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Take back Al Gore's Oscar, 2 Academy members demand in light of Climategate [Updated]

Ex-VP Democrat Al Gore clutches his 2007 Oscar--from his cold dead hands

No, it wouldn't do anything for the environment.

But two Hollywood conservatives (yes, there are some) have called upon the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to rescind the prestigious, profitable gold Oscar statuette that it gave ex-Vice President Al Gore et al two years ago for the environmental movie "An Inconvenient Truth."

A Top of the Ticket post Dec. 4 about former Vice President Al Gore and the film “An Inconvenient Truth” incorrectly reported that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded Gore an Oscar. Although Gore appeared in the film and participated in the Academy Awards ceremony, the Oscar was given to the movie for best documentary. The post also refers to the “leak” of controversial e-mails concerning research into global warming but did not explain how the documents were obtained. The e-mails were obtained by computer hackers who then leaked their contents to the public by posting them online.

Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd, both academy members, are among a small, meandering pack of known political conservatives still believed to be on the loose in the liberal bastion of movie-making.

In 2007, Hollywood's academy sanctified Gore's cinematic message of global warming with its famous statue, enriched his earnings by $100,000 per 85-minute appearance and helped elevate the Tennesseean's profile to win the Nobel Peace Prize despite losing the election battle of 2000 to a Texan and living in a large house with lots of energy-driven appliances.

Chetwynd and Simon were prompted to make their hopeless demand this week by the ... 

... leak two weeks ago of a blizzard of British academic e-mails purporting to show that scientists at the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit systematically falsified data to document the appearance of global warming in recent years.

The university is reportedly investigating the claims, which added dry fuel to the never-ending political debate over whether the Earth really is warming as a result of human activity or if it's just normal natural cycles and the debate is what's heated. The demand to withdraw Gore's award provides yet another opportunity to argue.

The startling leak comes at an inconvenient time just before next week's United Nations climate change meeting that will cause an immense carbon footprint with thousands of people flying up or over to Denmark to talk about saving the environment.

These airplanes will include Air Force One with its primary passenger President Obama, who's returning to the Copenhagen scene where he didn't help win the 2016 Summer Olympics for Chicago, which could do with a little global warming at this time of year.

Simon, a screenwriter who is also chief executive officer of Pajamas Media, a network of conservative online blogs, conceded he knew of no precedent for the Academy withdrawing a previously-awarded Oscar, despite decades of Hollywood hijinks and worse. But, he added, "I think they should rescind this one."

Democrat ex-VP Al Gore talking about the environment

The controversial leaked documents have been assembled here by Pajamas Media and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The joint demand by Simon and filmmaker Chetwynd is available on video here.

The television news-watching world in America has not learned much about the so-called Climategate scandal because it has not really been mentioned on the air except for a notorious cable news channel named for a three-lettered, wily, wild animal that often seems to revel in debunking liberal shibboleths.

Network news programs have been far more concerned with the obviously more important White House party-crasher story involving a couple of formally-dressed phonies.

The falsified documents do not come up in Gore interview excerpts published late last night here by Politico's John F. Harris and Mike Allen.

This week White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs claimed that global warming was no longer in dispute by most people. But a subsequent Rasmussen Reports poll of Americans finds only 1 in 4 adults believe that most scientists agree on the topic.

And while only 20% claim to have followed the leaked e-mail story Very Closely, nearly 60% believe it is at least somewhat likely that scientists have falsified environmental data to support their own global warming beliefs and theories.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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~ Romans 1:22

A FOOL is a legitimate term for one who rejects FACT!

Those 60% who think scientists have lied have clearly never been to Tierra del Fuego, where the citizens live under the thinning ozone layer. Or in coastal regions that have seen increased and more prolonged flooding. Or in the Arctic, which is melting demonstrably. And so on.

I'll also bet they are the same dolts who BELIEVED there were WMD's in Iraq.

Earth/universe are dynamic masses, not static creations...changes will and do George

Any of you folks beleive we have changed the planets should not you are to easily fooled!
I wish more people would consulant geoglogist instead of UN funded climatogist. Follow the money!

I'm all for conservation and using our resources wisely (one of the reasons why I am a "Conservative" - hello). But Global Warming has always been BS. Al Gore has always been a fraud, and his inconvenient little movie created a cottage industry for him and his cronies, er scientist buddies, to get rich off of. I would love to see his Oscar and Nobel peace prize stripped from him, but I would rather he be stripped of the wads of cash he's made from this scheme.


On this and many other issues we have become a 'knee-jerk' society. Emphasis on the 'jerk'. We seem to have lost the ability to REASON.

Are you kidding me? You should give him the lifetime achievement award! He not only duped you, but the entire world!!!

Gore should also give back the $1,000,000 and that useless Nobel popularity prize, then again, Obama got it for nothing.
Since this story came out, Gore has cancelled his "speech" at Copenhagen and refunds are now offered to the clueless Danes that ponied up $1200 to "shake his hand".
Meanwhile, the corrupt MSM has not uttered a peep about this while it's all the rage in Europe. They are censoring the biggest story of this century, sure to generate larger ratings for that wiley animal news outfit that Obama hates so much.

Note to Mary and her liberal ilk: IT WAS ALL A HOAX. You can quit freaking out; it was rigged.

Don't call yourself a "middle-of-the-roader" and then cite "east coast newspapers" and "The Daily Show" as your "sources." You're a liberal, dear -- if you are actually so isolated and ignorant that you think those are reliable, objective outlets, then you pretty much *have* to be liberal.

Do these "obvious signs of global warming" include cooling temps, snow in Texas, and seasons coming and going as usual? Do you realize they discounted THE SUN in their sky-is-falling "man-made global warming" calculations? FRAUD!

You been had, you got snookered, suckered, set up, led by the nose. You have been getting all wee-weed up (or is it "wee-wee'ed up"?) over nothing. The sky is not falling, the earth is not spinning off into outer space.

You ought to be outraged, you ought to be wondering about the ulterior motives of your beloved leftist "establishment" -- featuring Al Gore the fraud as "global warming" poster-boy, complete with $30,000 a month electric bill -- for perpetrating arguably the biggest scientific hoax ever, nothing but a scam to funnel wealth and control to a would-be ruling class.

Maybe I read it wrong, and I have been hearing all the news channels wrong, but I'm pretty sure the SCIENTISTS were the ones falsifying the data for EVERYONE. Anyone who got stats from them, which it seems like all the major places did, got false information. Oscars are not for INFORMATION, they are for GOOD MOVIES!!!!!!! Everything dos NOT have to be a political issue. If he got over on one, he just got over on one. You probably just got over on SOMEBODY in the last week alone. Are you going to give them back whatever you beat them for? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! We all need to stop being hypocrits and actually stop and use some 'supposed' common sense sometimes. And oh, if we are going to claim to be the top country (and I am talking about the U.S.), we need to stop being such soft, sensitive punks, grow some balls and stop complaining about every little thing we don't agree with. Especially when it has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!

But maybe that's just me...

I am a climate scientist, and it is clear that the evidence that “human activity is prominent agent in global warming” is NOT overwhelming. The repeated statement that it is does not make it so. Further, even if we accepted the hypothesis, cap-and-trade legislation does not do anything about it.

Here are the facts. We have known for years that the Mann hockey stick model was wrong, and we know why it was wrong (Mann used only selected data to normalize the principal component analysis, not all of it). He retracted the model. We have known for years that the Medieval Warm period occurred, where the temperatures were higher than they are now (Chaucer spoke of vineyards in northern England).

Long before ClimateGate it was known that the IPCC people were trying to fudge the data to get rid of the MWP. And for good reason. If the MWP is “allowed” to exist, this means that temperatures higher than today did not then create a “runaway greenhouse” in the Middle Ages with methane released from the Arctic tundra, ice cap albedo lost, sea levels rising to flood London, etc. etc.), and means that Jim Hansen’s runaway greenhouse that posits only amplifying feedbacks (and no damping feedbacks) will not happen now. We now know that the models on which the IPCC alarms are based to not do clouds, they do not do the biosphere, they do not explain the Pliocene warming, and they have never predicted anything, ever, correctly.

As the believers know but, like religious faithful, every wrong prediction (IPCC underestimated some trends) is claimed to justify even greater alarm (not that the models are poor approximations for reality); the underpredictions (where are the storms? Why “hide the decline”?) are ignored or hidden.

As for CO2, we have known for years that CO2 increases have never in the past 300,000 years caused temperature rise (CO2 rise trails temperature increase). IPCC scientists know this too (see their “Copenhagen Diagnosis”); we know that their mathematical fudges that dismiss the fact that CO2 has not been historically causative of temperature rise are incorrect as well. We have also known for years that the alleged one degree temperature rise from 1880 vanishes if sites exposed to urban heat islands are not considered.

We have long known that Jones’s paper dismissing this explanation (Jones, et al. 1990. Assessment of urbanization effects in time series of surface air temperature over land, Nature 347 169- 172) is wrong and potentially fraudulent (see the same data used to confirm urban heat islands in Wang, W-C, Z. Zeng, T. R Karl, 1990. Urban Heat Islands in China. Geophys. Res. Lett. 17, 2377-2380). Everyone except Briffa knows that the Briffa conclusions are wrong, and why they are wrong; groups in Finland, Canada (lots of places actually) show cooling by this proxy, not warming; the IPCC even printed the Finn’s plot upside down to convert the fact (cooling) into the dogma (warming).

Prof. McCarthy is, of course, part of the IPCC that has suppressed dissenting viewpoints based on solid climate science. His claim to support by “peer review” is nonsense; he has helped corrupt the peer review process. We now have documentary evidence that Jones, Mann, and the other IPCC scientists have been gaming peer review and blackballing opponents. On this point, the entire IPCC staff, including Prof. McCarthy, neither have nor deserve our trust.

We have tolerated years of the refusal of Mann and Jones to release data. Now, we learn that much of these data were discarded (one of about 4 data sets that exist), something that would in any other field of science lead to disbarment. We have been annoyed by Al Gore, who declared this science “settled”, refused to debate, and demonized skeptics (this is anti-science: debate and skepticism are the core of real science, which is never settled). The very fact that Prof. McCarthy attempts to bluff Congress by asserting the existence of fictional “overwhelming evidence” continues this anti-science activity.

All of this was known before Climategate. What was not known until now was the extent to which Jones and Mann were simply deceiving themselves (which happens often in science) or fraudently attempting to deceive others. I am not willing to crucify Jones on the word “trick”. Nor, for that matter, on the loss of primary data, keeping only “value added” data (which is hopelessly bad science, but still conceivably not fraud).

But the computer code is transparently fraudulent. Here, one finds matrices that add unexplained numbers to recent temperatures and subtract them from older temperatures (these numbers are hard-programmed in), splining observational data to model data, and other smoking guns, all showing that they were doing what was necessary to get the answers that the IPCC wanted, not the answers that the data held. They knew what they were doing, and why they were doing it.

If, as Prof. McCarthy insists, “peer review” was functioning, and the IPCC reports are rigorously peer reviewed, why was this not caught? When placing it in context made it highly likely that this type of fraud was occurring?

The second question is: Will this revelation be enough to cause the “global warming believers” to abandon their crusade, and for people to return to sensible environmental science (water use, habitat destruction, land use, this kind of thing)? Perhaps it will.

Contrary to Prof. McCarthy’s assertion, we have not lost just one research project amid dozens of others that survive. A huge set of primary data are apparently gone. Satellite data are scarcely 40 years old. Everything is interconnected, and anchored on these few studies. Even without the corruption of the peer review process, this is as big a change as quantum mechanics was in physics a century ago.

But now we know that peer review was corrupted, and that no “consensus” exists. The “2500 scientists agree” number is fiction (God knows who they are counting, but to get to this number, they must be including referees, spouses, and pets).

The best argument now for AGW is to argue that CO2 is, after all, a greenhouse gas, its concentration is, after all, increasing, and feedbacks that regulated climate for millions of years might (we can hypothesize) be overwhelmed by human CO2 emissions. It is a hypothesis worthy of investigation, but it has little evidentiary support.

Thus, there is hope that Climategate will bring to an end the field of political climatology, and allow climatology to again become a science. That said, people intrinsically become committed to ideas. The Pope will not become a Protestant even if angel Gabriel taps him on the shoulder and asks him to. Likewise, Prof. McCarthy may claim until the day he retires that there remains “overwhelming support” for his position, even if every last piece of data supporting it is controverted. As a graduate student at Harvard, I was told that fields do not advance because people change their minds; rather, fields advance because people die.

Don't worry about the academy award - although it should be taken away - get the Nobel Prize back. If other scientists had faked data they would have lost the Nobel Prize. So take it away from this hypocritical, puff-bellyed, big-footprint, lying limo/private jet-liberal. He's as phony as the science.

"...despite losing the election battle of 2000 to a Texan and living in a large house with lots of energy-driven appliances."
Oh, my! Caught lying again! The truth is that Al Gore lived in the energy guzzler house and President Bush lived in one of the most energy-efficient homes around.
But the truth shouldn't get in the way of a bit of good old liberal propaganda, now should it?

(Pssst. That's what the article says. You read what you expected to see. Not good around here.:-D )

The internet is a hoax, too. Now, go read a book.

Amen brother.... Gore is a joke.

This article is so out-of-left-field for the L.A. Times that I am simply blown away. Where did these two writers come from and when can we have a parade?

Thank you for the first SANE piece of writing from the L.A. Times in, I don't know, how long. Maybe I'll stop nagging my husband to cancel our subscription.

Wow, isn't it kinda strange how the 'right-wing whacko, conspiracy theories' come to light? Liberal freaks can use all the hypocritical name calling b.s. they want, but it always comes back to smack them right up-side their pea brained heads. There is a reason these people are picked on and chastised throughout their life, it's to keep them out of the mainstream. Now with political correctedness, they get through and we end up with idiot dolts like Gore.

After Climategate unfolds the names of those who have acted on behalf of this conspiracy to take away our rights (Gore, Boxer, Waxman, etc... and yes including some Repubs) should be charged with conspiracy to committ treason.

Pointed, informative, balanced, funny, witty. Good piece Andrew. Wish all libs like you made the same attempt.

If the liberals of this world are so concerned about saving the planet from man-made disaster then let them donate their money and tax the crap out of them!

I hear comments from you all about how glad you are the LAT, a member of the disgustingly corrupted MSM, finally is trying to balance their news, or how everything this blog said is a complete joke.
I, a lifelong resident of LA, am left completely disappointed that the ONLY way the MSM can get a story in about Climategate is by allowing a radical blog about it. Grant it, apparently it rattled 300+ people to comment on it (which is probably ONLY due to this being posted on Drudge), but really, what good does it do in the big scheme of things? SCIENTISTS LIED and the liberal media and the White House would just have it pushed under the rug so that we continue buying into the fraudulent hoax known as "global warming"...oh, excuse me, they had to change the name to "climate change" because people were no longer believing the "global warming" bell. What's next? It'll be called "that thing that's going to kill everybody on earth and all your little children if you don't throw all of your tax money into a giant pot and paint your house roofs white". (Oh, you didn't know? Obama's evironmental czar wants everybody to paint in the US to paint their roofs white.) Say goodbye to individual liberty guys...

I always wondered about global warming. Although tout Hollywood was convinced, real heavyweights such as Jim Carrey kept their own counsel on the matter.

Oh, I think (and happen also to know) that there are many more Hollywood types who are bright enough to be conservative. Unfortunately, the liberal left stifles all debate and professionally blackballs those brave enough to speak out. The truth about the global warming myth will eventually come out.

Why are supporters backing away from the phrase "global warming" and beginning to use "climate change" instead?

Stop venting people. It's warming the air around you. Start demanding congressional investigation into Al Gore's fraudulent activities.

Is there ONE lawyer who can come up with a suit?

Hey guys. I've figured out that if you add a couple of ticks to this year's data and 3 or 4 ticks to next year's data, something SHOCKING warming! Please ask your senator to send my grant check this week.

How long have serious scientists, conservative pundits and just plain normal logical thinking people been saying that the whole global warming....whoops, I mean "climate change" discussion is far from over. Now that it's being exposed that some of the data has been purposefully manipulated to make it appear that climate change is real, or perhaps maybe it's better to say caused by humans, the response from the slavishly drooling boot heel licking print media and tv talking airheads is to ignore the story. HUH?? I thought the job of journalists was to bring to light this type of story, not bury it, not give phony awards to false prophets such as the GORBACLE. It's as if the Captain of the Titanic, when advised that there were icebergs dead ahead, told the crew they shouldn't believe what they were seeing, just believe what he's telling them and to plow "full speed ahead". Obambi and his propaganda chief Goebbels, er I mean Fibbs, that is to say Gibbs, can spin this all they want; there's no getting around the fact that the data has been manipulated and that the claims of human caused global warming are not exactly what they have been telling us they are. What say you now, Mr. Gorbacle???

Wow- the 7% of the population that are dismissive must all be posting here!
The world is a closed system, and humans wouldn't be here without the greenhouse effect. Does anyone not accept those facts?
CO2 retains heat disproportionate to its volume. ( Tyndal 1859)
According to economists, civilization has burned fossil fuels to increase C02 by 35%.
Anybody dispute these facts?
By everything we know about chemistry and physics, such a change in the atmospheric gases should produce a warming, which was predicted, along with melting of glaciers, the artic, increased flooding and droughts in the 70's.
When something is predicted, and then happens, we usually accept that as good science.
That one of four ground temp data efforts has been brought into question (through illegal means and questionable provenance) does not undermine any of these facts. Nor does it justify the crowing of those who might have legitimate argument with policy proposals about the only theory that explains the observed data.
Get a grip folks.

At least now Al can concentrate on the real problem that our world is facing.....the emergence of "ManBearPig".

I'm so "cereal" about this.


I am still waiting for the arrest warrant to be issued for Al Gore. He is still at large either hiding in his copper mine (which has been polluting a nearby river for years) or his is hiding in his Tennessee mansion which uses 213,00kwH of electricity each month (enough energy to power 232 average size U.S. homes each month)

I hereby nominate Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Everyone knows that the science is biased according to the views of environmentalists. Al Gore urges scientists to NOT participate in any poll that would show the world that a large percentage of scientists do NOT believe in the hysteria of Al Gore and his minions of ignorance. He carefully hand selects the scientists that he chooses to listen to, and many of them have funding that is based upon the underlying premise.

The climate DOES change. However, Gore's scientists take away the role that CYCLES play in climate change. Long before carbon-emitting machines were ever built, the world went through a period of massive cool down...and then massive warm up. It was known as the ICE AGE and subsequent RE-WARMING. It was a cycle...and nothing more.

These "cycles" have little to do with life on the planet. Rather, the Earth completes different revolutions around the sun each year. Sometimes, the Earth is a little further away. At other times, the Earth is a little closer. Still at other times, the Sun itself is not as active than other times. These things drastically effect the warming of our planet.

Oddly enough, Mars is currently experiencing "global warming" too. If we aren't careful, Gore will ignorantly point the finger at the small handful of probes and rovers that now operate on the planet.

Who knew? lol A very big question. I think American's are tired of being 'played' and 'used'. Unlike some in Hollywood I do not plan on being a 'servent' to Obama.. and it's disappointing to see people I have admired laying down for this perversive attitude.
I will no longer support any actor, director or producer that I feel is a part of that agenda. If you want socialism go somewhere else.. and leave America to the people. This, in case you didn't know it, is a Democracy.. and I for one will never succumb to being a 'servent' to anyone, especially to those who are trying to destroy our Constitution and our way of life.

oh... and by the way... AL GORE DID NOT INVENT THE INTERNET, and if you believe he that tells me how ignorant you are, since facts are readily available on the internet.

I love this sentence "Republicans want to hype 'Climategate' because they feel it reinforces their political (not scientific) beliefs." That is so funny that you would bring that up. Let me think, where have I heard of certain individuals using the Global Warming sham to reinforce their politcal beliefs, and ignoring scientific ones. I think you know who I'm talking about.
The fact of the matter is, scientific research, (the real kind, not the manipulated, twisted kind) does not support the theory of Global Warming. 2009 is now the COLDEST YEAR ON RECORD. Followed by, hmmm this is interesting, 2007, then 2004, then 2002. So how does this correspond with global warming? enlighten me

Congrats! To all you people who believe that our relentless consumption of fossil fuels has no effect on the Earth or our health - let's go PARTY! It is a hoax, a liberal fantasy, a classic prank involving thousands of scientists from around the world. No need to worry anymore, ditch the hybrid and let's buy another Hummer. To hell with energy conservation - the scientists employed and funded by the oil and gas industry are telling us there is no global warming or climate change - they have no financial stake in he matter so they must be telling the truth. Why would Exxon or Mobil or their scientists lie to us? The cigarette companies were honest with us about tobacco use, right? Huge companies with billions of dollars at stake are always concerned about the greater welfare of its customers. It is time to stop thinking for ourselves and just completely buy into what is dished out - it will certainly make things a lot easier to live with. I don't want to think my consumption has a negative effect on the world, it is much nicer to know that I can do things without consequence.

So rip those Oscars out of Gore's hands, how dare he have the audacity to try and offer a critical look at some trivial problem that has no effect on anyone. Let's draw and quarter those pesky scientists who work for NASA, NOAA, universities, and other public institutions - they are in it for just the money. They are getting RICH promoting the global climate change scare. Meanwhile, keep supporting those diligent scientists working for meager wages for the big oil and gas companies - they are telling me what I want to hear - that what we do on this Earth is A OK - keep on keepin on, status quo is where it is at, no need to account for your actions - go out and trash the world, there is always more around the corner.

REMEMBER - big corporations and big profits = concern about your welfare while universities and public agencies = out to trick you and rob you blind!

Yes, they should take it back. He did absolutely nothing to deserve this. This global warming is nothing more than chicken little screaming about the sky falling. Gore is about as stupid as a bag of hair, and it is sad to think that there are many who believe this nonsense. Don't promote the stupidest among us to a pedestal, it only further serves to dumb down this nation, and we haven't too much farther to go.

Oh let him keep his Oscar's. Just change the category from "Best Documentary" to "Best Fictional Documentary."


I wouldn't take away Al's Oscar. I would just change the category for the prize. Instead of best documentary I would say it's for best science fiction movie based on a frightening fraudulent fantasy of another.

Al Gore needs to go to prison for racketering. He has made billions off the fake global warming. Hopefully his time will come. Capitalism will always win in the end.

Well, Al Gore fools us again and has earned an enormous amount of money doing it. Not only for his film "An Inconvient Truth" but that enabled him to get in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize. My respect for the group that choses the Peace Prize winner has gone right down the hill as well as my family and friends who feel the same as I. The Norwegian Nobel Committee is gathering comments from people that they have lost respect on how the prizes are chosen. example: Barack Obama won in 2009 "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples" This statement alone is laughable. He is a plant that has been in the making for many years....if you read his background and look at WHO he has surrounded himself with in his cabinet and in life. You do not need to be a Brain Surgeon to figure this one out OR maybe we fellow Americans has become so lazy that we do not appreciate our country now as we should and we certainly do not have any true statesmen as we did when our country was started. Most of our government members are out for themselves just like the companies and lobbyists.

Liberals won't be happy until the earth is declared "god."

These liberal wienies worship the earth. That is why they favor abortion and homosexuality, because they want less people to live here (so, no reproduction...especially of "undesirables"). They don't believe in God. They only believe in themselves and the planet that they worship.

Obama is one of those silly little liberal wienies. He is not a muslim; however, he is not a christian either. He is a gay marriage and abortion promoting ultra-liberal puppet of Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco puppet masters.

Actually isn't an Oscar usually given to actors...If that's the case then the Goracle should of recieved more than 2 Oscars for the piece of fiction known as "An Inconvient Truth." As we all know Anthroprgenic Global Warming has been determined to be a complete load of utter pap that was dreamed up by Enviro/'scientists' to increase their Government Grants and stipends. They all need to be tried for high-treason and summerly executed.

At the least, Gore should be required to produce a new movie at his own expense, admitting that he lied and for what reasons . . money, power, elitism, priviledge etc., and also pay for the distribution to every school that tried to brainwash (what was it called? "The convenient lie", can't remember) their students by forcing them to watch it. This process would provide students with a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding politics and evil. Then, send him to Alcatraz. Yeah, I know no-one else is there.

I'm not so sure there is not man made global warming but these people need to be investigated. Holy crap, we're talking about life changing legislation based on this science. Where are you CNN????

Sounds like Joe is also drinking the cool aid. Conservatives just what to see a reasonable debate with REAL scientist who don't rely on government funding from those wanting any climate change to be man made before everyone on the planet is forced to change their lives based on some witchcraft data. I love how the liberals take man made global warming as it's equal to the physics around gravity. Don't you pride yourselves on being 'diverse' and critical thinkers, questioning motives of governments? Hell, you'd all jump off a cliff if Obama asked you to. Frankly, I can see how liberals think conservatives don't want climate change to be mad made, and make comments about how they ignore the science behind it, bla bla bla, but let's face it folks. Even the NASA expert Hasen (Gore's butt buddy) was called out by hundreds of scientists based on his (his own) falty computer modeling of climate change. If climategate, (whatever you want to call it) doesn't prompt some sort of real investigation and questioning, then who can you convincingly trust your government to decide laws, taxes, use of taxes, protection, rights, freedoms, or any other principle they govern by? Wake up folks. PS. Didn't it snow in Houston today? Hmmm, must be warming.

Gore never deserved that award in the first place. Nor did he deserve the Noble peace prize. He is a self serving politician of the worst kind, and only now that the mirrors break and the smoke clears are people realizing this.

Al Gore should return the Oscar and the money from the Nobel Peace Prize. Gore should then appear in court for a civil trial and be judged by a jury of citizens. If found guilty, he should be forced to forfeit most, if not all of his wealth. Then, Gore should leave the country and live in Europe where his wealthy buddies can support him.

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