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Jenny Sanford files for divorce as her 'luv gov' husband seeks another chance

South Carolina Gov Mark Sanford takes oath with his wife Jenny Sanford and their four sons looking on

South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford -- who will be remembered in political history as the wife who  chose not to stand by her man as he disgraced himself in public -- filed for divorce this morning.

Last summer her husband, Gov. Mark Sanford, confessed to lying to his staff about hiking on the Appalachian Trail while actually in Argentina with his mistress, a woman he described as his soul mate.

After that, Jenny Sanford -- who once worked as an investment advisor on Wall Street -- moved out of the governor's mansion with the couple's four sons to the family's beach house on Sullivans Island near Charleston.

Thursday, the governor told reporters he still wants to reconcile with his wife. "Yeah. I mean, you may have missed it, but I mean I was down there last night and dropped by and saw the kids," he said.

This has been a tumultuous week for the first family. A legislative committee recommended a rebuke for Mark Sanford's misuse of state planes during the summertime adventure in Argentina, saying his actions brought "ridicule, dishonor, disgrace and shame" on South Carolina.

And, as the Ticket reported Thursday, his wife granted an interview to ABC's Barbara Walters in which she said "hurdles are high" for the couple's reconciliation.

Once considered a promising Republican prospect for president, Sanford, who has one more year in his term as governor, faces a hearing next month on 37 charges brought by the state Ethics Commission over his actions and could face $74,000 in fines.

-- Johanna Neuman

Photo credit: Mary Ann Chastain / Associated Press

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If someone else is your 'soul-mate', why are you trying to reconcile with your (now) ex-wife. It makes about as much sense as your statement that 'I have been crying for the last 3 days in Argentina' when this story broke. You're a philandering p^ssy, Gov, and like your wife, we dont want you back either. Beat it.


No way !

You go girl, he's a lying, cheating, duplicitous, back-stabbing scumbag who has betrayed himself and everyone else around him and he certainly doesn't deserve someone as good as you.

Does this guy stand for anything that could be believed? His "soul mate" is not the mother of his four sons? Scumbag! Why is a reputed liar presiding over the state of S. Carolina's affairs?

The days are gone when the wife has to grin and bear it, to accept her husband’s affairs and pretend that nothing is going on. He cheats the wife has the option to not stick around. Gov you brought this on yourself and worse, you did it to your children.

Gotta love those Republicans and their "family values".

Leave it to a DemocRat to politicize the act of infidelity and self-absorption to the public denegration of wife and family members.

oh how i love her.

Right on.


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