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Most Americans like 'Merry Christmas' these days, but not Barack and Michelle Obama


A survey of adult Americans finds that an overwhelming majority prefer the seasonal expression "Merry Christmas." More than seven out of ten, in fact.

Twenty-two percent, according to Rasmussen Reports, go for "Happy Holidays."

However, the Barack Obama family, spending its first December holidays in the White House, apparently doesn't like either one. And these results, it turns out, can be revealing about political persuasions too.

They won't actually spend the holiday in the White House. The Obamas with numerous family and friends will be on a rented beachfront in Hawaii when Christmas Day actually gets here. But the new first couple has just mailed thousands of greeting cards that say simply, "Season's Greetings."

They're cream-colored, maroon-bordered cards showing a gold wreath wrapped around the presidential coat of arms.

The Obamas' card, paid for by the Democratic National Committee, makes no religious reference whatsoever. "May your family have a joyous holiday season," says the Obamas' greeting, "and a new year blessed with hope and happiness." This comes after reports that, initially anyway, the Obama White House planned its first Christmas to be a "non-religious" one, kind of like a non-sports Super Bowl Sunday.

The Clintons often sent cards with artist's depictions of White House rooms. The most recent Bush presidential family preferred to include favorite biblical passages.

Actually, the choice of presidential card styles accurately reflects the political inclinations of their party. The recent Rasmussen Reports survey, measuring the expressions as seen through preferences of holiday signs, found that 70% of independents and 91% of Republicans prefer "Merry Christmas."

While only 58% of Democrats do.

Not surprisingly, older Americans prefer "Merry Christmas" more. But intriguingly, the percentages are up across the board in 2009 for all preferences -- perhaps reflecting who-knows-what, holiday greeting polarization too? Last year 84% of Republicans and only 51% of Democrats preferred "Merry Christmas." 

Oh, btw, did we mention that best-selling Republican author Sarah Palin's favorable ratings are up again, to 46% from 39% last summer? And Obama's job approval has slid some more down at the 50% level -- and below even, faster than any new president since Harry Truman.

Anyway, Merry Seasonal Holiday Christmas Greetings to most of you.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Not every American celebrates Christmas you moron! President Obama is the President of every American. Why would he only wish holiday greetings to Christians when America is filled with followers of many religions or no religion? Use your head you biggot!

Obama is confirming his Not being a Chistian.
Christmas, (Christ Mass) is the conmemoration of Jesus birth. Obviously if you are a Muslim, an atheist, or if you think you are the messiah, you don't celebrate the birth of the Savior

George Bush said "Happy Holidays" on his cards.
Obama says "Seasons Greetings," and you think there's a difference?

Goodness gracious you need to get a life.

Dear President Obama, "A savior has been born unto you." St. Luke 2:11
" If one does not believe in God, they won't believe in something, they will believe in anything." C.K. Chesterton

This Christmas: celebrate the state, big government and socialism President Obama!

OK Barrack Obama let's make a a deal, you can ban Christmas, but how about banning idiotic stupidity coming out from the White House and your mouth?

I'm French, and this article doesn't hurt me. For us, a president should have no religious preferences. And if I remember, it’s American people who invented Santa Claus in the nineteenth century… And Santa replaces Christ nowadays. But Merry Christmas anyway!

Helloooo, we live in the United States! Freedom of religion, people! President Obama is sending his cards to Muslims, Hindus, Jews, atheists, AND Christians. What a non-story. Shame on you!

What do you expect from a pair of muslims?

"May your family have a joyous holiday season," says the Obamas' greeting . . . ."

That is so funny! The Obamas do not realize they just wished their recipients "Happy HOLYdays"! Read in any good dictionary the origin of the word 'holidays'.

The Obamas do not believe in nor respect america's great history. Xmas here means nothing to them because Barack Hussein Obama is a foreign enemy of this country.

i wish to see these unamerican clowns out of the white house soon.

Hmm I think it's free racism... But what you called real American are Indians? You came from Europe I think.
And Obama is better than Bush.

Those of us who are not religious tolerate the rampant consumerism, crazy crowds of people in the markets on a Christmas present spending feeding frenzy, AND have to deal with the little baby Jesus shoved down our throats everywhere we go. It was a breath of fresh air to get holiday greetings that were not religious.

The fact that some of these readers have concluded Obama is trying to Ban Christmas by saying Happy Holidays, or Seasons Greeting, shows a general lack of reality. This Country is not about Imposing the beliefs of the Majority, but respecting and standing up for the beliefs of the Minority. We are not a Christian nation, we are a free nation where we should place our efforts on individual freedoms, not trying to unify an entire nation under one belief system. There are plenty of people who believe in a singular religious state, and they are all dancing around the desert with AK-47's killing each other to see who has the best imaginary friend.


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