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Cast your vote here: Should the government prepare for UFOs?

Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine, summed it up this way: “It’s like saying you’re going to have a ballot initiative about the existence of Bigfoot."

He was referring to political news this week that is truly out of this world. Jeff Peckman, a UFO aficionado in Colorado, gathered enough signatures to put this pressing question before Denver voters next August: Should the city create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission?

As our colleagues Ashley Powers and DeeDee Correll report:

If approved, the city panel would promote "harmonious, peaceful, mutually respectful and beneficial coexistence" between earthlings and extraterrestrials, in part by developing protocols for "diplomatic contact." Its seven members would include an expert in taking testimony from people who’ve survived "direct personal close encounters" with aliens.

Follow this link for the full report, complete with shameless "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" references. In the meantime, cast your own vote on whether you’d like officials in your hometown to prepare for E.T.

-- Steve Padilla

Photo: A 1957 photo of a supposed flying saucer found in the Hollywood Hills by importer Robert Balzer. Credit: Los Angeles Times  

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I say no to this question because I am from Santa Monica where we have had ET's on the city council for a long time and they would only squash the idea to cover their true identities and that of their minions?

Yes. But only if it creates a similar commission to investigate the existence of God or the Flying Spagetti Monster.

It's about time someone stood up and started a commission about this topic. The results show people are very interested about this and take it very serious. If you think aliens and UFO's are science fiction and conspiracy theory crap. You haven't paid attention to the world around you. Wake Up!

I find it of extreme arrogance to think that we are the smartest creatures in the known universe. Surely there are beings that are way beyond us in terms of technology and insight. However, they could not have advanced as far as they have without having mutual respect for each other. This is something our world is sorely lacking. If they are out there and we can learn something from them then let's do it!

If there is something or someone of high intelligence above us, looking down upon us, watching, I think they would be smart enough to stay away. (Wow! Ben hint: Secret GP/DoD2 neck lab hush agony torture is 2 hook human genome & doom 2 alien vision 2 gag hid fort. It's why SETI is gay dole fund 4 didn't outwit hold).

I believe the title should be changed to, 'Should the government prepare itself for visitation from extraterrestrials' UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Objects and any mention of the term UFO brings ridicule to the table. In order to taker this subject seriously we need to change the way people perceive this subject.

We have a UFO in the White House. Unqualified Failed Orator.

If you do some research and read between the lines, you will see that some world governments and the Vatican are in the early stages of a preliminary release of information concerning extraterrestrial lifeforms to the general public already. This has been going on for some time now but it appears to be a carefully coordinated effort to expose,assuage, and assist the populace in a paradigm shift and general acceptance of this. Although some learned people of science are on board as well, I am sure we will have yet another 15-20 years before legitimate scientific community members fully release knowledge of it as well.

The arrogance and hypocracy involved in Mr. Shermer's continued comments in regards to extraterrestrials and the theory that SOME UFO's may be from some unknown planetary/dimension origin is laughable!

The evidence exists for a legitimate official investigation to finally take place.

There are dozens and dozens of well documented cases with substantial evidence and hundreds of credible quotes from politicians, airline pilots, military personnel, whistle blowers and astronauts that demonstrate the seriousness and intensity with this topic. Through a campaign of fear/ridicule/debunking they have programmed a society to laugh at this. Well people are finally beginning to wake up!

Through grassroots movement, disclosure has been taking place. The lid will be blown off this secret soon!

If you believe in god... any god at all who is invisible, omnipotent and perhaps, created the universe and all that is in it, you are considered quite sane. No problem.

If you believe that everything in the universe resulted from a big bang and that some billions of years later, humanity sprung from the loins of a monkey, you are a mainstream thinker. Stick a feather in your cap!

If you subscribe to the debunkers and believe that the unviverse is just about the most boring place around and that you get more enjoyment arguing over the existence of air, you are considered logical and a critical thinker.

But... if you merely allow for the existence of life on planets around other stars and then (gasp!) even consider that some of them might have found their way here to sneak a peek at our religious, ape-based species... you are crazy! Alsolute a nutcase!

You still don't get it, do you?

You believe what you want to. It is your right. But from where I sit, I think you could be just as easily trained to sit and roll over on command.

To avoid a cultural shock and chaos of the kind triggered by Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds," our government has been gathering, concealing, and very gradually leaking information on extraterrestrial visitors, in an effort to prepare us culturally for the inevitable disclosure. Here is a very interesting document, part of the body of "Majestic-12" documents:

But that's nothing in comparison to Dan Sherman's description of his first-hand experience that our government is actively in communication with aliens. His experience is detailed in his book, "Above Black."

The government needs to prepare itself for losing its position being the highest authority of the land. But it also needs to prepare the public. We need to be prepared culturally, educationally, and emotionally to accommodate what many people have been in denial of for their entire lives. Indeed it will be a very bitter pill if accounts, including by Dan Sherman, that our government has been tolerating systematic human abductions, are fact.

They already have and President Eisenhower met with them. I know i was there.

I think the govt should begin a program to look into the origin of these things, but without the presumption they are from outer space. Actually, without any presumption at all. Let's see what is really going on with these things. It seems ignorant to assume they are from "other planets", when there is much evidence they are certainly not. It would be good to have the govt. and all it's resources actually looking into the origin of these things with some knowledgeable minds behind it.

No. Because they will screw it up.

Just because you can't wrap your head around a subject you know nothing about doesn't make the subject any less real. I can tell by the comments who has done serious research into the subject and who has simply shown a passing interest in it.

I was an archivist for the US Government between 84-89 with a top secret clearance. If you don't think intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and is visiting us regularly, you will be in for quite a shock when our government decides to go public, if ever.

I'll be honest, I know absolutely next to nothing about binary star systems and quasars. Yet there is plenty of evidence for each to exist, just like extraterrestrial craft and beings. The fact I know little to nothing about these star systems doesn't make them any less real. Get over your egos folks. I saw documents in person created by our own government that proves this phenomenon is real.

I would be willing to bet that 95% of the No voters know very little about the subject.

Yes! I say South Africa sould be the first overseas country get a ET Commision because the traffic for the 2010 football world cup is picking up very fast.

sorry but the government has already been bypassed the ets are soon to declare themselves to the people are being prepared even your government wants your opinion on this... thus this poll they cannot control our space family who seek to bring truth and love to our wayward sphere..the governments of the world rejected the ets offers of help in health healing science technology food production and distribution in the early 50s their offers of help went unheeded as the secrect cabal of greedy power brokers wanted to charge for energy instead of anti gravity therefor oil cars and war they also would not stop nuclear power despite dire predictions of the extremely dangerous planetary damage from nuclear power and its offspring and they refused the universal economic system because it can only be implemented with the law of consistancy and they would not remain at the top so greed and lies have destroyed our planet for too long....the unversal brotherhood of and spacehood of light is patient beyond measure and love will rule the world one soul at a time of good cheer the old must pass away before the new can come mourn not the changing of your world of things and beliefs about the world as great changes portend to all of us as we wake to our spiritual geritage and comic destiny .....


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