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Not quite almost 1 in 5 agrees with Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Almost nearly not quite 1 in 5 Americans believes that President Obama has accomplished enough to deserve the Nobel Peace PCampaigning Democrat Barack Obama enjoys another beerrize that he had to go to Norway in December to collect.

Obama better hurry up and grab the award and the dough as he's scheduled to do in the next few minutes here because, according to the new CNN / Opinion Research Poll, nearly 1 in 3 believed the president was deserving about two months ago.

If he waits much longer, it'll be down to 1 in 10.

And according to news reports early today, Obama's decision to cancel numerous traditional visits by a prizewinner, including a news conference, a meeting on peace with children, viewing an exhibit in his honor and a concert, isn't going over too well up there. The president also rejected a lunch with Norway's king.

The CNN poll found only 1% of Americans do not have an opinion on the president's peace prize.

Doing the math from those numbers, that means that during the past eight weeks or so the proportion of fellow countrypersons who think the Chicago Democrat is undeserving of the global-peace-prize distinction has gone from an overwhelming 67% majority up to a gargantuan, ground-shaking tsunami landslide majority of 80%.

Perhaps having something to do with the same award-winning U.S. president having just ordered another 30,000 combat soldiers into the increasingly unpopular and peaceless battle for Afghanistan. A subject Obama might address in his address. (Text here later.)

Meanwhile, the favorability rating of Republican Sarah Palin, an unemployed itinerant author, have climbed back up to 46% from a summertime low of 39%.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Obama in 2008. Credit: Associated Press

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Let me state that I was not an Obamalist! As soon as I turned on my laptop and found that he basically egged the nobel fools, I had I keep watching Obama's acceptance speech, right off the bat he proclaimed he did not deserve this as compared to his predecessers. I am impressed Obams! You handled this so well I cannot be prouder as an American for a long time! Thank you!

Why should anyone be surprised the Walters selected Ms. Obama as "Women Of The Year". Didn't Gore and the Prez receive the Nobel Peace Prize? It's all a sham.

Be advised that Mr. Malcom is the Bagdad Bob of political commentary. Aside from comparing apples to oranges he manages to hand select biased polls to bolster his personal slant. Don't be surprised to read that Democrats are suiciding themselves in the face of the Republican party unity in one of his yellow journalism pennings.

"Not quite almost" and "Almost nearly not quite"?

a brilliant speech by a brilliant man. We are so proud of him- here in Utah! delphi


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