chaser sharks and is pushing hard to abolish workers right to
a secret vote.

[[ the Worst Nazi Jew Crook in the World, ]] -- Billy Mills

Wait, WHAT?


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